Do Canadians Need A Visa For Kenya – If you are planning to travel to Kenya and the main purpose of your trip is not for tourism. You may need to attach an invitation letter. In this post, I will cover everything you need to know about invitation letters. This includes when you need the invitation letter and what information must be included in the letter.

An invitation letter is proof of travel and is one of the requirements to obtain a Kenya visa. It helps officials check whether you have a legitimate reason to enter the country.

Do Canadians Need A Visa For Kenya

Do Canadians Need A Visa For Kenya

You need a visa invitation letter if the purpose of your travel is not primarily tourism and this applies to the following 3 groups:

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Everyone knows that applying for a visa and obtaining the correct documents can be a time-consuming and challenging process. Luckily, you can apply for a visa in minutes. The best thing is that this app will help you with invitation letters. Hold your hand and guide you through every step of the application process.

It depends on the main purpose of your trip. As I have already mentioned If you are traveling for business purposes, your employer or company sponsors you in Kenya. On the other hand, if you are traveling to visit family. Your host family should send you an invitation letter. Finally, if you are traveling to Kenya for a field trip. You must have a letter from the university or school you will be traveling to.

This is because the invitation letter is part of the Kenya visa requirements. You can send an invitation along with your visa application form. It is possible to apply for a Kenya electronic visa. You can then send your invitation letter and visa application online.

Of course, there are also alternatives to this visa which are much faster and easier.

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Documents should be uploaded in PDF or JPG format. There are no size limitations. But it is recommended that the archive file be no larger than 450kb.

You may need to upload some required documents such as your passport. Passport photo Round-trip air ticket travel itinerary and credit card to pay visa fees Please note that all of these documents will be taken care of for you.

There are several types of Kenya visas that require specific requirements in the invitation letter. In this section, we will look at three types of invitation letters.

Do Canadians Need A Visa For Kenya

Business invitation letters should be issued by the employer or sponsoring company in Kenya. which the visa applicant will work during their stay

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The letter should state the reason for the invitation, such as a meeting or other company event, and the person’s position within the company.

You must send an electronic letter with a copy of your company registration when applying for an eVisa.

Because foreigners staying with family or friends do not need to reserve accommodation. Therefore, hotel reservations cannot be prepared as proof of travel.

Therefore, instead of sending proof of hotel booking You must send an invitation letter from your host family. The invitation letter should include the following information:

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The same applies to business invitations. This document is to prove that you have a place to live while you are in the country. A copy of the passport/identity card/alien card or entry permit of the host country must be attached.

The third group of people who must send an invitation letter to obtain an eVisa for Kenya are students traveling for educational activities in African countries.

You should ask your school or other educational institution to provide you with a letter before starting the eVisa application process.

Do Canadians Need A Visa For Kenya

It depends on the purpose of your trip. For example, an invitation letter that an individual must send on business will be different than a letter that is attached to visiting friends or family.

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The invitation letter should be forwarded by the employer or sponsoring company you will be working with during your stay. Not to mention that the company is supposed to be based in Kenya.

The invitation letter must state the reason for the invitation to Kenya, such as a meeting or participation in another company event.

When the invitation letter is ready You will need to upload them with your visa application. You may also need to upload the following documents to your application:

If you are traveling to Kenya to visit friends or family living in Kenya. You don’t need to book accommodation. Instead, you must present an invitation letter from your host family in Kenya.

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You should submit your passport. ID card Alien identification card or a permit to enter the country along with an invitation letter

Let’s say you want to go to Kenya to attend a conference, workshop, seminar or retreat. You will then need to send an invitation letter to obtain a Kenya eVisa for students participating in educational activities in Africa.

For this type of visa An invitation letter should be sent from the school or university. The field trip invitation should state the reason for the trip and include the following information:

Do Canadians Need A Visa For Kenya

Same as invitation letter for Kenya business visa. You should also include the company registration document and employee identification card of the person signing the letter.

Canada Visa Kenya

It covers everything there is to know about the Kenya visa invitation letter. Happy traveling! Be sure to check out the FAQ section below for any additional questions you may have.

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Do Canadians Need A Visa For Kenya

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Is a tourist visa required for India? This post has you covered. It discusses the process of applying for a 1-year Indian visa, cost, processing time, etc. Citizens of the foreign countries listed below who wish to enter the Republic of Kenya must apply for a visa through first

Nationals of these countries are required to have a reference visa. Visa applications are forwarded to the Director of Immigration Services for processing and approval.

Sorry, no you cannot. From 1 September 2015 onwards you will not be able to get a visa on arrival upon landing in Kenya. Nationals who require a visa must download it online via The steps for this process are as follows: Until September 1, 2015, there will be a grace period.

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Solo Travel Visa: Issued for single or multiple entries to nationals who require a visa to enter Kenya. This is the most commonly used visa for tourism purposes and costs USD 51.

Transit Visa: Issued for a period not exceeding three days to nationals whose visa is required to enter Kenya and who wish to transit through Kenya to another destination. A Kenya transit visa costs $21.

– Latest color photo, size 5.5 cm x 5.5 cm, white background. You will need to attach a photo to your eVisa application online. See all image guidelines here:

Do Canadians Need A Visa For Kenya

– Passport valid for at least six months. You will need to include a scanned copy of the biodata page of your passport with your application. There must be at least one blank page in the holder’s passport.

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– Letters of support, such as letters from the company or invitations for business/family visits. or hotel reservations/details about places to visit if you are a tourist. You will need to upload additional documents, such as an invitation letter, hotel reservation or travel itinerary, to your eVisa application.

– Letter of support, such as a letter from the company or an invitation for a business/family visit. or hotel reservations/details about tourist attractions if you are a tourist

Each adult visitor to the Republic of Kenya must submit an eVisa application in their personal eCitizen account. Parents can apply for their children in their parent’s eCitizen account.

You will need to create an eCitizen account on By following the steps below. Once the account has been created and verified You will need to start a new application for a Kenya visa.

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The source of this information is We ask that you review all information on the website before proceeding.

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Do Canadians Need A Visa For Kenya

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