Fix Car Dents And Scratches – If you have time, patience and a little DIY knowledge, you can repair small scratches on your car.

If you’re passionate about your car, there are few things more irritating than invisible scratches caused by accidents, vandalism and lack of parking. To fix these, panels and experts can cost a fortune.

Fix Car Dents And Scratches

Fix Car Dents And Scratches

“There are a few ways to repair these scratches on your own, at home, but affordable scratch and dent insurance coverage is probably less risky,” said Barend Smit, MD of MotorHappy, a provider of engine management solutions and car insurance options. “This insurance covers you in case of small scratches, dents and chips, as well as small scratches in the interior. It is the answer if you love your car and you try to keep it in pristine condition, inside and out.”

How Long Does Dent Repair Take?

However, if you’re the brave, do-it-yourself type, Smit lists the following at-home solutions to clean up some of these scratches:

One option is to buy the best car scratch remover you can find. This is how to use such a kit:

1 Wash the vehicle so that there is no dirt or debris in the scratched area. Microfiber cloths are best for drying the vehicle and removing unwanted dirt.

2 Remember to buy the right scratch removal kit for your vehicle, as many cars have different types of paint that require different kits. Your best bet would be to ask someone at an auto shop what kit they recommend.

Hail Damage Car Myths Explained

4 gently rub the cloth or puff sheet on the scratched area. Use a circular motion, as this is best to avoid new scratches.

5 Wipe off the excess product with a clean cloth. Repeat this process if the scratches are still visible.

Painting damaged areas of a car is tricky. Make sure you have the skills and know-how before you attempt it.

Fix Car Dents And Scratches

“Before considering this process, remember that this technique requires some skills,” said Smit. “When it comes to deep scratches, we recommend that the professionals deal with it, because a DIY job could get messy. This is a risky option for amateurs.”

Deep Scratch On New Car’s Trunk Door

2 Sand the scratched area to remove the surface paint. 2000-grit wrap is the best ratio for sandpaper to easily remove paint. It is important to sand in the same direction as the scratch to prevent further damage.

3 Rinse off the dirt from the sandpaper. If the scratches are still visible, sand the paint down more until they are gone.

4 Spray three coats of primer on the sanded area. Wait five to 10 minutes between each coat.

5 Apply two or three coats of paint that matches the color of your car. Check with your car manufacturer to make sure you buy the same shade. You should wait about 10 to 15 minutes between each coat to make sure the color dries properly.

Car Dent Repair

6 Finally, wax the surface that was resprayed after the paint has dried. A buffer pad works best for waxing. It has happened to almost all of us at least once: you walk out to your car to find out that it was bumped, scraped or dented while parked. This can be annoying, inconvenient and potentially expensive. Should you fix it or just leave it as is? We look at whether you should bother fixing dents, scratches or dings on your vehicle, especially as it gets older.

The cost of fixing a dent or screw depends on the severity of the damage. A small dent that doesn’t require repainting or repairing could be as cheap as $100 or less, while a bad scratch that damages a few panels can easily be more than $1,000—even if your car isn’t worth much. The main reason for this is that while cars get cheaper as they age, their parts usually don’t. Then you have to replace the factors with the qualified work and paint all the damaged panels.

If you’re particularly concerned about a dent or scratch, most body shops (and paintless dent repair professionals) will give free estimates to drivers to find out how much it will cost to fix a spot. You may be surprised how expensive – or how cheap – it can be to fix your car.

Fix Car Dents And Scratches

Should you fix a scratch anyway? Not always. While drivers with new cars generally want to fix a scratch or replace a damaged panel, drivers with older vehicles want to think twice before repairing their vehicles.

Dent And Scratch In Back Bumper And Panel While Backing

The reason: It’s not always worth it. Let’s say you have a bad scratch on your bumper and a body shop estimates it will cost $1,200 to repaint and possibly replace with a new one. Even if you have a $500 deductible — meaning your insurance company will take care of the remaining $700 cost — you’ll still shell out $500 to fix your bumper. If you have an older car that is only worth a few thousand dollars, can you spend that $500? You almost certainly won’t get $500 in value back if you fix your bumper, so it’s best to just leave it as is.

While we recommend fixing dents and scratches on newer, more valuable cars as well as leased vehicles, we think most drivers should think twice before paying to fix a dent or scratch on an older model. Unless the dent or scratch is very small (and therefore very cheap to fix), older and less valuable vehicles probably won’t get much value from a repair. You’re often better off just keeping your money and living with the scrap and the knowledge that your car is a little less perfect than it was yesterday.

Doug DeMuro writes articles and makes videos, mostly about cars. Doug was born in Denver, Colorado, and received a degree in economics from Emory University in Atlanta. After graduation, Doug worked for Porsche Cars North America for three years. Eventually, he quit his job to become a writer, mainly because it meant he didn’t have to wear pants anymore. Doug’s work has been in a… Read more about Doug Demuro Maybe it’s something small like a scratch from a car door, a few hail pockmarks or a nick from a rock. Even if it’s just cosmetic and doesn’t affect your car’s performance, it’s important to get dents, scuffs and scratches repaired quickly before rust damage takes hold. Left unchecked, these small problems can become bigger. Bring your car to the expert team at & Audio+. Call us at (317) 577-9700 or contact us online.

Small scratches are often easy fixes, and can be done at &Audio+ in less time and for much less money than most body shops. The scratch removal process involves sanding and polishing the affected area to restore your vehicle’s exterior finish. We also offer auto detailing services, such as dent removal and windshield repair, to restore your vehicle. With our prices, car scratch removal often costs less than your insurance deductible, alleviating the need to file a claim. You save money and the headache of making an insurance claim.

Car Scratch Repair West Midlands By Swift Smart Repair

Small hail damage, dents, and dings can often be removed without the need to paint, with a process called Paintless Dent Removal. This dent repair technique has been used for many years to maintain rental cars and prepare vehicles for auctions, and consumers are finally catching on, too. Dent removal can be done in conjunction with scratch repair by our auto detailing professionals. Dent repair usually involves the use of special tools and instruments to push the dent out from the inside, while sometimes pulling from the outside of the panel. This process depends on factors such as the flexibility of the paint and the degree to which the metal has been stretched. Very sharp teeth and wrinkles may still require painting after the procedure.

At &Audio+, our experienced team services all types of vehicles, makes and models in Indianapolis. We understand the unique requirements of trucks, successfully repairing tailgates, bed sides, and even extended cabs. On every vehicle we service, we use specialized measuring instruments for precision accuracy. We are all about the fine details of your car dent removal. Questions? Contact us today at (317) 577-9700. Written by Mary Van Keuren Written by Mary Van KeurenArrow Right Contributor, Insurance Mary Van Keuren has written for insurance domains such as ,, and The Simple Dollar for the past five years, specializing in home and auto insurance. She has also written extensively for consumer websites including and Slumber Yard. Before that, she worked as a writer in academia for several decades. Connect with Mary Van Keuren on LinkedIn Linkedin Contact Mary Van Keuren by Email Email Mary Van Keuren

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Fix Car Dents And Scratches

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