Doctor Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners – Singapore is located in the heart of Asia and is one of the prominent business centers in Asia, attracting business investment and inspiring companies to set up their establishments here. All this means that the city offers numerous job opportunities, especially for those looking to pursue a career abroad.

If you’re thinking of working in Singapore in 2021, here are ten of the highest paying jobs for you to consider.

Doctor Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners

Doctor Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners

Specialist doctors earn a gross monthly income of $18,598. It is their talents, experience and qualifications that earn them this rewarding salary. This includes at least five years of medical school and one year of hospital residency.

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In recent years, Singapore has moved towards preventive and community care to meet the demands of a rapidly aging population. Training good general practitioners (and family doctors) who bring patient-centred care closer to home has become an enhanced priority.

A general practitioner earns an average salary of $17,119 and can become a family physician after completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine or post-graduate training in Family Medicine after gaining work experience.

Lawyers must have at least three years of legal experience (in private practice). In-house legal counsel are often required to have a clear understanding of the business, as they must consider the interests of the company while anticipating and resolving potential legal issues. Their average monthly income is $14,300.

To become a lawyer in Singapore, you must first obtain a degree from an approved university. To do this, you can take four years of a Bachelor of Laws degree and achieve at least a 3.0 GPA.

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After completing the course, a student lawyer must also pass the Singapore Bar Examination and complete a six-month internship training contract to practice. If you are a foreigner who wants to practice your skills in Singapore, you must pass the Foreign Practice Exam, after which you can apply both international and Singaporean rules.

Ship brokers act as intermediaries, helping cargo owners (charterers) find ships to transport their goods. They buy and sell ships on behalf of their customers. They earn an average monthly salary of about $13,143.

In the market, a currency broker buys and sells foreign currencies and needs to keep all the statistics at his fingertips. The total amount they earn per month is $13,000.

Doctor Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners

University professors earn an average of about $12,961. They usually start as an assistant professor, work their way up to the rank of associate professor, and eventually earn a professorship. University professors do more than teach; They are often expected to conduct research, usually presenting their findings at conferences or journals, and even writing books.

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The average monthly salary for COOs of medium and large companies is $12,258, with many currently earning $27,855 in financial services! The COO is second in command to the CEO and oversees the day-to-day operations of the company.

Chief Information Officer and Chief Technical Officer are not the same. In short, the former is a job position focused on managing the company’s IT strategy and management, while the CTO is responsible for developing innovations that help the business expand externally (i.e. R&D and product development).

A Securities and Financial Broker makes a gross monthly income of $10,608 by selling stocks and bonds on behalf of clients.

The highest paid among all engineers are Chief Naval Engineers. They earn up to $10,464. They can start as junior ship engineer and become chief marine engineer within 4-5 years.

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← IELTS Speaking Test Preparation – Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in New Zealand – 2021 →Top 12 High Paying Night Shift Jobs in Singapore Are you a night owl? If you find you prefer to work while everyone else is sleeping, check out these night shift jobs that pay well and require minimal experience!

Working at night certainly has its advantages, some of which include better pay, fewer distractions, and less competition. Read on to find out which high paying night shift jobs in Singapore you can consider!

Being a warehouse night shift assistant is a fairly simple, no-frills gig. It can be physically demanding, but the exact nature of the job will likely depend on which warehouse you work in.

Doctor Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners

Clinical assistant roles are usually in demand all year round. While most clinics operate on a regular business hours basis, some clinics operate around the clock and therefore the night shift is more accurate. Look around to find a role that suits you!

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Experience/Certificate Required: Usually no formal qualifications beyond O-levels are required. It is best if you are familiar with the Microsoft suite, computer literate and comfortable communicating with strangers.

Being a security guard can be a good night shift job if you have obtained the certification required to become a security guard in National Service or elsewhere.

If you have the right heart and mind to care for others, becoming a Professional Caregiver can be a meaningful way to help others while earning a competitive salary. Many families will need round-the-clock care for their loved one, so there will be families who require a caregiver to watch over their loved one while they sleep. The good thing about this role is its flexibility, as you are able to complete tasks during the day or at night when you are free.

Help the people you care for with activities of daily living, including:

Top 12 High Paying Night Shift Jobs In Singapore

For night shift duties, your responsibilities will mainly be ensuring that the people you care for take their medication, helping them to the toilet and monitoring their vital signs throughout the night.

Experience/Certification Required: No previous experience required. The carer advice team will advise you on whether you need any carer training.

Self-explanatory night shift packer roles typically require you to help pack and sort items overnight, such as for order fulfillment.

Doctor Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners

Experience/Certification Required: No formal qualifications are usually required. Forklift or warehouse experience would be a plus.

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The night shift is par for the course for anyone working at an airport. Whether they are employed by the airport itself or by various businesses at the airport, airport coordinators help ensure the smooth running of the airport.

Many companies require 24/7 customer service personnel, especially in certain lines of business such as hospitality or online services.

Be it a hotline or a customer service call center, there is always a need for someone to be available, especially for urgent needs.

Long-haul shipments may require night shift drivers for regular deliveries, especially as roads are less congested at night.

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Now that the pandemic situation is under control and night spots are slowly reopening, many nightlife establishments are posting job ads for bartenders.

Night shift maintenance jobs are always in demand in all industries, so if a more technical job is up your alley, you might want to consider becoming a night shift maintenance worker.

Experience/Certification Required: The exact certification required depends on the industry you are seeking. Be sure to check if you need any special skills or certification, such as electrical engineering or soldering skills.

Doctor Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners

Learn more about our careers as a Caregiver or Nurse Practitioner and apply to become a Care Pro with us today!

Pdf) Career Paths For A Young Doctor

From signing up for an account, to making a reservation in the app, to getting verified…

I have been using it for a year to help my grandfather who has frequent aspiration pneumonia and is struggling to recover from it… It is a great opportunity to do medical work in Singapore. It looks like you are also looking for jobs for doctors in Singapore. If I am right, you should follow us to read the parts written below. This blog will discuss the steps to take to become a doctor and highlight some of the advantages of working as a doctor in Singapore.

If you are really interested in working in the healthcare field, you should read the following sections on how to apply for doctor positions available for foreign nationals in Singapore.

Singapore is known as the melting pot of Asia. Due to its distinct cultural profile, which benefits medical students, many students decide to pursue their further studies here.

Top 10 Highest Paid Professions In Singapore

After living in Singapore for a while, they gain a greater knowledge of the inner workings of the society they will one day serve.

Given how highly recommended it is to have a degree in Singapore, it makes sense that a medical degree has language requirements. Students must be fluent in English, as the three medical programs mentioned above only offer instruction in that language.

Of course, English-speaking peoples should have no problem with this. IELTS or another test of a similar nature must be submitted as proof of language proficiency by other international students for medical practice in Singapore.

Doctor Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners

After completing your medical studies, the next step to become a doctor in Singapore is to obtain a medical license. In Singapore, all of them

Highest Paying Medical Jobs In 2022

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