Free Social Media Marketing Tools For Business – Do you feel pressured when you think about how to research and create content and how to connect with fans and followers on multiple social media accounts? How do you keep up with your Twitter account when you haven’t even checked Facebook or Instagram for the day? Even the biggest social media marketing influencers know that without the right management and marketing tools, marketing and managing even one social media marketing campaign can be overwhelming. Our social media marketing agency in Toronto, Ontario has identified the 7 must-have social media marketing tools to add to your arsenal and streamline your operations for free.

The Buffer app is one of the best social media marketing tools on the market today. It allows you to easily tag and record Tweets or Facebook posts from both PC and mobile devices. What differentiates Buffer from its competitors is the analytics portion, which allows you to easily track communications and interactions you recorded using the tool. The tool also digs through your social media channels to determine when is the best time to post updates. This allows you to set up an optimized schedule based on the times your followers are online and the times those followers’ followers are also online.

Free Social Media Marketing Tools For Business

Free Social Media Marketing Tools For Business

Hootsuite is another social media monitoring tool that allows you to record, track and collaborate on your social media accounts. Many social media marketers and brand ambassadors also use the app for reputation management purposes as it allows them to track referrals. Perhaps one of the strongest reasons to use Hootsuite is that it allows you to manage so many different social networks, including Google+, in one place and under one interface and existing format. A number of partners have not been given full access to the Google+ API, and Hootsuite is one of them. The Google+ API is very limited as it currently only supports pages and not personal profiles.

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TweetReach is a great tool if you want to know how far your Tweets are traveling in the Twitterverse. The tool measures the actual influence and impact of social media conversations on the channel. It’s a great way to find out who your most influential followers are, suddenly guiding you towards the right people to talk to when you ‘ share content on the social media channel.

Canva is a simple tool that can be used to create images for social media accounts. The tool is perfect for novice graphic designers as it sports over-sized social media templates, unlimited graphics and fonts, and a large library of examples to fuel your creativity. The main benefit is collaboration; you can use the tool with remote team members, clients, or with your design partners. You also have the ability to create a design and send an edited design for feedback or approval.

It’s okay to repurpose old content on social media as long as it’s relevant to your audience. The downfall is that it’s hard to find that great content among the thousands of daily social media posts that appear in your feeds. Edgar works to make quality content easy to find. This free tool also provides a way to categorize your posts, so you can more easily find the content you want to reuse or share.

SocialOomph is an excellent tool for beginning social media managers. It works with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, RSS feeds, blogs, Plurk, and SocialOomph’s free version lets you work on up to five twitter accounts to index tweets and search for keywords. The registration and posting tool includes a URL shortening feature, which also allows you to track clicks. One key feature of SocialOomph that sets it apart is its ability to help you manage your Twitter followers and your direct message box within the tool’s interface. The tool also lets you save and reuse social posts for when you want to use posts as part of a campaign or get an extra boost from your best content.

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Twazzup is a social media tool with a dashboard that tracks any keyword you want on Twitter. It breaks down and categorizes the keyword by link popularity, partners, news, tag clouds and users and even includes media when appropriate. It also shows who said what, how many times something was said, and how popular those people are talking about it. Special features like a mouse-over avatar that provides more details about that user’s relevant tweets make Twazzup a worthwhile social media tool to try.

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Free Social Media Marketing Tools For Business

In this blog post, I’m going to share three of my favorite (and in my opinion, some of the best) social media marketing tools that are perfect for your workflow. tidying up

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Customer support has become a huge element of successful social media marketing, and that trend is likely to continue in 2021. Loom is a free desktop or iOS app, or a Chrome extension that lets you record and share video easily. Loom can be used in a number of different ways for business and social media, including:

Customer Support: Customers having trouble with your website? Need a quick “How to” video? Record and share a clip of you talking through a solution to the problem in seconds, and share a direct link to it.

Product Marketing: Register your website or service to share information about new features, or register new listings. Alternatively, you could record a video to encourage customers to share testimonials that you can publish to your social media profiles.

Selling: Capture a viewer’s attention with a personalized video recorded over your website and your face chatting away on the screen. Share the video directly with your prospect to build a personal external connection, and share a link to your calendar/pitch deck as well.

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Need inspiration for blog post ideas? Ubersuggest has a ton of different features, but my favorite is the keyword suggestions tool. Whack a keyword into Ubersuggest and it will return a bunch of suggestions, questions, related ideas and more, ranked by popularity.

For the top 30 results, you will be able to click through to see which website ranks highest for that particular keyword and check out the page/article for yourself.

The free version of Ubersuggest gives you 3 free searches per day, which you can copy to your clipboard or export to a CSV file.

Free Social Media Marketing Tools For Business

If you’re looking for a mega deep-dive into blogging data and strategy, you won’t find it without an update. But as a starting point for keyword research, Ubersuggest’s free version is a good place to start.

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Consistently engaging social media graphics can be a challenge, but Canva makes the job so much easier! Most social media managers will already be very familiar with Canva, but as a quick and easy tool for creating professional graphics for social media, I’ve yet to find one that I like as much . It’s so easy to create still images, videos with animated text, and more.

I use a paid Canva plan which gives me access to (among other things) premium stock graphics and instant resizing tools, so I can turn a square piece of content for, say, Instagram, into a long and tall image for Pinterest, instantly. So useful!

So there you have it, my top 3 FREE social media tools for 2021. If you want to recommend me more ideas for free tools, including registration and link sharing, please let me know me in the comments below![ Image description: Individuals with long hair jump out of their phones only to discover that the internet has come to life with buttons and web pages floating in the air. How strange!]

Today there are hundreds, if not thousands of web apps to help small businesses with marketing. From website builders to design services, you can find almost anything you need online. Why are there so many?

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You guessed it, because marketing is the most important practice for any business to grow into a sustainable organization. If you’ve been worried about marketing and promotion, take a deep breath because you’ve just found an amazing free resource with

My mission is to provide you with the best marketing promotion apps and services necessary. Nothing would give me more

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