Digital Sound Systems For Churches – When selecting a sound system or PA, churches often choose column speakers as they use small drivers that help deliver clear vocal sound in reverberant spaces. This choice of sound system is still very relevant and we sell a wide range of manufacturers such as K Array, RCF, Yamaha, JBL. These days, as more churches incorporate live music into their services, speaker speakers alone may not provide a full enough sound. To add more bass to your church sound system, you can install additional bass speakers that can be turned off when the system is being used for speech.

Sometimes installing additional bass speakers with the PA system may not be feasible due to cost or practicality of locating them. Another sound system solution for churches could be to use small, high-quality, full-range speakers such as the Martin Audio CDD line, which includes speakers ranging from the small CDD 5 to the larger CDD 15, allowing churches choose the model that best meets their needs and volume requirements.

Digital Sound Systems For Churches

Digital Sound Systems For Churches

As a leading manufacturer of sound and PA systems, Martin Audio is one of several high-quality manufacturers we install in churches and places of worship. These speakers will provide a fuller sound that can be adapted using equalization to suit the acoustics of the church. To get the best results from your church sound system, we always advise using the correct amplifiers and system controllers. For large churches with live worship bands, we install line array sound systems such as the Martin Audio Wavefront Precision and Nexo Geo M Series.

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For some churches where they may be limited to installing a small speech reinforcement system, an additional portable sound system can provide another solution for worship bands and church musicians. We offer a wide variety of different portable church PA systems that can be easily set up and taken down when not in use. There are numerous options to suit budget and power requirements, starting with single-power portable speakers to complete systems with separate bass boxes and mid-high speakers. Some of the church PA systems we sell have built-in microphone and line inputs and can therefore be used for voice and music reproduction without the need for a mixer or other equipment.

When choosing microphones for your church, there are many options. For choir microphones you can use condenser microphones on stands like the Audio Technica AT8033 or use small microphones suspended from the ceiling like the Shure MX 202. For lectern microphones there are many excellent models from Audio Technica, AKG and Sennheiser. Many ministers like to be able to walk and talk at the same time and therefore radio microphones are the obvious choice, with lavalier and earpiece options being very popular. Portable radio microphones are very popular for worship bands and general congregation interaction as they can be easily distributed. We are the main dealer of all popular radio microphone brands such as Audio Technica, Sennheiser, Shure, AKG, Beyer. We supply a wide variety of different microphones to churches across the country and can provide a variety of options to suit your needs.

It’s important to have the right mixer to control your sound and they can range from a basic 6-channel analog, rack or desk mixer to fully programmable digital mixers that can control many channels. Digital mixers offer greater signal control with fully adjustable EQ, effects and processing, such as compressors and gates. Many have the option to enable live recording via USB and can be controlled remotely via an iPad or even a phone. This remote control is particularly useful when the mixing console needs to be installed in a closet or out of sight of the microphones, as normal control of the mix from this point can be difficult.

With an iPad, the technician has the freedom to control the sound from any position in the church and this allows him to hear exactly what needs to be adjusted. Popular digital mixers in churches include the Allen & Heath QU16 and 24 along with the SQ6 and SQ7. They are fully programmable and have multiple outputs that can be configured to provide different mixes for different zones in the church and as monitor mixes for musicians. Other popular manufacturers include Soundcraft, Yamaha, QSC. Many churches today are looking to stream their services and we supply and install all equipment including cameras, video switchers, cabling and integrate the sound system to provide high quality audio with the video for excellent streaming results.

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Call us to schedule a site visit to discuss the right sound system, video equipment, and lighting for your church. This is a three-part series where I’ll show you the tools you need for perfect audio, video, lighting, and automation during your church service without needing a big budget or team.

After reading this guide on worship technology and the other two below, you’ll have a solid foundation for your growing worship ministry.

Firstly, I want to highlight the importance of having a robust and functional audio system, essential for the entire service. Any interruptions or errors during the service can distract the congregation or even prevent them from participating. If you look at just one of the tools we recommend today, take a look at the audio system – it will go a long way toward improving your service and allowing your congregation to worship fully.

Digital Sound Systems For Churches

Our first recommendation is the digital mixing console. It’s the heart of your church’s sound system, allowing you to process, route, mix and record audio. Old analog mixers can still get the job done, but you’re missing out on a lot of features that could improve the sound of your worship.

Guide To Choosing A Digital Mixer

Most digital mixers come with EEQ, reverb, and delays built into the internal computer, so you don’t have a bunch of separate gear lying around. Having all of these skills at your fingertips makes it easier to create high-quality mixes.

Another big advantage of going digital is that most of them can record to a USB drive or SD card, so you can connect your computer to a digital audio workstation (DAW) and produce an entire worship album. For all the built-in capability and ease of use, you’d expect these pieces of technology to cost more than $10,000. Even though you would pay so much, you can get some great quality digital mixers for less than $2,000!

While each of these options has its pros and cons, you really can’t go wrong with any of them. Implementing a digital mixing console will help you establish a great foundation for you to build on.

Our next recommendation is the digital stage box. It’s the next step in building your audio technology once you have a digital mixing console.

Of The Best Church Speakers To Serve The Houses Of Worship Market

These stage boxes typically have 8 to 32 input channels and 8 to 16 outputs; your musicians plug in their microphones or instruments and can set up their own in-ear monitoring on their own. Everything is routed back to the mixing console via an Ethernet cable, so you no longer have to use bulky, unreliable analog snakes. Place 2 on each side of the stage and connect your musicians and you’re done.

Once you get your digital mixing console and stage box, you can fully enjoy in-ear monitors for your team. While floor wedges work well, in-ear monitors reduce stage noise, making it easier for the engineer to mix and protecting your musicians’ hearing.

Implementing in-ear monitors is a sure way to increase the excellence of your worship band because you can play click tracks, keeping everyone in tune and in rhythm.

Digital Sound Systems For Churches

With your digital console and stage box installed, there are a few options on how to equip your crew with headphones. For a really in-depth look, check out the Ultimate Guide to In-Ear Monitors.

How To Eq A Room And Optimize A Sound System

A super cheap and easy way to do it is to buy a headphone amplifier. These little boxes convert the XLR cable from the stage box output into a headphone cable for your musicians. This option is really affordable, around $20 to $50, and works great for stationary musicians like drummers or guitarists. Most digital mixing consoles come with apps so your musicians can also EQ their own mix.

If you have money to spend, you can buy a wireless in-ear monitor system. Of course, how much you spend will translate into the quality you receive, but you can buy systems for between $200 and $700 per person – it all depends on the needs of your specific team.

You can use headphone amplifiers for your stationary musicians and invest in more expensive wireless systems for your leaders and singers. I love this method because it allows you to tailor your setup to the exact needs of your team and congregation.

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