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Ford 3000 Tractor Front Tires

Ford 3000 Tractor Front Tires

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Interest will be charged to your account from the date of purchase if the balance is not paid in full within 6 months. Minimum monthly payments required. Subject to loan approval. See terms and conditions – for PayPal credit opens in a new window or ta. This is a 70’s Ford tractor, a 335. So it started out as a yellow industrial tractor. It was painted blue when I bought it and now has AG tires on the back, essentially a Ford 3600. It looks like it still has industrial style tires on the front, with a very flat tread. Well, these tires were so rotten that it was finally time to buy new ones, they finally stopped holding air.

When I look at tractor data, the Ford 3600 originally had 6.00-16 and the 335 had 6.5-16. At the moment the tires are 7.5-16. I definitely like the height that the front of these tires sit at. Since he has a forklift, the tire guy thinks I should stick with the 7.5. My only concern is that with the current tires the clearance between the tires and the upper knuckle is only about 1/8 inch. The tire fitter also recommended using a 4-rib tire. Should I follow his recommendations or would you suggest something else?

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I like the idea of ​​measuring width. I’ll measure mine at the widest point and see how the tires compare in the store.

This tractor is much larger than my 1710 loader tractor, but I have 6:00 x 16, 6-ply front tires. When the bucket is full, these tires have a very noticeable bulge. I can only imagine being multiplied on a larger machine… I would get as many layers as I could find, even if I had to order them…

LouNY said: 235/85-16 truck tires are very close to 7.50-16. If you’re concerned about width, the 225/75-16 tires will be narrower and are available in the E range (10 plies). Do not drive onto plowed or dirty land. Used pickup truck tires are reasonably priced and will last for years while handling the loader better than 6-ply Ag front tires. Click to expand… That’s how it should be. 225/75-16. Used BF Goodrich T/As will give you triple sidewall.

Ford 3000 Tractor Front Tires

K7LN said: I suppose if someone wanted they could check out and maybe use a Dorman brand universal wheel spacer. Dorman Products – Search Results Click to expand… 6.00 16 8 Ply (2 Tires + 2 Tubes) Road Crew St 1, F2 3 Rib Farm Tractor Tire 6.00×16

Or remove the wheels and flip them over so that what is currently on the inside becomes the outside.

Achlan said: Or take off the wheels and turn them over so that what is now inside becomes outside. Aaron Z. Click to expand…

I talked to the guy at the tire shop and his advice was this: just flip them over if there isn’t enough clearance.

The guy who mows my fields has aircraft tires on the front of his four-wheel drive tractors. He says they are not easy to puncture and he can find a size that fits the rim. He’s getting used to them, and they still have a lot of useful stuff left.

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John Fitzgerald said, “The guy who mows my fields has airplane tires on the front of his four-wheel drive tractors. He says they are not easy to puncture and he can find a size that fits the rim. He’s getting used to them, and they still have a lot of useful stuff left. Click to expand… We have aircraft tires on the front of one of our working tractors. They haven’t had any punctures since they put them on and from what I can tell they work very well. We got the entire rim and tire as a kit from the Midwest (I think).

I can’t read the sidewall data, but do these tires look like trailer tires??? Rated E, they can handle much more weight than tractor tires.

I don’t see the need to change the tread pattern. But you definitely need to buy tires that can support the weight of the FEL.

Ford 3000 Tractor Front Tires

I would choose trailer tires that are rated E or G. My GN trailer uses 7.50×16 tires. I’m using Hankook F19. 14-ply steel radial tires. They will last the rest of the tractor’s life as long as it is parked in the shade. I pay $210 each for them.

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Edit: I’m not a fan of flipping the rim. Shifts weight load outward and increases stress on wheel bearings and steering axles….. Advance Far Front-Harrow-Track F-2 Tires This is a specially designed long-range front tire for universal use on long-distance tractors. It has three fin designs. This gives the Far Front-Harrow-Track F-2 increased performance and exceptional stability. It also features exceptional steering capabilities.

Since the price fluctuates, be sure to consult via email and provide you with the final quotation, and I will provide you with special consulting services! Thank you!

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1. How about delivery? A: We always have Soe sizes in stock (you can ask us to check if the size you need is in stock). Once we receive your deposit, we will be able to download immediately. If we don’t have stock as per your requirement, it will only take us about 7-15 days to produce. 2. How about the payment? A: Our payment is 30% bank deposit, pay the balance before shipping. 3. Is your tire new or used? A: We only supply new tires. All tires are new. 4. What about the warranty? A: Our warranty is 18 months. 5. Can I contact you directly if I want to ask you questions like this? A: Yes, if you have any questions, please write us a message at any time. If it’s jet lag and I’m sleeping, I’ll reply to you as soon as I see the message! Of course, you can also call by email at any time.

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Ford 3000 Tractor Front Tires

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