Getting A Chinese Visa In Hong Kong – China is known for its architectural wonders, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, martial arts and delectable cuisine that varies from one part of the country to another. China is both the largest exporter and importer of goods in the world, and this makes it a destination visited not only by tourists but also by business travelers. If the pandemic has ruined all your plans to go to China early, then we have good news for you! China has recently resumed issuing all types of visas, and our step-by-step guide will help you easily apply for a China visa.

The first step is to find out whether you need a visa or not. According to the China Visa Application Center, citizens of 53 nationalities while transiting through China can exit the airport and visit the country without a visa for a limited stay. Below are the details of visa-free transit.

Getting A Chinese Visa In Hong Kong

Getting A Chinese Visa In Hong Kong

In case you have a layover in China while going to another country, then China offers Transit Without Visa (TWOV), which allows travelers to travel without a visa for 24 hours, 72 hours and 144 hours. While TWOV for 24 hours is available to almost all nationalities, visa-free transit for 72 and 144 hours is only given to citizens of 53 countries, including the US, Canada, the UK, Russia and Australia.

How Can Foreigners Enter China Under The Covid 19 Travel Restrictions?

Citizens of Brunei, Japan and Singapore enjoy a much wider exemption. They can stay in China without a visa for up to 15 days. If you do not meet the criteria for visa facilitation due to your nationality or travel plans, continue reading to learn the entire procedure for obtaining a visa.

China, like any other country, has several types of visas. So, the next step in this procedure is to identify the visa category you need, as this will determine the documents that need to be included in the application.

Once you have determined your visa category, the next step is to complete the application form available online and schedule an appointment to submit your documents. Depending on where you live, the appointment may be scheduled at the Chinese Embassy/Consulate or at the visa application center designated by the Chinese government. You can also hire a travel agent to help you submit the application. After making the appointment, collect all the documents required for the visa.

Assuming you are visiting China for vacation, below are the supporting documents to be attached with mandatory documents.

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After completing the online visa application form and making an appointment, you must visit the embassy/consulate or visa center on the date of the appointment. You will be called to the counter to submit all the documents. The staff will review these documents and issue you an invoice to pay the visa fee along with the cash register number. Pay the fee and verify the details in the receipt form. If you have any questions, you should contact the staff immediately. It is important to keep the collection form safe as it must be presented at the time of passport collection.

You can check the status of your application online and later go to the embassy/consulate or visa center to get your passport. You can also apply for a visa offline, where you have to make an appointment at the embassy/consulate or at the visa center.

Single entry and double and multiple entry visa fee varies from country to country. Hence, it is recommended to check the cost of the same on the website of the Embassy/Consulate or Visa Application Centre.

Getting A Chinese Visa In Hong Kong

The visa can be extended in China; however, you must apply for an extension at least seven days before your visa expires. The process can be initiated at the local entry and exit administration of the Public Security Bureau.

Visa Policy Of Hong Kong

All documents must be self-verified before submission. Together with the application form, the documents are sent to the embassy for verification. The verification process usually takes four working days after the application is submitted; however, it may take longer than that. In case you want to speed up the process, then you can opt for the express process which takes two to three working days.

Answer: Yes, the application service center provides 24 hours online facility where you can track the status of your application.

Answer: No, it is not possible to withdraw or cancel your application once the submission has been made.

Answer: It is recommended to apply for a visa one month in advance, but no earlier than three months before the planned travel dates.

Visa Requirements For Hong Kong & Macau For Indian Tourists

Answer: At the time of submitting your request, you can select the express service option where the processing time will be three business days.

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Getting A Chinese Visa In Hong Kong

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Unlike many other Asian countries, you cannot arrive at the Chinese border and apply for a visa on the spot. Applying for a visa can be a bit daunting and time-consuming; so make sure you apply for a visa at least one month before your travel plans.

Many people will go through visa agencies such as China Travel Service or China Visa Service Center because there is less chance of your application being rejected. However, it costs extra money, and the visa itself costs enough as an American, so I got my visa on my own without the help of an agency – and you can too.

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Before you run to the China Resources Building, make sure you’ve filled out all the official applications and collected the supporting documents. Here’s what you’ll need to bring:

Once all this is done, you can head to the Chinese visa office, no appointment required.

Pro tip: Try to avoid going on Mondays or Tuesdays because the wait is significantly longer on those days.

Getting A Chinese Visa In Hong Kong

The China Visa Office is located on the 7th floor of the China Resources Building in Wan Chai (on HK Island). The building itself is quite easy to find as it is right next to the giant convention center. You’ll want to enter through the doors right on the corner of Fleming Rd. and Harbor Dr., otherwise they will try to direct you to a visa agency.

How To Get A Hong Kong Working Holiday Visa

The website can be found here When: 9am – 12pm and 2pm – 5pm weekdays; closed weekends and public holidays

How to get there: MTR Wan Chai Station Exit A5. Walk along the overpass to the Immigration Building. Outside immigration there are stairs on the right hand side, take them down to street level. The China Resources Building will be just past the next intersection (Fleming Rd. and Harbor Dr.).

Pro tip: If you can’t make it to the office during these hours, it’s fine to have someone else apply for you (just make sure you trust them not to lose your passport…). You will need to note this at the bottom of Application Form A (section 7).

There will most likely be some kind of line outside the main doors, or at least some sort of queuing area. This was the longest part of my entire application process. I got there at 9:05am right after opening. There were maybe only 5 people ahead of me, but with the bad weather of only 2 elevators and airport like security, it took maybe 10 minutes just to get to the right floor.

Understanding Chinese Visa And Its Types. By Rohit Khamkar

. Everyone has to go through a metal detector and have all their bags put through an x-ray scanner. There is quite a long list of things that cannot be brought in, obviously knives and other potentially dangerous items, but also food and drink. This slowed the line down even more as everyone tried to empty their packed lunches.

Once there was an employee on the 7th floor handing out the application forms. I was the only one (out of 7 people who got on the elevator with me) who had filled them out beforehand, so he looked at them before giving me my number.

In addition to the official forms, there are photocopiers and photo booths in case you forget any part of your application.

Getting A Chinese Visa In Hong Kong

Luckily, since I had everything ready, my number was next in line. I’ve been waiting for 2

Need A Chinese Visa? Check The Process And Cost At Different Locations

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