Geico Car Insurance Glass Coverage – GEICO last month announced a new re-adjustment pricing policy that will take effect last week for at least one Safelite-managed glass repair network.

The guidance was contained in a memo obtained by glassBYTEs and published in the May 4th issue of Autofan Trade. GlassBYTEs reported that the document applies to the United States except for Florida. Read its coverage here.

Geico Car Insurance Glass Coverage

Geico Car Insurance Glass Coverage

Like GEICO, “these rate standards do not affect existing collision rate guidelines.” (Emphasis on GEICO’s.) They are intended for glass networking.

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However, the document submitted by AVP John Little is still noteworthy for auto body shops and their customers.

It shows GEICO’s recognition of functions such as static and dynamic adjustments and pre- and post-correction scans — and a willingness to reimburse the associated fees. It is also recognized that such work may take some time.

“Specific invoices that do not exceed the updated pricing structure will be paid immediately upon submission,” Little wrote in the April 29 filing.

The memo also appears to support OEM procedures (or at least those of equipment manufacturers): “GEICO’s expectation is that recalibration services will be performed at the direction of individual manufacturers,” Little wrote.

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GEICO will refund up to $325 for network stores that perform static recalibration. $40.00 per hour up to 3 hours; “Set up/admin fee” $125 and separate $40 for “Pre-Scan” and “Post Scan”

(For context, the average weight machine labor rate found in the CCC estimate was $89.91 in 2019, compared to $68 in the fourth quarter of 2019, while the average adjusted wage came in at $232 — with a standard deviation of $264.)

GEICO did not respond to an inquiry Tuesday about how it develops its glass network times or how it handles recalibrations for parties such as dealers or mobile operators.

Geico Car Insurance Glass Coverage

Later in the document, Little defines the pre-scan as the DTC scan analysis before recalibration and the post-scan after recalibration as the same.

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Pay up to $275 for dynamic recalibration: $40 a pop for pre- and corrective scans; He said he would pay $75 for “Set up/Admin” and $40 an hour for up to three hours.

If a vehicle requires both mobility and stability. GEICO approves a $40 pre-scan and a $40 post-scan, Little said. It is set at $40.00 per hour and $200 for up to 4 hours of labor. Added $125 for Static and $75 for Dynamic. According to Little, the maximum “dual recalibration” amount is $440.

“The retailer must provide pre- and post-scan and activity results for all invoice rebalancing services performed,” Little wrote. “All invoice rebalancing services to GEICO must be performed by a trained technician. …

Insurance requires a pre-scanned document containing the customer’s name. VIN and year of manufacture model information; Scholar’s name and last name; date and scanning/stop times; tool maker Scan the serial number and software version. It asks for post scan documentation in the form of customer ticket and post scan date and start and stop times.

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Finally, GEICO wants the recalibration recorded with data and start and stop times and “the ADAS feature(s) for the recalibration” and “a system-generated confirmation that the recalibration was successfully completed.”

A GEICO van in 2011. October 16 Seen at the Houston Air Show at Ellington International Airport. (Lanie/iStock)

The CCC found a mean adjusted fee of $232 in its fourth-quarter 2019 forecast — but with a standard deviation of $264. (Provided by CCC)

Geico Car Insurance Glass Coverage

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Geico Car Insurance Glass Coverage

To qualify for ‘s Personal Umbrella Policy; You need to have and maintain minimum liability limits on your auto and homeowners policies (and if you’re lucky, your boat policy).

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Umbrella insurance can kick in after you reach the limits on your other policies. Imagine that you injure another driver in a car accident. He sues you for $500,000, but your auto policy only covers up to $300,000. An umbrella policy can cover another $200,000—and save you from financial trouble.

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Geico Glass Network Recalibration Policy Includes Scans, 3 4 Hours Labor

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