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Ford 3000 Tractor Tires And Rims

Ford 3000 Tractor Tires And Rims

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X 30 Tractor Tire And Spin Out Rim

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Interest will be charged to your account from the date of purchase if the balance is not paid in full within 6 months. Minimum monthly payments are required. Subject to credit approval. See terms- for PayPal credit, opens in a new window or take This week I’m talking about what happened last Friday – new rubber for my tractor! This has been a rubber heavy year with new tires for the car, truck and tractor (motorcycles, while I have spare tires, have been low enough mileage that I haven’t had to replace anything yet). In the case of the tractor tires, this is even a nice on-site service where the tire company sends a truck out to do the work on your tractor!

My tractor is a Ford 9N, built sometime around 1941 as close as we can tell to being 80 years old. It’s a serviceable little estate tractor, and while it’s nowhere near as nice as some of the modern tractors you can buy, I paid a lot less for it than I would for something new – even with the cost of new tires. Tractor tires aren’t cheap, but at least this is a standard enough size!

Identifying Our New Ford Tractor 67 Ford 2000?

The fronts are 4-19s on 19″ wheels (same size as the Urals!) and the rears are 11.2-28s on 28″ wheels. Yes, the fronts look small in comparison! When the new front tires appeared, my daughter took one look and said, “They can’t be for the tractor! They’re big! The tractor has small front tires!” All in relation…

The old tires have been an “Oh, they could use a replacement…” since long before I bought the tractor several years ago. Historically, this tractor has moved around the family, and “where it is” and “who technically owns it” have not always had much to do with each other. Unfortunately, these arrangements mean maintenance is often minimal, so I bought it (as the person who used it the most) and now I have no problem at all sinking a few grand of work into it. But … these tires …

“Rear in good condition” (right) is an Allstate tire, date code U101550P. The lugs are worn and it shows lots of cracks between the treads.

Ford 3000 Tractor Tires And Rims

Tractor tires are directional – you can’t just swap them side to side and expect them to work terribly well, although I’m sure some people have. The studs are starting to shed chunks and the tire is just getting up there for years.

Ford 9n Tractor Parting Out

On the left is the Harvest King deck, date code 480F7H4, just junk though. It’s been bad and getting worse. The carcass is now missing chunks, the cracks go through the hatches, and it’s just plain toast.

The places. Sidewall, tread, just everywhere. This deck is finished, and has probably been done for quite a few years now.

You can see the corrosion on the wheel – especially around the edges. These tires were filled with what I suspect, based on the “unknown but fairly old” age, is calcium chloride. This adds about 280 lbs/tire and adds a useful amount of extra draw weight directly where it is needed without adding any real strain to the rest of the tractor frame. The suspension is “Well, the tires are inflated, what more do you need?” – so no worries there.

The main disadvantages of calcium chloride are that it is quite corrosive and quite unfriendly to fields. You don’t want to get a puncture and have a tire drain in the field with it in. The newer options are both less corrosive and less toxic. Just not terribly cheap.

Y 501 Ford 5000 Tractor + Attachments

Based on the condition of the rims, I expected at least one of the rear rims to be completely corroded (which it was). Fortunately, you can get new generic enough tractor rims to fit tractors like this one. Even with the new rims these are still tube tires so they get a tube.

Like our tractor! He’s almost as tall as the wheel now! He has been talking all week about wanting to see when the tractor gets new tires and the timing worked out so he was around to see!

The new rear tires appeared on the truck with the rest of the equipment. They look good! Not only do they match, they have nice crisp ears, they don’t crack… and with the few miles I put on this tractor, they should last a hell of a lot. I should probably consider building a shade shed for the tractor at some point – help keep the sun off the rubber bits.

Ford 3000 Tractor Tires And Rims

And have no real desire to do it often enough to get better. These? Since the tires are loaded around 400lb/side, I don’t have the equipment to inflate them, and I don’t have the right tools to do this sort of thing (a massive impact wrench, huge air compressor to power it, and some tire irons in 4′ -range), I’ll gladly pay someone else for it on the rare schedule that they need work. These will ideally last an awful lot of decades of my property use!

Ford 3000 Farm Tractor

With the tube in, and the stem held by the nifty stem-holding-chain gizmo (seriously, I need one of those – I’ve lost so many stems in wheels over the years…), it’s ready for air!

I wouldn’t say the process was quiet. The truck involved has an on board air compressor and driving it involves the engine turning around 2000 RPM – constantly. It ran the air tools with no problem, aired tires great, ran the air driven fluid injector – just very loud. Apparently the life of an engine on one of these trucks is somewhat less than you would expect for a truck engine – this truck was on its third engine at 300,000 miles.

The tires are inflated, mounted and then filled once on the tractor. Arguing with an inflated tire is much more difficult than an inflated tire!

In related antics in the morning, my son has been practicing pumping on swings and if he wants to, he can really get going! Why swing if you can’t pass horizontally?

Ford 3000 Tractor In Cross Timbers, Mo

A common question about the two-piece rear wheel assembly is “Why?” A practical reason for me is that I can only replace the rear rim without having to replace the dish – but why weren’t they built as a single unit? For adjusting tire distance. With this design, you can choose a track width in 4″ increments from 48″ to 76″ – without having to do anything other than change how you’ve bolted the rear wheels together.

Up front there is another set of nuts that allow you to do the same sort of thing ranging from 48″ to 76″. It’s a sleek design, which is why you see so many tractors from the era that have disc rear wheels. Distance adjustment!

However, the rears haven’t been off this tractor for an awfully long time, so this bit involved someone else banging on bolts a lot. I expected that to be a problem so I got a new set of bolts, which means no worries about breaking up the threads and getting the old stuff out.

Ford 3000 Tractor Tires And Rims

The first step involves using some air powered jacks – which is a very nice cheat bit of cheating, versus having to crank things up by hand…

Ford 3000 Front Wheel Bearing Zerk Issue

With one rear wheel lifted up and a large oak block under the frame, should the jack have problems, the old wheel can come off.

This involved extensive use of an impact gun, a screwdriver as a chisel to remove washers, the previously mentioned extensive tapping on the bolts to remove them, and then even more tapping on the wheel to free it from the center cup. That kind of is

Why i pay someone to come and make tires because i just don’t enjoy doing that kind of thing anymore.

But after a while, the rim

New 10 16.5 6 Lug Tires/wheels/rims For Kubota Tractor & More 10×16.5

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