Get Rid Of Scratches On Laminate Floor – Laminate flooring is an affordable, minimal-maintenance option that offers a great finish, often mimicking wood, stone, tile, or other materials. Although susceptible to moisture, laminate offers significant durability, especially for areas such as bedrooms or even other areas that receive high traffic or extensive use.

Even with a level of durability that can handle standard wear and tear, it’s not uncommon to find scratches on laminate flooring. This type of damage may be cosmetically unsightly, and depending on the depth of the scratch, the foot may feel rough or uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks you can follow when looking for how to repair scratches on laminate. are your laminate flooring experts, helping you resolve your concerns with professional laminate flooring repair solutions.

Get Rid Of Scratches On Laminate Floor

Get Rid Of Scratches On Laminate Floor

The first step in repairing laminate is to address the extent of the damage. Many times, a small scratch may require very little work to make your laminate look like new. However, serious damage can occur when scratches, chips, or cracks penetrate the laminate covering and into the board design. When there is severe damage to your flooring, you can only repair it under certain circumstances. Other situations may require partial or complete replacement.

Beginners Guide: How To Fix Shallow Scratches On Your Hardwood Floor

Before applying a repair solution, you’ll need to use a broom or vacuum cleaner and a damp mop to remove any dust or debris from your laminate flooring. Make sure the floor is completely dry before applying any compound.

Every time you install flooring, buy an extra box or two so you can easily replace damaged parts. You’ll get an exact match, and it’s probably easier than trying to fix it.

Repair kits from laminate flooring manufacturers are often the best option. This is because the product is specially designed with your custom colors, designs, etc. We also recommend that you use this product as any unique repair instructions will be included.

Laminate cannot be sanded and refinished like wood. Laminate, in contrast, requires a filling solution for any repairs. A favorite DIY laminate repair method is to use putty that is the same color as the floor. Apply the putty with a plastic putty knife and fill the scratch with the solution, using a microfiber cloth to remove excess putty before it hardens.

How To Repair A Scratch In Wood Furniture

Similar to using putty to repair scratches on laminate flooring, use a wax stick that matches your flooring. Most wax fixtures come with an application kit, where you can choose the closest shade and add melted wax to fill the scratch.

: You can find putty and wax repair kits through your flooring manufacturer. Many local hardware stores also sell universal kits, and you can find them online.

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to repair scratches (usually only minor damage) is to opt for a laminated pencil or marker. These products are sold in light to dark color sets so you can choose the closest match. Just like in a coloring book, color that section with a pencil or marker, blending it with the rest of the laminate.

Get Rid Of Scratches On Laminate Floor

Another simple remedy for minor scratches and scrapes is to use a soft eraser sponge. This is also a great way to address minor surface scuffs and marks.

Should I Refinish Hardwood Floor With Scratches?

When scratched laminate is so severe that it cannot be repaired, it’s time to install a replacement. Find edges to access damaged flooring. This may require removal of small amounts of molding and/or trim. Use a pry bar to lift the floor panels at the seams, remove and replace damaged parts.

Using a circular saw, you can cut damaged pieces of laminate to replace individual flooring pieces surrounded by sound pieces. Set the saw to the appropriate floor depth and cut the damaged floor in half. You can then finish by cutting close to the next seam before scoring and gently taking the bad part out. Then, clean the underlayment and install the replacement.

When you need help repairing or replacing your laminate flooring, call the experts! Our team of professional installation experts are here to help with any of your needs, from the smallest fix to a complete upgrade.

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Buffing Out Scratched Laminate Flooring

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Get Rid Of Scratches On Laminate Floor

Depending on the severity of the scratch, there are a number of things you can do to repair a scratched floor. But by far the best thing you can do for your floors is to do your best to avoid scratches in the first place.

Fast Fixes For Floor Scratches

So, here are seven ways to avoid scratches on your wood floors, plus some extra tips on how to remove scratches from your wood floors.

Make sure to take off your outdoor shoes before stepping on engineered or hardwood floors, and store wet or dirty shoes on a porch or cupboard away from wood floors. It’s also important to avoid walking on hardwood floors in spiked shoes, such as golf shoes, soccer shoes, or stilettos, as these shoes can cause deep scratches.

Placing entrance mats on the outside and inside of your door will help reduce the amount of water, grit, and salt brought into your home. This is another major cause of damage to wood floors.

Moving furniture is another common cause of scratches on wood floors, and adding felt pads to the bases of chairs, tables, and sofas will help prevent this from happening. It’s worth keeping a few extra pads on hand just in case something falls off!

How To Repair Laminate Flooring

Cleaning your floors to remove dirt and debris is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of scratches. You can use a soft brush to sweep your floors, or invest in a vacuum designed for hardwood floors. And make sure to remove excess water when mopping the floor to avoid warping.

Our professional cleaning kits for oiled wooden and lacquered floors are the perfect way to keep your floors free of dirt or grit.

Dirt and grit can easily get caught on chair rollers or casters, so it’s best to avoid these if possible. If you have a chair with casters, you can install caster cups or place a mat under the chair to protect your hardwood floors from scratches.

Get Rid Of Scratches On Laminate Floor

Mats and rugs are great options for protecting large areas where furniture is frequently moved, such as a dining room or home office. and

How To Clean Wood Laminate Flooring


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