Dubai Visa For Us Citizens – United Arab Emirates: Over 70 nationalities can obtain a visa on arrival for up to 180 days. Over 50 of them can stay in the country for about three months

Editor’s note: This story was first published in August 2022. It is being republished to help residents make Eid al-Fitr travel plans.

Dubai Visa For Us Citizens

Dubai Visa For Us Citizens

Being the most popular tourist destination in the region, the United Arab Emirates, especially Dubai, attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year from developing and developed countries.

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Therefore, different visa rules apply to each nationality. Some of them get a visa on arrival, while others have to apply before flying to the UAE. Citizens of around 70 countries receive a visa on arrival in the UAE, while other nationalities will need to obtain a visa before their departure.

Based on information obtained from the websites of Emirates, flydubai and Etihad Airways, passport holders of around 20 countries or territories receive a 30-day visa on arrival free of charge. They are:

While a 90-day multiple entry visa is issued to nationals of over 50 countries or territories. This visa is valid for six months from the date of issue and visa holders can stay in the UAE for a total of 90 days. The states are:

Travelers holding a Mexican passport are eligible for a 180-day multiple-entry visit visa, which is valid for six months from the date of issue, and for a total stay of 180 days.

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Nationals of all other countries from Asia and Africa are required to have a UAE visa before their departure.

However, Indian nationals who hold a US-issued visitor visa or green card that is valid for at least six months, or who have a UK or EU residency, can obtain a visa on arrival for a maximum stay of 14 days for a given time. fee. They can also apply to extend their stay for an additional 14 days for a fee.

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Dubai Visa For Us Citizens

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Authorities advised residents not to immediately respond to any messages asking for money or credit card information, even from friends and family Dubai is one of the top tourist destinations. It has some important rules and regulations to maintain balance in the state. It is necessary to meet certain conditions to enter the United Arab Emirates. However, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia do not require a visa to enter Dubai. Now an important question arises, do US citizens need visa for Dubai? As far as American citizens are concerned, things are the same. Only regular US passport holders do not require a visa for Dubai. So if you don’t have a regular passport then you won’t get in.

Dubai Visa For Us Citizens

Being a US Citizen Dubai is a fascinating city to live in. Before coming to Dubai, you need to confirm whether US citizens need a visa for Dubai? You will learn the answer by reading about the documents required for US citizens to visit Dubai.

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Passport is a key document to enter any country in the world. Make sure your passport is valid for six months after arrival. If the validity of your passport is less than 6 months, then you cannot enter. However, it is an essential and sensitive condition.

A scanned copy of your passport and make sure it is in colour. It is an important document during the visa application process. This copy must contain the first and last page of your passport.

Don’t forget to take passport size photos with you. Make sure your face is clearly visible in the images. These photos must show 80% visibility of your face. If it doesn’t show a clear image of you, then it will be rejected.

Confirmed airline tickets are also required. Make sure you have tickets if you are traveling from other countries.

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In addition, you can also speed up visa processing time by providing a host invitation letter or travel history. If a UAE resident is hosting you, you can easily get an invitation letter from your host. Additionally, a valid copy of the host’s residence visa is required in this process. Likewise, you can also tell them your previous history of visiting the UAE if you have one.

The United Arab Emirates is popular for traveling and sightseeing. People all over the world can travel to Dubai. It also includes American citizens. Most US residents think that US citizens need a visa for Dubai. US citizens holding regular passports do not need a visa to visit the United Arab Emirates.

If regular US passport holders want to visit Dubai, they will not ask for visas. They will receive their visa upon arrival at the airport. Further, they can also reach it through the internet. With this visa you can stay in Dubai for one month. Visitors can also get another type of visa to stay there longer. Consequently, a regular passport of a US citizen is the main document required to avail this visa. Over 70 nationalities do not require a UAE or Dubai tourist visa to enter the UAE or Dubai. The holidaymaker must obtain a prearranged UAE tourist visa through a UAE-based sponsor.

Dubai Visa For Us Citizens

A UAE tourist visa can only be applied for through a sponsor. Any airline, hotel, company, Emirati national or UAE resident based in the UAE can sponsor your UAE tourist visa.

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Thankfully, all UAE or Dubai tourist visas are electronic visas. You can apply online and receive the e-visa by email.

Indian nationals with a valid US visa or a residence permit from the US, UK or EU can obtain a visa on arrival at all international airports.

UAE Immigration refers to VISA-EXEMPT as VISA ON ARRIVAL. But you won’t be filling out any forms, paying any fees or getting any visa stickers or prints, so in my opinion, it’s VISA EXEMPTED.

* Must have a valid US visa or residence permit from the US, UK or any EU country.

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UAE Immigration refers to VISA WAIVER as BEST VISA. But you won’t fill out any forms, pay any fees or get any visa stickers or prints. When you arrive at the airport, you will go straight to immigration and present your passport. You will be stamped and given entry. Therefore, in my opinion, it is a VISA EXEMPTION and therefore we will refer to it as VISA EXEMPTION.

UAE visa on arrival is available to Indian passport holders with a valid US visa or a residence permit from the US, UK or any EU country.

Only INDIAN passport holders with valid US visa, US green card or residence permit from UK or any EU country are eligible to get UAE visa on arrival.

Dubai Visa For Us Citizens

UAE visa on arrival is valid for 14 days. It is possible to extend once for another 14 days.

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You can stay up to 14 days in the UAE with your visa on arrival. You can extend your visa for another 14 days at any AMER center in the UAE. In this case, you can stay a total of 28 days in the United Arab Emirates.

Since it is only Indian passport holders with US visa, US green card or residence permit from UK or EU country, there will not be much queue. So the Visa on Arrival process would not take more than a few minutes.

If you arrive at Sharjah Airport, you should stop by the Sharjah Airport Travel Agency (SATA) office to fill out the form, verify your documents and pay the visa fee.

If you arrive at Dubai Airport, you must stop by the Marhaba Services office to verify your documents and pay the visa fee.

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If you arrive at Abu Dhabi airport, you should go straight to immigration control. The immigration officer will verify your passport, visa/residence permit and accept payment of the visa fee.

A UAE or Dubai tourist visa can only be applied for through a UAE-based sponsor or an authorized agent. A sponsor may be a UAE-based airline, a UAE-based hotel, a UAE national or resident, a UAE-based company or a government entity or an operator tourist based in the United Arab Emirates.

Sponsor is responsible for your actions in the United Arab Emirates. If you overstay your visa, the sponsor is held responsible and will face consequences from the UAE government.

Dubai Visa For Us Citizens

A sponsor based in the United Arab Emirates

My Experience With Dubai Visa On Arrival For Indians

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