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A dog chewed through our wood, painted French doors. The part that bothered him was that he got the trim between the windshield and the edge where the doors meet. If we want to fix it ourselves can someone tell me how long this can take? What materials do I need and how much does it cost? If in your opinion this repair is for a professional, what kind of professional should I look for (carpentry?), and how much would you estimate the cost? Thank you for your time.

Fixing Dog Scratches On Door

Fixing Dog Scratches On Door

Thank you so much for the quick response! Aside from the methods and tools that will be used, does anyone have an estimate of how long it will take to repair this door and how much it will cost? The owner gave us a $100 gift card to Lowes, without asking how much was spent. It’s not the money that I really care about. I don’t know if I have the skills to fix this, and I certainly don’t have the time. I don’t know what to do.

How To Repair Door Trim That Was Chewed By Dog

Another option is to first, carefully sand away all the unsalvageable debris. Next use a quality filler (paint) to fill in dents, valleys & nicks. Use fine sandpaper to sand (be patient) on the fully cured machine to finish.

Final decision: To match the current paint (hope you have some) or to repaint? Your advice. Of course, you want to match the frame paint.

If you decide to touch up, ask for help on color matching from a professional at a hardware store or paint store. More than raw wood & filler. Paint over the dry charms using the feathering technique to ensure a nice seamless blend.

I think the best bet here is to just sand the areas as well as you can, then repaint. It would be difficult to try to replace the damaged parts, and it is expensive to hire a carpenter to do it.

How To Fix Scratches In Wood {quickly And Easily}

Yes, but you’d be surprised at how much hidden damage there is. You may be the only person to notice…

In addition to Jimmy’s answer, you can patch wood with auto body tools. Just sand to the bare wood, add filler and mix it following the instructions on the can, and once it’s dry, sand to the correct profile. Once you are happy, paint the door. If you do this, don’t let the dog eat it again. I don’t know if it is toxic to animals.

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Fixing Dog Scratches On Door

My dog ​​chewed the bottom of the door to my bedroom. I live in a rented house, so this is not good.

How To Fix Door Trim Chewed By A Dog

Is there a way to fix it and make it look nicer (it doesn’t have to be perfect)?

@XOPJ: Thanks, that’s useful to know. Actually, I don’t think she chewed it, but she just chewed on it when I left her in the room for a while (she got separation anxiety). So my explanation was wrong to begin with!

As for replacing the trim, I think this is a lot of work for someone like me who doesn’t know much about jobs. I thought about this before I came to this forum, but there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to remove the dirt, and I’m afraid I’ll hit a big snag if I try to do it. hit him!

My filler experiment was half a success: I had one large piece that I managed to glue in place, and I filled the rest with a wooden machine and painted on it. Since it is near the bottom of the door, you won’t notice it unless you are looking for it. However, I think I will try to touch it at some point in the future.

How To Stop My Dog From Scratching The Door?

Since large chunks of wood are missing, use wood filler to fill it in (available at any home improvement store). Use a sharp knife to fit the shape of the trim as much as possible. After the filler has cured, use sandpaper to round it out.

You will also need to paint over the filler. Get some pieces of wood trim and take it with you to the home improvement store and have them match the paint (you may be able to remove the pieces of wood from the wall).

One option would be to find a similar trim at the store and replace the damaged one. Some interesting jewelry can be difficult to match, but what you have is beautiful.

Fixing Dog Scratches On Door

For what it’s worth, at the last place we rented, our rabbit kept knocking on the door handle in our bedroom. We eventually trained the rabbit not to do that, but it took a while, and the damage was pretty bad. We fixed the trim using the methods above. We got our full deposit back.

Tips For Refinishing A Door With Deep Scratches

You can simply replace the modifications. This profile is an inexpensive breeding stock, available from your local home center. You should be able to adjust it almost exactly. It will be nailed to the wall. Buy a new piece to fit. You’ll need a surface-level meter to fit the meter, but you can buy an inexpensive box to do this job right.

Once you’ve cut the new piece to fit, remove the old one and bring it into any good paint store. They can match the paint perfectly. A quart of paint will be enough to repaint the moldings with lots to save for touch ups.

Install fixings using finish nails, set position using nail set. Then fill the heads with putty and paint.

It looks like a good repair, but if you can’t adjust it correctly (an old house is more likely to be this) and you want, you can find a suitable repair in the closet. Replace it with a closet repair, then replace the closet repair with something close – no one will ever notice or care.

Dog Scratched My Door Frame. How Much Do You Think This Will Cost To Repair?

It’s really quite simple as long as you have the right tools and some good instructions. The tool you will need is a Sheetrock knife to separate the molding from the wall without damaging the paint or drying. Hammer and flat-head driver to unscrew the wall moldings. Hand saw to cut a 45 degree angle on the new mold. Some nails finished to attach the new molding. The nail is set to hide the nails with some caulking. And scrap paint to paint the moldings. I’ve included a few links to some photos of similar work and a video I found on animal damage repair.

I am affiliated with this website as I am the owner but the video below is just a nice relevant video that I found on youtube and I am not affiliated with it. I thought it might help someone.

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Fixing Dog Scratches On Door

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Dog Scratched Up Old Door Where I Rent

My brother’s dog chewed/scratched my door frame in our apartment and I’m looking for advice on how to fix this ourselves without hiring someone before we decide to move, the apartment is very old so I’m not sure just going local store. He will do anything for us… Thank you!

It looks like the barn has sustained a lot of damage. It appears to be an old pine or fir. The challenge will be finding the right profile. You may need to replace the cover on each face of the opening so that the three pieces fit.

Ask for a modification with the same width as the original and a profile of the same style. The depth is not important as long as it is consistent. A frequency meter and small fixing screws will be required. Chances are some coats of polyurethane varnish will give a similar look after some time to UV light for dark pine wood.

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Hello. Anyone Know How To Fix This Mess? My Dog Got Locked In A Room And Scratched The Door Up Trying To Get Out. The Scratched Are Pretty Deep. If Getting Out

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