Fixing Cat Scratches On Couch – Couches can get rough for a variety of reasons—cats, dogs, kids—eventually, any piece of furniture you use frequently will suffer wear and tear. However, one Instagram user posted a Reel with a useful tip for repairing your broken sofa: embroidery.

The reel features before-and-after photos of sofa corners that have been torn apart—perhaps courtesy of a cat—and then covered with decorative stitching or embroidery.

Fixing Cat Scratches On Couch

Fixing Cat Scratches On Couch

Examples range from pretty, colorful floral patterns to more modern, angular patterns — the possibilities are endless.

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If you just bought a sofa a year or two ago and your cat decides to use it as a scratching post, the last thing you want is to replace the entire piece. And for parents with children, everyone knows that spending the weekend in a furniture store can lead to boredom.

Instead, this idea gives you the freedom to avoid buying a new sofa and express yourself artistically on something you will use every day.

From an environmental point of view, the more benefits you can get from your furniture, the greater your contribution to the planet. Although wood and some fabrics are biodegradable, they take much longer to decompose in landfills —Load Up reports that a chair takes 13 years to decompose.

So, your artistic abilities will not only improve the quality of your sofa, but also slow down the rate of furniture disposal.

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Other users liked the idea so much, they were disappointed that they had no reason to do it. “Our cats don’t scratch the sofa, but now I want them to,” they wrote.

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Cats are very destructive. In addition to their surprising effectiveness as predators, cats are also reliable chaos-making machines in our homes. Of course it’s not their fault—they’re the animals we choose to allow into our homes, and no cat will ever understand the value attached to a perfectly nice piece in your living room. But even if your cat can stop scratching your furniture, the chances of your cat damaging your upholstery will never be zero.

Fixing Cat Scratches On Couch

The good news is that furniture that has been used as a scratching post can be repaired. Depending on the extent of the damage and your patience, you can hide, change, or repair cat scratches on your furniture without completely reupholstering it.

Cat Scratches Corner Of The Couch, We’re Making Good Progress On Teaching Her Not To But What Can I Do About This? I Was Thinking Trim The Threads And Try Using Something

If the damage isn’t too severe and you only have a few threads and fabric tufts pulled through the furniture, you can often make an acceptable repair using just scissors and a razor. Even a standard razor can do the job.

First, cut the longer, frayed threads with scissors, as close to the surface as possible. Then take your razor and gently rub it along the fabric to remove any pills and any remaining hair strands. Don’t get too enthusiastic about this—let the blade do its job without forcing it. After several uses, the fabric will look like new.

Another way to bring new life to your cat-damaged furniture is to use a felting needle. These are available in a variety of sizes, but generally a 38 gauge needle (which is usually included in most kits) can be used.

All you’re going to do here is push the tassels and pills back under your upholstery. This is actually a fairly simple process (although time consuming). You can combine it with scissors to cut longer strands, and once the remaining strands are tucked beneath the surface, your furniture will look like it went back to before you ruined your life with a cat.

Invisible Anti Cat Scratch Furniture Protector

If you don’t have the patience to cut strands of hair or work on your furniture with tools, you can simply cover the cat damage with some kind of patch. You have several options here:

If the furniture your cat wants to destroy is upholstered in leather, you can try two relatively easy fixes:

You love your cat, but that doesn’t mean you don’t occasionally wonder if inviting the animal to destroy your home in slow motion is a good idea. When your cat comes to your couch—and he will—take comfort in knowing that you can at least obscure the damage fairly easily.

Fixing Cat Scratches On Couch

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