Get Paid While Getting Your Cdl – Free is always good. Well, for CDL training, that’s not true. Learn more about the truth behind free CDL training and what to keep in mind when choosing a school. We show you the difference between “free” schools and those that look out for your best interest.

We realize that not everyone has the money to pay for CDL training out of pocket. And to most people, free CDL training sounds like a lot. The problem is that these “free” CDL training offers come with a lot of caveats – some that can really put you in financial trouble. These are issues many are not aware of, but are important.

Get Paid While Getting Your Cdl

Get Paid While Getting Your Cdl

For example, some CDL training schools will advertise “Free CDL Training” or “Company Sponsored CDL Training.” You hear the promises that they will pay for your entire training. All you have to do is sign a contract that you will work for their company for at least one year after graduation. Sounds good, right? Not so fast.

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You need to pay attention to a lot of fine print before you sign a contract – even one for free tuition.

First, if the company decides they no longer want to hire you, YOU may now be responsible for the CDL training costs. Another sticky situation you don’t want to be prepared for is if you end up failing the workout. Again, the CDL training costs may be passed on to you to handle.

What if the company no longer wants or needs to hire you? It happens more than you think. Either a company no longer needs new employees or decides for some reason that they don’t want to hire you. Now you can be responsible for all your school expenses. No more work contract equals no more agreement to pay for your CDL training.

Let’s say you pass your education and you work for the company you have agreed to enter into a contract with. You discover late in the game, like many inexperienced drivers, that they pay you very little for long hours. You will be paid very low mileage and must work for that company for a certain amount of time to pay off your training.

Paid Cdl Training: What Truckers Need To Know

If you decide to leave, you may have to pay for your “FREE” CDL training plus interest. This not only cheats you out of a good income if you don’t like it and quit, but you will also owe the training they promised to pay for.

The second point to note is about lack of completion. If you do not complete the training or stay for the specified contract length, you may be responsible for the training costs.

When looking to get your Class A CDL, you want to find a school that has been around for a while and has a history of training successful drivers. You do not want to be tied to a contract that is not in your best interest. The surest way to ensure a successful career as a professional truck driver is to attend a well-established CDL training school. An excellent school will have job placement and financing options that will help you pay for your education while you work for your new employer. This “free choice” method will give you a better choice of places to work.

Get Paid While Getting Your Cdl

Many of the carriers they work with offer up to 100 percent tuition reimbursement. The difference between that and a company offering free CDL training in exchange for your loyalty isn’t hard to tell.

The Benefits Of Getting Your Cdl In Kentucky

The job that employs you invisibly and pays for your schooling has an interest in making money. That free Class A CDL training might seem like a good idea, but you can bet there’s a disclaimer. Or sometimes you end up having to pay for training anyway. This is especially true if they decide not to hire you.

However, with carriers that offer tuition reimbursement, they do so after you graduate. This means that they choose you based on wants and needs, not the other way around. These carriers want you and know that you have completed the training. There is nothing you owe them that you would have if you had chosen someone to pay for your school.

Is a free-choice school, meaning that students are free to choose their carrier after graduation and are encouraged to choose the one that best suits their career goals. While many schools limit this selection, students are not contracted or tied to any carrier. Instead, we focus on preparing students to become the best entry-level professional truck drivers they can be.

The mission today is the same as it has always been – we want each of our graduates to choose the path that is the right choice for their individual needs and situation. At , we understand that not all carriers are the right choice or fit for every new truck driver entering the industry.

Phoenix Truck Driving Institute Cdl Training For Truck Drivers

Drivers become an integral part of the professional trucking industry, regardless of which carrier they choose. Thanks to increased production and distribution, America’s economy improves every year. We can thank our professional truck drivers for helping to move America forward.

To learn more about how a private truck driving school can get you on the road as quickly as possible, call us at 1-800-831-1300 or use our contact form One of the nation’s largest dealerships offers CDL-A holders a unique opportunity to to join their elite team of professional truck drivers – no matter how much experience they bring to the table.

Dealer Dollar General offers paid training opportunities to help truck drivers new to the industry grow their careers and become members of GD Private Fleet. From day 1, new CDL-A graduates with no experience earn $200 a day while they train. New drivers also earn full benefits and 401k matching from their first day of training with Dollar General. No experience is required to start training with Dollar General – all you need is your CDL-A!

Get Paid While Getting Your Cdl

Drivers transitioning from a military career to the trucking industry also find a good fit in the Dollar General family. Through the “Paychecks for Patriots” program, company leaders go above and beyond to ensure veterans find the perfect driving opportunity that fits their unique skill sets and needs. Dollar General is a GI Bill-certified employer that hires approximately 5,000 veterans a year and has been named a Top Veteran-Friendly Company by the U.S. Veterans Magazine.

How To Hire A Truck Driver

More experienced truck drivers can also find plenty of career opportunities at Dollar General, with new pay packages that allow drivers to earn an average of $80,000 to $85,000 or more per year on top of Day 1 competitive benefits, annual and quarterly bonuses, unlimited referral bonuses (up to $1,500 per referral), a sign-on bonus, relief pay and quarterly safety bonuses. Dollar General drivers are treated with regular home hours and safe, new model equipment for operation. DG Private Fleet drivers are also more than welcome to bring a pet along on the road for company.

Goodlettsville, Tennessee-headquartered Dollar General has been in business for more than 80 years, with nearly 18,000 stores located in 46 states. To apply now or to learn more about joining the Dollar General driving team, please click here!

Sleep Better, Drive Better — Find out why Drift’s OTR truck mattresses work as hard as you do. No, you will not be paid while training for your CDL. At Truck Driver Institute, your CDL course takes only 15 days. During that time, because you are not yet hauling freight or working for a freight forwarder, you will not be paid. Once you’ve earned your commercial driver’s license (CDL) and are hired by a company, you’ll be paired with a senior driver where you’ll be paid while training on the job.

If you’re wondering if you’ll get paid while training for your CDL, chances are you’re also looking for some other ways to offset the costs associated with truck driving school.

Barre Trucking Company Sets Up Paid Training Program To Attract Drivers

If you are concerned about the cost of getting your CDL, hopefully some of the following information can put your mind at ease.


Truck drivers earn money by hauling goods from one place to another. The reason you don’t get paid while you’re training for your CDL is because you’re not actually hauling any freight yet. Although many companies in other industries may pay you while you train for a particular job, keep in mind that you have likely already signed an employment contract with these companies. They know that the training you receive will benefit them in the long run. On the contrary, when you enroll in the CDL school at TDI, you are totally independent of a carrier. This allows you to earn your CDL with no strings attached and then sell your skills to the highest bidder.

Get Paid While Getting Your Cdl

In fact, there is a lack of

Pros And Cons Of Employer Paid Cdl Training


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