Does Car Insurance Cover Slashed Tires – Slashed tires are considered vandalism and therefore fall under the comprehensive portion of a car insurance policy. The amount of coverage for cut tires depends on the specifics of the policy.

Coverage depends on the insurance company as well as the policy. Call your company to find out the details, but these real-world examples can help you figure out if you might be covered.

Does Car Insurance Cover Slashed Tires

Does Car Insurance Cover Slashed Tires

Asked by phone, Geico said slashed tires are considered vandalism. This means they are covered under your comprehensive policy (check your policy details to see if you have full cover).

What Does Comprehensive Auto Insurance Cover?

On the other hand, State Farm said that the cost of replacing the tires is not covered by their policies. However, they added that their roadside assistance will cover the labor costs associated with changing the tires.

Essentially, coverage varies from one insurer to another, so review your policy — especially the comprehensive part — to see if flat tires are covered. Although comprehensive coverage is not required by all states, most lenders require comprehensive coverage for financed vehicles for the duration of the loan.

If a flat tire causes damage to the vehicle—such as driving the car before realizing the problem resulting in rim damage or other damage—this can be claimed on the insurance policy, but the policyholder is responsible for the deductible.

Many dealers offer a form of tire insurance when they sell vehicles called “road hazard insurance”. This supplemental policy reimburses the cost of replacing the tires or pays the repair facility directly, depending on the policy. Because this coverage is designed to cover hazards encountered on the road, such as potholes and debris, it does not cover the costs associated with flat tires.

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When you buy your tires, you can get insurance or a warranty through the tire company. While these warranties can vary in what they cover, most tire warranties are only designed to guarantee a certain tire mileage under normal driving conditions. Slashed tires are usually not covered by tire warranties.

Policyholders who have emergency roadside assistance with their insurer can call for assistance when a car is damaged by flat tires. The services offered by the roadside assistance crew can vary by company and policy, but flat tires are usually worth assistance in the form of towing or help changing the spare tire. This is often additional coverage and may not be included in all auto insurance policies.

Even with comprehensive coverage, there may be an out-of-pocket expense in the form of a deductible. This can make it impossible to file a claim because the price of the tire may be less than the deductible. Additionally, making an insurance claim can result in higher premiums with future policies. The insurance company may also request a copy of a police report when the insured makes a car vandalism claim.

Does Car Insurance Cover Slashed Tires

Rumors abound on the Internet that anyone who slashed tires should go ahead and slash all the remaining tires in order to get the tires covered by their insurer, Snopes says. This is not necessarily true and is a form of insurance fraud. It’s much better to make the claim based on the facts or go ahead and pay for the tire replacement out of pocket.

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Finally, to find out if you are covered for flat tires, you will need to confirm that you have comprehensive vehicle insurance. Then call your company or read the fine print to find out the details. Some insurers will pay for a new tire and some won’t. Does insurance cover flat tires? That depends on what kind of insurance coverage you have and your provider’s specific rules regarding such a situation.

If you’re driving to or from work and find your tires are slashed, the first thing you should do is figure out if your insurance policy will cover the damaged tires. If you only have liability coverage, your insurance will not pay for the tires. As points out, liability insurance only covers damages or injuries resulting from an accident for which you are at fault. Because slashed tires are usually the result of intentional acts of vandalism and, in some cases, poorly maintained roads, they are not covered by liability insurance. also notes that comprehensive insurance will cover your flat tires. However, you must already have a comprehensive policy in place, and many drivers do not, as it is an optional policy that is not required by law. Note that if you have comprehensive coverage and file a claim, you must pay a deductible. If replacing the tires costs less than the deductible, there is no point in filing a claim.

Let’s say two of your tires are slashed and it will cost $350 to replace them. If your deductible is $500, you will end up paying for the replacement because the deductible exceeds the repair costs. Additionally, most insurance companies will only pay the depreciated value of the tires. This means that if your insurance covers the new tires, they will have to cost less than what you paid for the damaged tires.

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The purpose of insurance is to get your vehicle back to the way it was, whether it’s before you had an accident or before the tires were slashed. To restore your tires to the way they were before they were vandalized, your insurance company will take into account how much mileage you put on the tires, plus wear and tear. So the money you receive from your insurance company would actually pay for a set of used tires instead of a new set of tires.

If you’re still wondering whether you should file a claim if your tires are slashed, remember that your insurance provider will consider the cause of the damage. As notes, depending on how the damage is caused, you can either use comprehensive coverage or collision damage to pay for your tires.

When you tell your auto insurance company that your tires were slashed, they will want to know how they were slashed. If you don’t know, it’s more than likely random vandalism. Your insurance company will want to start an investigation. According to, other causes include:

Does Car Insurance Cover Slashed Tires points out that since comprehensive insurance covers damage caused by riots or vandalism (random or by someone you know), your comprehensive insurance will cover your tires. If you have a low deductible, it shouldn’t cost much out of pocket to replace your tires. Remember, lower deductibles come with higher premiums.

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If you have collision insurance and you damage your tires by going over spikes or hitting a pothole, your collision coverage will likely pay for the damage. Check with your supplier that your policy covers damaged tyres. What a particular policy will cover can vary by company.

According to Progressive, if you want even more protection for your tires, consider purchasing a tire protection plan from your local tire dealer. The typical protection plan covers wear and tear for a certain number of years or miles. It will also cover damage caused by nails and other road hazards. You can look for a tire protection plan to make sure you get one that offers adequate protection at a reasonable price.

If you have custom wheels or rims, you may want to purchase Custom Parts and Equipment (CPE) coverage from your insurance provider. CPE will replace your custom wheels or rims if they are damaged in an accident. Progressive offers a CPE plan that will cover your custom wheels for up to $5000.

If your tires are slashed and you decide to make a claim, it’s important to stay calm and focused. suggests you take the following steps:

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Note that as points out, your insurance company will deny your claim if the appraiser determines:

Your insurance company’s adjusters are experts at determining if someone slashed your tires or if something else happened, so be honest and accurate when you file a claim.

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Does Car Insurance Cover Slashed Tires

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Do your best to protect your car by driving safely and paying your insurance premiums on time. However, unexpected problems such as vandalism can arise, and drivers begin to wonder what kind of protection their insurance can provide.

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