Front Hub Puller For 4wd Vehicles – FWD Front Wheel Drive Bearing Adapter Puller, 25 PCS, 45# Steel Press Replacement Installer Removal Tool Kit, Wheel Bearing Puller Tool Works on Most FWD Cars and Light Cars

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Front Hub Puller For 4wd Vehicles

Front Hub Puller For 4wd Vehicles

Is a leading brand dealing in appliances and tools. Along with thousands of passionate employees, we are dedicated to providing our customers with great hardware and tools at incredibly affordable prices. Today, it has reached the markets of more than 200 million countries and has more than 10 million global members.

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There is no need to queue up after the service is completed. This fwd lift kit is almost compatible with front wheel drive cars and light trucks.

The bearing tool kit comes with all the necessary tools. Easily replace wheel bearings with vehicle-mounted steering and strut support.

One person can complete the collection process. Determine the correct sleeve cap to seat in the bearing housing, then drive off the old roller and replace the new bearing.

This bearing tool set is constructed with 45# steel and each adapter has a black-oxide finish for high strength and corrosion resistance.

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Markings on the housing hold each part in place. Dimensions are stamped next to each hole, making it easy to identify and organize storage.

Designed to remove and install fwd bearings. The front wheel remover is used in auto repair shops, garages, and car services. etc.

I only rate after using it for a while. The quality is very good and worth buying.

Front Hub Puller For 4wd Vehicles

Router bit bearing on top bearing I have 2.5 Ton Accumulator Circulation Pump Circulation Pump Submersible Pump Repair 3 Ton Unit Price 2 Ton Unit Price Tommy® pulls the toughest wheel bearing hubs without removing the control arm or using a hammer. This Wheel Hub Removal Tool is for Select Ford and Subaru Models. Also available in the Ford/Subaru combination lineup.

Front Hub Puller For 4wd Vehicles

Consider pairing your Tommy Wheel Bearing Puller ProKit with the Tommy Rail: This accessory works with the Tommy Wheel Bearing Hub Extractor and allows technicians to apply more force to the wheel hub to make any wheel removal quick and easy.

The Tommy Wheel Bearing Puller Extractor is an absolute game changer in the industry. When dealing with rotary wheel concentrators, this tool proves to be the most efficient and reliable option out there. Saves time and effort for technicians with the ability to pull a wheel bearing in minutes on select Ford and Subaru models.

What really sets Tommy Hub Puller apart from its competitors is its unique approach. Unlike other angle pull tools, Tommy uses three solid rods to triangulate the power, ensuring that the bearing is released as straight and clean as it was originally installed. The tool’s advanced Grade-8 bolts attach directly to the wheel hub, and the five-point screws expertly balance the load to guarantee a straight pull every time.

By using a rear triangle force, the main drag is strong and controlled. Bearing removal takes less than 30 seconds, with a simple and quick installation process that takes only a few minutes to attach the tool to the wheel hub. The Tommy Wheel Bearing Puller Extractor is without a doubt a must-have tool for any technician dealing with wheel hubs.

Proam 6 On 5.50


It works with the Tommy Wheel Bearing Puller and allows technicians to apply more force to the wheel hub for quick and easy removal on Ford and Subaru models.

The ProMAXX Extraction Plate is designed for use on a Tommy® Subaru inner bearing if a technician accidentally removes the axle shaft and pulls the outer bearing without retaining the inner bearing. Just tighten it and quickly remove the inner bearing.

Front Hub Puller For 4wd Vehicles

Anti-aging, extreme pressure, lithium complex oil. Essential to protect and efficiently operate ProMAXX Tools and other automotive and industrial applications. High viscosity properties lubricate tools and parts for long life and limited wear.

Front Wheel Drive Bearing Remover And Installer Kit, 21 Piece

Available in two additional sizes: 1oz, originally included as a replacement for Tommy. 14oz is a standard oil gun for ease of use and storage.

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