Getting A Mortgage In Mexico – Answer: First, the Mexican constitution originally prohibited foreigners from owning property in restricted zones in Mexico, and a restricted zone is defined as something roughly 50 kilometers from the coastline where many of our clients want to buy property, or a 100 kilometer border; In fact, that’s something that still remains in the constitution today, however ***amendments have been made to the constitution that allow and actually encourage foreign ownership in Mexico.

One of those changes allows for foreign purchases in restricted zones through a trust. That’s the English translation of it, but the Spanish word is fideicomiso. And there are different types of fideicomisos, and MoXi uses a customized one that offers a lot of protection to our clients to ensure that they are in safe possession of the asset they are paying for, and it’s called fideicomisos de garantia. Technically, the trust owns the property, it is administered by a trust bank, and that trust bank grants the beneficiaries under the trust.

Getting A Mortgage In Mexico

Getting A Mortgage In Mexico

What does it mean? Well, effectively the clients can own, improve, profit from the sale, give as part of their estate, that’s a real asset, that trust, that trust or their beneficiary rights under that trust. There are some misconceptions that this is a “land lease”…or something like that. That is absolutely not true… I don’t know where that came from, but owning property in Mexico definitely requires expertise, which our team definitely provides to ensure that the property is securely owned by YOU and that it is properly registered. is Under Mexican law, which we take seriously. What some people may not know when it comes to recording a property transfer sale is that in order to legally take possession of what you’ve purchased, you absolutely need to do an actual closing. It is 100% mandatory.

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We often hear. “Oh, I can expedite the closing, I can do the closing from the United States.” That’s not true, and a “soft close” doesn’t mean you’ll get what you pay for. Unfortunately, there are many buyers and sellers and real estate agents who can be misinformed and direct buyers into such transactions when they are not present at the closing in front of a notary public. All parties must sit down at the table and execute the transaction in front of a notary public.

For this reason and many more, our borrowers feel truly safe with our team. We have over 200 years of combined lending experience on both sides of the border and we look after our customers as if they were our family, because to us they are family.

Did you know that MoXi provides funding and services in USD, is regulated and audited in the US and Mexico and ensures compliance throughout the life of your loan?

…on both sides of the border. We are a fully regulated and audited financial institution in both Mexico and the United States, backed by billions of dollars in capital. Whether you’re looking for the perfect vacation home or a new investment property, buying a place in Mexico can be great. choice Financing an overseas property purchase isn’t always easy, but there are options if you’re determined.

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This guide walks you through buying real estate in Mexico using a cross-border mortgage, and some alternatives if it’s not right for you.

We’ll also look at how we can help you save money on international payments. perfect if you’re paying off your mortgage in a different currency.

What is a cross-border mortgage? Property financing in Mexico. who can do that? Paying for your home across the border? Use Mexican Cross Border Mortgage Brokers (in Mexico) Are there US Cross Border Mortgage Lenders for Mexican Properties?

Getting A Mortgage In Mexico

A cross-border mortgage is a mortgage taken out to buy a foreign property, or one that is organized in a country that is different from where you earn your income.

Getting A Mortgage Loan In Mexico

In this case, we focus on cross-border mortgages in Mexico. They are often offered through Mexican banks that are part of global corporations with US arms. The Mexican bank will authorize the loan, which is then offered in US dollars through their operations. In other cases, mortgage brokers may offer cross-border mortgages through both US and Mexican lenders directly to foreign buyers.

If you’re looking for a cross-border mortgage, you may decide to use a broker who can make the process easier to navigate and can help you get a better deal in the end. Brokers may only offer products to US citizens or accept applications from around the world, depending on their relationships with lenders.

You can finance the purchase of real estate in Mexico in several different ways, but your options may vary depending on your preferences and immigration status.

Permanent residents of Mexico Non-residents investing in or purchasing vacation property in Mexico People looking at seller/seller or developer financing

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If you are a permanent resident of Mexico, you can arrange a mortgage yourself directly with a Mexican bank. If you are a non-resident, it is best to go through an intermediary who can help arrange a mortgage with a lender that will provide finance to non-resident buyers.

Seller or developer financing can also be arranged. With seller/seller financing, you agree to purchase the property from the seller through a loan, and with developer financing, you will set up a payment plan with the developer of the new property to pay in installments throughout construction.

No matter how you arrange your mortgage, you can save when you pay by using . international payments use the true mid-market exchange rate with no markups or hidden fees.

Getting A Mortgage In Mexico

That means you can often save compared to using your regular bank to make payments to cover your expenses in Mexico.

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Cross Border Investment was founded by a Canadian who has been living in Mexico since 2003 and working in the mortgage industry since 2006. The company has significant experience assisting foreign buyers in Mexico and can offer fast service with access to exceptional mortgage products. . Here’s what you need to know².

Global Mortgage Mexico was established in 2017 and has over 200 years of combined experience in their team of professional employees⁴. The company is fully regulated in both the US and Mexico with significant investor support. Here’s the lowdown.

MexLend can help people buying real estate in Mexico, as well as those looking to refinance or cash out an existing property. Loans are available in both MXN and USD, but MXN mortgages require you to have the appropriate visa to live in Mexico. Here are the details you need⁶.

MexLend notes that interest rates may be higher than usual in the US, but repayments may also be tax-deductible.

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US banks are usually wary of lending on foreign real estate. It is possible to get an international mortgage from some global banking brands that have special expatriate or cross-border banking services. However, they are usually quite limited and may have higher fees and a less favorable rate compared to a conventional mortgage.

Other ways people can consider buying foreign real estate can include HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) products, seller financing, and developer financing.

A HELOC involves releasing funds from a property you own in the US to buy overseas. This can be a quick way to free up cash, and depending on the value of the line of credit and the property you are buying, could make you a cash buyer in Mexico. However, if the value of our US assets falls, you may end up owing more than they are worth.

Getting A Mortgage In Mexico

Seller-seller financing, which we covered earlier, is an arrangement between a buyer and a seller that essentially results in the buyer taking out a loan from the seller to purchase the property. You won’t fully own the home until you pay off the loan, and you’ll need strong legal protection if anything goes wrong during the repayment period.

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Developer financing, as the name suggests, is where you buy your property directly from the developer and only pay the cost of the property in installments as it is being built. This allows the buyer to spread the cost over time, but you’ll need to keep a close eye on the development to make sure it’s on time before parting with more funds.

If you are planning to take the leap and buy real estate in Mexico to live in or as an investment for the future, you are in for a great adventure.

No matter how you choose to finance your new place in the sun, check out low-cost international payments to help you save when you need to send money overseas.

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