Getting A Help Desk Job – There is no doubt that your future will be in the IT industry. You’ve always been gifted with technology, and the biggest question you have now is how to best set yourself up for success. You’ve probably seen IT companies with vacancies for help desk roles, so you’re left with a few questions: Is a help desk job a good starting point for me? What are the benefits of this experience? Can it be done while studying?

We are here to help you answer these questions. We asked technical professionals who started their careers in the IT help desk if their experience got them where they wanted to go and if they think the job is worth it.

Getting A Help Desk Job

Getting A Help Desk Job

While the core of this answer may be subjective based on your specific career goals, we asked a variety of IT experts for their thoughts—and many responded with a resounding “Yes!”

Your Next Move: Help Desk Technician

Many of today’s IT professionals working in advanced and specialized positions started working at an IT help desk. Chris Ciabarra, CTO and co-founder of Athena Security, says his help desk job helped him hone the skills he would need to change career paths. “This made me the person I am now,” says Ciabarra. “While working at the help desk, I was promoted to client services. From there, another promotion to network engineering.” Ultimately, Ciabarra founded a company that quickly prospered, and his help desk experience was a vital part of that.

Another reason to consider an IT help desk job is that working at different levels of a company can give you a unique perspective on how a company works. “I can draw a straight line between the support I did early in my career and my current leadership role,” says Eric LeeShanok, president of LeeShanok Network Solutions. “My experience coming from bottom-up help desk support has meant that I can lead our teams with experience and empathy.”

The day-to-day skills you hone in this role can be a huge asset in the future. “It gave me experience working with customers and solving problems,” says Marcus Nielsen, editor-in-chief at LaptopBlogger. For Nielsen, the customer-facing aspects of the job helped her become a better problem solver, better organized, and showcase customer service skills on her resume. “Overall, I think being a tech support person has benefited my career and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an entry-level position or someone looking to improve their customer service skills.”

In short, our various IT experts greatly valued their experience in the technical support workplaces. “I’ve always argued that the help desk is a phenomenal introduction to technology,” says David Worley, head of Beyond20. “It doesn’t have to be an introduction, but for many it is an introduction and helps lay a great foundation of experience and knowledge.”

Help Desk Job Titles By Redshiftrecruiting

If that sounds pretty good so far, let’s go into more detail. Here are five specific benefits that our experts have pointed out when working in an assisted living facility.

While performing your work in the technical support workplace, you will encounter a wide range of issues and interact with different departments. With this vast experience, Worley notes, “you can always take an opportunity to dig deeper and master something that you can use to move into a more specialized role.”

Working in a help desk means a lot of direct interaction with customers. While there are IT roles that fewer people face, spending time with one customer will help you grow as an employee over the long term. Nielsen credits her first-hand experience working with customers as something that “was really helpful when applying for jobs in the future because it shows that I have good customer service skills.”

Getting A Help Desk Job

“In those early days, I learned a lot from the tickets coming through the help desk,” says Leeshanok. “Another ticket could be a routine password reset, or it could be a broken server where I needed to quickly learn a new brand or new technology.” The more problems you face, the better you will be able to solve new ones.

It Help Desk Training: What You Need To Know

Tech support jobs will interact with all aspects of the company, and if you can do your job well with good customer feedback, your name can start to stand out to your bosses. Worley accurately describes this experience. “As a technical support employee, I have progressed from entry level to advanced senior management to include roles as senior technician, technical supervisor, help desk supervisor and service manager.”

If nothing else, help desk jobs are great resume builders. Future employers know the type of work involved in running an assistance center. This role will naturally emphasize customer service, a wide range of experience with tools and systems, your problem-solving skills, and other important skills that technology companies want in their employees.

Plus, when interview time comes, being able to tell anecdotes about your tech support days in future job interviews can be a great way to show an employer how you handle pressure or show empathy.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of ​​a help desk job, the natural next question is “Which one?” Our experts recommend using some discretion when choosing a help desk job, as it can be a great opportunity to land a job at a company you like.

Help Desk Software Alternative For Customer Service

“I would start in an assistant position at a company where you want to grow,” says Ciabbra. “It will help you get to know the company from many points of view. You can experience problems first-hand from all departments in the organization.”

Take the time to do your research. Start with companies you might be interested in working for a day to see what might be available.

As you can see from the experts above, there are many potential benefits to starting a career in IT as a support worker. Whether it’s hands-on experience solving customer problems, the flexibility to do these tasks while getting an education, or just joining a company you’re interested in, help desk jobs are a great way to build a solid foundation for your budding IT career.

Getting A Help Desk Job

If you’re looking for a reliable education option to build the basic IT skills needed for a help desk role, check out the IT Support University Certificate program. This fully online program will prepare you for a key industry certification in just six months!

Are Help Desk Jobs In Demand?

The University will reimburse you for the full cost of the application fee for each first attempt of up to three designated industry certification exams for which you qualify. Should you need to take the exam more than once to obtain a passing score, you will be responsible for all subsequent exam application fees. The University will provide practice exams and materials when available.

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Help Desk Technician Cover Letter Example

A technical support technician must have both hard and soft skills, as the position requires a strong technical understanding as well as the ability to communicate clearly with others. For example, when a user has a question, the technical support technician must be able to diagnose the IT problem as well as explain the solution to the user. Read more about the daily life of a help desk technician here.

While a formal education can help you get a job, a college degree is not necessary to become a tech support technician. IT certifications will prove that you have the skills to handle the job. A+ is a widely recognized certification held by help desk technicians.

You have many training options to help you prepare for the A+ exam, including self-study materials, virtual labs, online courses, and in-person career preparation

Getting A Help Desk Job

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