Do Sports Cars Cost More To Insure – If you’re looking to buy a high-performance or luxury car, sticker price and fuel aren’t the only factors to consider—insurance can add even more to your ownership costs. In general, as evidenced by the vehicles on this list, the more expensive and unique a car is, the higher the premium. Although this is not always the case. The most expensive car to insure for 2023 is relatively cheap compared to other cars on this list.

Your individual stats determine specific rates, but our team at IntelliChoice has calculated the annual premium for a “typical” driver. The driver is less than 65 years old and has more than six years of unpaid accidents. They live in a suburban or urban area and insure their vehicle for personal use. Our figures are based on limits of $100,000/$300,000 for personal liability, $50,000 for property damage, $25,000 for medical expenses, and $25,000/$50,000 for uninsured motorist coverage. It is insurance. We also consider $500/$500 catch-up/collision deductibles.

Do Sports Cars Cost More To Insure

Do Sports Cars Cost More To Insure

Even with this theoretically normal and safe driver, the 10 most expensive vehicles to insure in 2023 are astronomically so. Are they worth it?

Plpd Vs Full Coverage: What Is The Difference?

For the first time, Porsche’s GT division, creator of legendary sports cars like the 911 GT3, has applied its track-tuning know-how to the automaker’s mid-size SUVs, creating the Cayenne Turbo GT. The king of the Cayenne lineup is an SUV that, like few before it, delivers stunning performance akin to a 911 turned hot hatchback. It can really tear up a racetrack, but does anyone really buy an SUV for that? We don’t think the Cayenne Turbo GT makes the GT look a bit sloppy given the excellent driveability of other Cayenne models. So maybe the Cayenne Turbo GT is just a carbon-clad FlexMobil crossover that makes its annual premiums questionable – remember the Cayenne Coupe GTS is almost $1,000 less per year to insure. Note that the Cayenne lineup, including the Turbo GT, has just been updated for 2024.

Among BMW’s high-performance models, the CSL badge is reserved for cars that offer coupe, sport, lightweight designations. Does the M4 CSL live up to its name? Holy tire smoke, definitely. It’s in a different league from the BMW M4 coupe it’s based on, with weight being reduced and stiffened to gain a brutal handling to make it perhaps the most track-focused BMW in decades. . In fact, we’d caution anyone against choosing the M4 CSL as a road car, as there’s no way to explore its capabilities outside of a race track without risking legal consequences – rest assured, the M4 Competition is more than adequate for regular use. Enough. Only 1,000 copies of the M4 CSL will be made, so if you’re among the select few to score one, brace yourself for a hefty premium.

How far has the Range Rover come from its beginnings? It’s always been a luxury off-roader, but now the Range Rover is more enjoyable than ever. It’s best exemplified in the SV LWB—that is, the SUV body style finished by the company’s special vehicle division—which backs up its roughly $235,000 starting price with excellent appointments. This seat is from the third row seat available in other LWB versions for more space in the second row, suitable for Range Rover SV LWB for driver work. This can be enhanced by opting for individual rear captain’s chairs, along with any of the countless trims and personalization options on offer. With such luxury and sophistication, the premium for this Range Rover might be reasonable. But is it really that much nicer than versions that cost significantly less?

If Porsche’s future EVs are anything like the Taycan, the automaker’s internal combustion engines will have nothing to lose. The Taycan drives like a real Porsche, especially in high-powered, non-turbocharged Turbo S spec. Its ludicrous acceleration isn’t amazing for a 750-horsepower electric car, but it’s still a rush. Perhaps more impressive is the handling of the Taycan Turbo S – it feels exactly like a product from the renowned Stuttgart brand, although the weight of the battery becomes apparent in hard driving. As with many Porsche models (read on), the Taycan Turbo S is expensive to insure, although the same goes for the Cross Turismo, so drivers can enjoy the wagon’s practicality along with sporty driving.

