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If you are someone who doesn’t like to go through the lengthy visa application process, this one is for you as we list the countries that become visa free if you have a valid UK visa.

Do Indians Need Visa For Morocco

Do Indians Need Visa For Morocco

Getting a visa for some nations like the UK and the US can be a long process for Indians, but it also opens doors to many other countries. Having a US visa gives an Indian passport holder visa-free access to over 25 destinations in addition to the 60 countries they can travel to, according to the Henley Passport Index, without going through the entire process. The same is the case when it comes to a UK visa.

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Along with England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, countries like Singapore, Bahamas, Peru and Mexico also become easily accessible to an Indian passport holder with a valid UK visa. In addition, the standard short-term visitor visa issued by the UK remains valid for up to six months, and the long-term visitor visa can be valid for two, five or ten years.

This used to be the only European visa-free country for Indians without any conditions, but the rule changed in early 2023. All citizens can stay in Serbia visa-free for up to three months in a six-month period if they have a valid visa for the UK, US , Schengen or any EU country visa.

Indians can stay in the Philippines without a visa for up to 14 days if they have a multiple entry visa from the UK, US, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Canada or any Schengen country and a return and onward ticket. This exemption can be extended by another seven days, for a total of 21 days of visa-free travel. But this extension is determined by the Philippine Bureau of Immigration.

A valid visa from the UK, US or Canada allows any traveler to visit North Macedonia without a separate visa and stay in the country for 15 days. This is a temporary rule that was introduced on January 1, 2023 and will be in effect until December 31, 2023

Do I Need A Visa To Visit Morocco?

All nationalities can travel to Montenegro visa-free if their passport has a visa from the UK, US, Romania, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Australia, Croatia, Bulgaria or any Schengen nation. They can stay for 30 days or no longer than the expiry of the visa if it is valid for less than 30 days.

The UK’s neighbour, the Republic of Ireland, also has a policy that allows certain citizens to visit the country visa-free as long as they have traveled to the UK before. It is known as the British Irish Visa Scheme and allows Indians and Chinese to visit Ireland visa-free for up to 90 days. However, it does not guarantee entry. This scheme also allows people on Ireland tourist visas to enter the UK visa-free after visiting Ireland.

As a British Overseas Territory, anyone with a valid UK visa can enter Gibraltar without a visa. Another visa exemption is in place for citizens of India, Morocco, China and Mongolia. With a multiple-entry Schengen visa, they can stay here for 21 days visa-free, although the Schengen visa must be valid for at least seven days on the day of departure.

Do Indians Need Visa For Morocco

The visa policy offered by Georgia is very flexible; it allows citizens of any country to travel visa-free as long as they hold a visa from one of over 30 countries, including the UK and allows them to stay for 90 days in a 180-day period.

Indians Now Get Visa Free Access To 60 Countries. Full List Inside

Citizens of all nations may enter Albania without a visa as long as they hold a UK, US or multiple entry Schengen visa. They can stay for 90 days in 180 days.

Indians and Chinese with visas from the UK, US, Canada, Schengen member states or Australia with a minimum validity of six months can enter Peru visa-free.

Visa exemption is available only for Indians, Chinese and Jamaicans; they can travel to the Cayman Islands visa-free for 30 days as long as they have a valid visa from the UK, USA or Canada and are traveling directly from one of these countries.

Aruba, Sint Maarten and Curaçao are constituent countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Bonaire, Saba and Sint Eustatius are special municipalities. These Caribbean territories have special visa rules for citizens of India, Bolivia, China, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica and Venezuela. They can travel here visa-free if they have a valid visa from the UK, Ireland, USA or Canada.

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With a valid UK, US or Canadian visa, anyone can travel to the British Virgin Islands and stay there for up to 180 days.

All nationalities can travel to Bermuda visa-free and stay there for up to 30 days if they hold a multiple-entry visa from the UK, US or Canada that is valid for at least 45 days after the date of departure from Bermuda.

Only Indians enjoy a visa-free stay of up to 90 days as long as they hold a valid visa from the UK, USA, Canada or any of the Schengen countries.

Do Indians Need Visa For Morocco

Travelers with UK, US or Canadian visas can enter Anguilla without a visa and stay for up to 90 days.

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Any passport holder with a valid multiple entry visa from the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Republic of Korea, Japan, Singapore or any other EU country can stay in Panama without a visa for 30 days. The visa granted should be for multiple entries and must be used in one of the granting states before coming to Panama and have a minimum of six months validity.

You can stay in Mexico for up to 180 days without a visa with a UK, US, Canada, Japan or Schengen multiple entry visa. It applies to all nationalities.

A visa-free transit facility (VFTF) is granted by Singapore to travelers from India, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, China and the Commonwealth of Independent States if they have a stay in Singapore and a visa from the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan or New Zeeland. The VFTF is granted upon decision by the Singapore Immigration Service and you can stay in the country for a maximum of 96 hours.

A tourist visa issued by the UK, USA or Canada allows any citizen to stay in Turks and Caicos for 30 days.

Questions Before Visiting Morocco In 2022

Anyone with a valid visa from the UK, US, Canada or EU member states can stay in the country for up to 30 days, visa-free.

Answer: The short-term tourist visa granted by the UK can be valid for six months, and the long-term visa can be for two years, five years or ten years.

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Do Indians Need Visa For Morocco

White sand beaches, crater safaris and more: 8 African countries that promise warm and rusty winter 2 days ago Indian passport holders have access to a total of 93 countries, of which you may need to apply for an eTA, an eVisa, a visa on arrival, or permitted free entry with just your passport.

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This means that as an Indian citizen you can access almost half of the world’s states without going through the usual process of obtaining a visa.

Read on to find out all the visa-free countries for Indian passport holders and prepare for your next trip!

In this article on the topic of world accessibility for Indian passport holders, you will learn more about:

Indian citizens can travel to 21 countries without a visa. To enter them, you only need your passport to enter.

Indian Mission Abroad

The visa-free destinations for Indian passport holders are spread across different continents and provide different permitted lengths of stay. You will find all these locations and additional information below.

The visa-free destinations for an Indian passport holder include countries in Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and Africa.

However, the applicant may, in addition to a valid passport, be required to present documents stating the purpose of the visit, accommodation and financial status.

Do Indians Need Visa For Morocco

Below you will find the list of countries that offer this option along with the length of stay allowed when using this type of document.

Passport Holders From These Countries Can Travel To The Us Visa Free

An electronic visa, also known as an eVisa, is applied for and granted online. It saves time on application procedures at the embassy or consulate and it is usually granted for business, tourism or transit.

Please note that the eVisa must be applied for and received prior to travel, and be sure to have photocopies of all required documents.

This means that Indian citizens have to go through the visa application process at the respective embassy or consulate in order to visit a particular state.

For more information, be sure to contact the relevant authorities so you don’t miss out.

Morocco Visa For Indians: Application, Cost, & Requirements

Although Indian passport holders have visa-free access to some countries, many nations will ask Indian citizens for a regular visa on entry.

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is an entry requirement granted for visa-exempt travelers. It comes with a longer validity period than the eVisa, as well as several other entry benefits.

It is linked to the passport and allows the authorities to check the traveler’s details before they reach that country by air.

Do Indians Need Visa For Morocco

This means that only one

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