Fixing Dog Scratches On Wood Floor – I will be moving out of my rental apartment in a few months and would like to fix the hardwood floor before I move out. There are no deep scratches, but there are many micro scratches from my dog’s nails. I don’t think it’s a big deal, but I would like to make a cosmetic solution as affordable as possible. Any suggestions on how I could do this? Is there a product that I can apply without sanding or anything like that?

Edit: I’m guessing these are pretty deep scratches or indentations. I’ll probably leave it and see what the owner wants to do. I’m pretty sure they’re not my dog’s, but a previous dog’s.

Fixing Dog Scratches On Wood Floor

Fixing Dog Scratches On Wood Floor

There is a type of marker available at Homedepot that you can get in the same color as the hardwood.

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There is no real damage or discoloration to the wood, just scratches in the gloss. I’ll post a photo of what I mean when it gets to my laptop since I can’t do it in the app.

The most economical way is floor wax: apply and polish in the direction of the wood grain. This works if the scratches are superficial. Otherwise, you will need to sand and apply a new finish.

It all depends on the color of your floor. Scratches in the finish tend to appear as whitish lines on my floor. Mine is dark brown and I have used brown markers and sometimes a brown dry erase marker. Stain the scratch and clean the wood surface immediately with a paper towel.

If the scratches appear to disappear when wiped with a damp cloth, then they are in the finish and are only visible due to the way light reflects off uneven surfaces.

The Best Way Fix Scratches On Hardwood Floors · Chatfield Court

If this is the case, a simple application of wax should make them disappear in the same way that the water did, but they should not reappear for a long time.

You can see that the scratches are not deep enough to cause discoloration or marks, but they do penetrate quite a bit into the “glossy” top layer.

How long have you been renting this place? Those seem a little deep. I was thinking scratches on the top layer, but they look like indentations in the wood. I’m not sure if those filler crayons will fill them.

Fixing Dog Scratches On Wood Floor

That’s a disaster. I would make you pay to renovate my apartments if I were your landlord. Easily $3-4/sf

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They are deep and they are not just superficial. You can “try” floor wax, but honestly it will just make the floor shiny, highlighting the scratches.

Hopefully your landlord is very nice or doesn’t care too much about the property. Those floors need to be restored.

Aside from that iron trick, you might be SOL and if I were the owner I would come after you to fix it. By the way, did the owner know that you have a big dog?

I’ve been here 4 years and my dog ​​is only 30 pounds. I think most of the scratches are from before us, but I never paid attention to the floors until now that we are getting ready to move. It’s a dog-friendly apartment, so I’m pretty sure other dogs lived here before ours. I am not obligated to fix the floors, but I wanted to do what I could since the landlord has been very good to us over the past few years.

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Nuprapture wrote: ↑…I’m not obligated to fix the floors… No, how do you realize that? If it causes damage beyond normal wear and tear, and these scratches are, then you are obligated to have it repaired.

Rick007 wrote: ↑ If the scratches appear to disappear when wiped with a damp cloth, then they are barely in the finish and are only visible due to the way light reflects off uneven surfaces. I don’t think those scratches are going to go away. when cleaned with a damp cloth.

Tenant is not responsible for normal wear and tear damage. For example, a homeowner knows that he will need to repaint the walls every 5 years or replace the refrigerator every 10 or 15 years. However, in a normal home, damage to those floors wouldn’t be expected for decades. Since the damage is not within “normal wear and tear,” you may be held liable unless you have proof (i.e., photographs) that the damage existed when you moved in.

Fixing Dog Scratches On Wood Floor

And to answer your original question, there is nothing you can do to repair that damage other than sanding and repainting.

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Scratch is the wrong word. Those are gouges. And based on the length, it doesn’t look like they were caused by a dog. They look more like something has been dragged there.

Looks like these are more serious than I thought. I’ll probably leave it and see what the owner wants to do. The average cost of installing a new hardwood floor in 2020 ranged from $7,200 to $14,400, and that’s just for a 1,200-square-foot home. according to HomeAdvisor. At such a high price, any small scratch or scuff on the floor is sure to cause a bit of panic. It’s a little hard to believe we spend so much money on something we simply overlook, but you have to admit: nothing is quite as homey as a slightly squeaky, perfectly shiny, happily lived-in hardwood floor.

But there is a difference between normal wear and tear and something a little more dramatic. You may have children playing on the floor with toy cars, dragging a scratch on the surface as they go, or dogs running to greet you when you come home from work, leaving a dent in the wood next to the doormat. Maybe it’s the original wood that came with your new home, or maybe you splurged on a stylish finish when building your dream home. Either way, the stress of the simplest scratch on your hardwood floor is the same.

Before you reluctantly dip into your emergency fund to refinish your entire floor, we’ve put together a list of inexpensive ways to fix the big scratch on your hardwood floor. In the end, it will seem like nothing ever happened.

How To Fix Hardwood Floor Scratches With Walnuts

We have good news: You might be able to fix a common scratch without even going to your local hardware store. And as a homeowner, you probably make enough trips to Lowe’s as it is. So, if the scratch seems minimal, it’s probably best to start with a home remedy.

Try making a solution of equal parts olive oil and apple cider vinegar, according to Family Handyman. Rub the scratch and let it sit; Check again after a day and wipe off the mixture. The scratch should now be imperceptible. Note that this option works best for shallower scratches on new floors with a newer finish.

No apple cider vinegar in the cupboard? recommends using a combination of baking soda and olive oil. Simply let it sit on the scratch for a few minutes and then polish it into the wood. If your floors were unfinished or were recently sanded when scratched, opt for coconut oil. Either option should leave your floors looking scratch-free and with a little extra shine.

Fixing Dog Scratches On Wood Floor

For superficial surface scratches, like those a dog or cat might leave on the floor, This Old House suggests a product like paste wax. There are even darker floor stain options, making everything look pristine and like new.

Cheapest Way To Remove Dog Nail Scratches From Hardwood

All you have to do is let it dry and then rub it against the floor so the scratch will not be detected. Just be careful: Paste wax is not recommended for polyurethane floors, so do your research and know what type of floors you’re working with before going this route (via Jabara’s).

You can get a bucket of paste wax at your local hardware store to have on hand in case of any further problems. A one-pound bucket costs less than $7 at Home Depot, and there’s enough to take care of any and all future scratches that may arise, without breaking the bank.

Blending pencils, pens, or markers work like paste wax, but can be a cheaper and easier-to-use option for repairing scratches. It all depends on what is best suited for your specific type of floor and finish. Polished Habitat said Minwax stain markers were a lifesaver for their floors, and the difference is clear as day with just one swipe of the marker.

Any other pro advice? Unlike paste wax, you can alternate between shades of stain with a pencil or marker, allowing you to precisely match the grain color of your floors. Polished Habitat used a darker marker for some spots and a lighter one for others, elevating this DIY solution into professional-looking territory.

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Since a pen, pencil, or marker costs less than $15 on average, this solution is viable for any budget level, especially when compared to the cost of new or refinished flooring.

If you’re rushing to remove a small scratch from older hardwood floors, you don’t necessarily have to go for the most expensive option and completely refinish a small section. You

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