How Much Is Sports Car Insurance: What You Need To Know

For drivers who are not yet ready to go all-electric, a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) can be a great solution. And few are bigger than the Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid. The insurance price listed here is for the Executive SUV and Sport Turismo station wagon, both of which offer impressive performance thanks to their twin-turbo V-8 engine paired with an electric motor. However, the drivetrain can also deliver around 17 miles of range in quick and quiet all-electric mode. In any case, the Panamera is an incredibly luxurious vehicle, although a few details complicate its ease of everyday use. Not to mention, the Turbo S E-Hybrid is very expensive in spec, starting at nearly $200,000 before options.

Few pleasures in life compare to hearing a V-10 engine roar to the redline while sitting unrestrained by the roof, the joy that the Audi R8 V10 Performance Spyder offers. With a 5.2-liter V-10, quick-shifting dual-clutch transmission, and Quattro AWD, the R8 delivers incredible sound and speed. There might be an argument that the hardtop R8 looks better, but having big exhaust tips that are so close to your eardrums is a compelling argument for the Spyder version. The 2023 model looks set to be the end of the R8 line before a potential all-electric successor emerges. It probably doesn’t look as epic as the R8 V10 Performance Spyder, but only time will tell how it fares.

Beyond providing a thrilling three-pedal driving experience, the Porsche 911 Sport Classic has an effect that would make GT3 owners envious or paint-to-sample their Boxster. That’s because it’s extremely rare even by Porsche standards: only 1,250 examples of the 911 Sport Classic will be produced. Simply put, the 911 Sport Classic combines the 911 Turbo’s engine into a seven-speed manual and rear-wheel drive layout, which is a unique and engaging drivetrain in its own right. But perhaps even more lustrous are the 911 Sport Classic’s bespoke details and heritage-inspired design cues, all things that make Porsche fans swoon. Currently the most expensive model of the 911 is likely to be entirely reserved for collectors with garages full of rear-engined icons, making annual insurance an obscene amount—probably a discount to the vehicle’s potential. in value

Do Sports Cars Cost More To Insure

Incorporating bits from the Demon and Redeye, the Challenger SRT Super Stock is something of a special order model designed specifically for the hard-hitting Dodge. Therefore, it is very rare. The supercharged engine sends its 807 horsepower through a sticky set of street-legal drag racing tires wrapped around unique 18-inch wheels. However, the Super Stock is designed to corner better than most Challenger variants. Honestly, the Challenger SRT Super Stock needs to be analyzed by an expert, which luckily we have here. If it’s on your shopping list (and you can find one for sale), just know that it’s an expensive muscle car to insure.

How To Estimate Insurance Costs Before Buying A Car

Built for over a decade now, the Nissan GT-R is a timeless car and still a beast of a sports car. In track-tuned NISMO specification, the GT-R gains power, loses weight and is more focused, all of which reflect the continued improvements Nissan engineers have made to the performance icon over its long production run. However, many modern sports cars may be just as exciting and capable, yet more practical and useful as a daily driver – albeit costing far less to insure. Still, anyone who gets a GT-R NISMO has a good reason to, as long as they’re prepared to pay for insurance.

The most expensive car to insure for 2023 also has the lowest sticker price and is by far the most common car—huh? We have a theory for this. There may be a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody driver out there who always follows the law. But this super-powerful muscle car, at least if you’re to believe the videos circulating on the Internet, often seems to be the star of stoplight burnouts, stealth highway drag races, and chaotic street takeovers. Not to mention, such misdeeds raise the potential for insurance claims—so if you’re planning on picking up a Hellcat of any kind, we hope you know how to handle it, lest you find yourself with a claim. Partner Content: This content was created by a Dow Jones business partner and was researched and written independently of the newsroom. Links in this article may lead to commissions. Know more

Author: Daniel Robinson Author: Daniel Robinson Author Daniel is a team writer and expert in automotive finance and for numerous automotive news sites and marketing companies across the US, UK, and Australia.

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