Fixing Scratches On Trex Decking – If you are new to composite decking, you may be curious about care and maintenance. How can you get the longest life from your composite deck? What can you do to repair it? And when is it time to change it? Keep reading, and we’ll answer all the questions for you so that your combined decor stays beautiful and functional.

You’ll be happy to hear that composite decking requires less maintenance than traditional wood. While composite decking cannot be recreated like natural wood, it is designed to withstand damage over the years when cared for properly. To care for composite decking:

Fixing Scratches On Trex Decking

Fixing Scratches On Trex Decking

Not only is composite decking easier to maintain than traditional wood decking, ‘s DiamondDefense™ coating, available in our Vision®line, is uniquely formulated to help prevent scratches and other impact damage.

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Our proprietary Vantage™ wood composite boards have a beautiful weathered effect. Thanks to its uncapped construction, you can expect the board to lighten over time and settle into its forever color in about six months. Looking for even more peace of mind? All lines are backed by a 50-year structural warranty. Also, the Vision line comes with a 50-year fade and stain warranty, the Meridian line offers a 40-year fade and stain warranty and the Elevate line offers a 30-year fade and stain warranty.

One of the many benefits of the products is that they do not need to be sanded. Minor scratches on uncapped composite decking (like Vantage) should fade within 12-16 weeks due to its self-healing properties. Our capped decking, Elevate, Meridian, and Vision, feature extra durability built right into the cap. Vision, with its DiamondDefense(™) coating, boasts the strongest cap available on the market today.

If you have heavy damage, such as deep wear, broken boards or scratches that won’t fade, you may need a board replacement. If your damage is severe, visit our dealer locator page to find out where you can purchase replacement boards. Worried about replacing boards? The difficulty of replacing the board depends on the type of fastener you are using. Face screws are relatively easy to remove to replace a damaged board, but other fasteners may take more patience.

You can easily repair your deck board by removing the screws from each joint of the damaged board. Remove the damaged board and fix it with face screws.

Walnut Composite Decking

Visit our Care and Maintenance Guide for more information and helpful tips on how to clean and care for your composite decking.

Not only is posit decking easier to care for and maintain than natural wood, its longevity is unmatched thanks to its innovative design and technology. The only composite board that can be installed in, on land and under water. No other composite boards can because they don’t have Solid Core Difference™, our proprietary barrier that fights against damage from moisture, rot, insects and other harmful elements. Spend less time working on your deck and more time enjoying it. Will Trex decking scratch easily, becoming an eyesore every time you walk outside? We have spoken to many homeowners who have the same concern; They ask questions like:

These are all great questions and valid concerns; Keep reading, and we’ll give you answers to put your mind at ease.

Fixing Scratches On Trex Decking

Unlike painted wood decks, Trex or any composite decking will not scratch or scratch easily. It’s also highly resistant to warping (that warp or sheen you sometimes see after dragging a heavy object across a wood deck).

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Additionally, Trex decking is also resistant to fading, staining, mold and mildew. Guests don’t have to worry about spilling drinks or using grill mats when BBQing on a hot summer day. Because, unlike some PVC alternatives, there is no chance of a chemical reaction between water, rubber, and Trex.

You see, modern composite decking is made from 95% recycled materials and is “cupped” with a hard coating of plastic that resembles wood. The resulting board is textured and highly durable, helping to withstand scratches while looking great for years.

It is important to note that while Trex is scratch-resistant, it is not scratch-proof. You usually don’t have to worry about moving patio furniture around or your dog running across your deck. But it’s always a good idea to play it safe.

Fortunately, most scratches don’t dig deep enough to reach the core of a composite board. So most scratches are purely cosmetic, meaning you won’t end up with a rotten or defective board because it’s scratched.

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The most practical way to repair a scratch in your Trex deck is to use a heat gun. This takes patience and is not guaranteed to be a 100% fix, but we have seen success with minor scratches.

Start by grabbing your heat gun and heat-resistant gloves. Staying a few inches back from the board, run the heat gun over the scratch a few times using gradually lower heat. Now use your finger (don’t forget your glove!) and mold the area as best you can to fill the scratch. Always be careful not to burn yourself or your deck. Using a heat gun can add a slight shine to the repair area.

If repair work isn’t your forte, replacing your scratched board is the next best thing. If you have a newer generation Trex decking (2009 and later), you can replace the damaged board. The new capped composite style won’t fade in the sun or stain, so you won’t have to worry about the new board looking out of place.

Fixing Scratches On Trex Decking

If you have an older generation deck, you can still change the board and match the color as much as possible. Keep in mind that Trex no longer manufactures the early generations of composite decking, but you can still use capped composite boards as a substitute.

Two Powerhouse Brands Of Composite Decking

If you don’t want to replace the board right away, you can also hide the scratches by covering them with furniture or an outdoor rug.

There are three different levels of Trex; The capped composite varies slightly between each line. Although they will all resist surface damage, they vary in durability. Here’s a quick guide:

Although Enhance is considered the least durable, it is significantly better at hiding mars and scratches than Trex Select decking. For this reason, Enhance gives you the biggest bang for your buck and is one of Trex’s most popular decking options.

Trex decking will stand up to the wear and tear of using your deck to its full potential. Its unique, durable build effectively resists scratches and weather, and replacing damaged boards is simple. These are the reasons why it remains one of the best choices for a low-maintenance deck that will last you for years to come.

How Long Does Trex Composite Decking Last

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Fixing Scratches On Trex Decking

As with anything that spends its lifetime outdoors, under heavy amounts of footfall, furniture, animals and the elements, there are bound to be some scrapes, scratches and repairs that may need to be made.

Fixing Composite Decking: When To Repair & When To Replace

While Cladco composite decking boards are designed to be durable and hard-wearing, offering stain and scratch-resistance, scratches may appear in some cases.

In some cases, a composite deck repair kit can blend and repair scratches, while, in other situations, composite deck filler or entire board replacement is the solution.

Composite decking boards are made with 60% FSC certified wood fiber and 40% recycled plastic. Because the boards have some natural and some synthetic interior, they shouldn’t rot, warp or split easily.

While your composite decking should never need to be stained, sanded, painted or varnished, thanks to its high-quality low-maintenance exterior. Small scratches and marks may appear on the surface of our board in high footed areas or where furniture has been scraped into the boards. The decking area below is used for entrances and exits to the home and furniture is regularly moved and dogs, people and plants, all bring with them potential dirt and scratches.

Plaster Stains On Composite Deck?

For small scratches and surface marks, a composite decking repair kit may be the best thing to help you repair your damaged board. Repair kits often include wax or epoxy filler to help remove/cover any scratched areas of your deck. For some kits, you may have to find a matching shade of color for your decking.

Three of the most popular and useful repair kits for your composite decking can be seen below. Please note that when using these kits, make sure you read all instructions thoroughly before starting.

This repair kit comes with a range of wax fillers for easy application and touch-up. This kit is only suitable for gray decking boards,

Fixing Scratches On Trex Decking


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