Clothes Not Made In China – Join us and connect with nature to celebrate the little things in life Enjoy the beautiful, simple, everyday moments that are usually unplanned, sometimes unexpected and sometimes sweet…

Join us and connect with nature to celebrate the little things in life Enjoy the beautiful, simple, everyday moments that are usually unplanned, sometimes unexpected and some of the sweetest parts of life.

Clothes Not Made In China

Clothes Not Made In China

When we were designing our 2021 Fall and Winter collection, this was our wish for all of you. Today, ‘See the Clouds’ is a reality and we are delighted to share with you a collection that stands out with its subtle, handcrafted earth tones, cozy autumnal patterns and nature-inspired prints.

A Light Amid The Gloom Of The Us China Trade War

In addition, organic cotton, recycled fabrics, and raw materials are a constant in this new fall and winter collection. The result is a wide selection of soft, warm, cuddly and durable children’s clothing to create the best memories with your babies and toddlers.

Children have a different concept and concept of time They have their whole lives ahead of them, but they live every moment as if it were their last

They savor every second and enjoy every moment the day has to offer For them, there are no small things, and every day is an adventure

Simple tasks and routines can turn into meaningful and incredible experiences Children, intelligently believe that anything can happen and everything is possible; We just have to stop and understand what surrounds us to see that the greatness of life is happening right now

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Extraordinary, brilliant and unique experiences are there We just have to focus to discover the hidden magic, the vastness of nature, the vastness of the universe, the beauty that surrounds us in our mundane activities.

Bite into an apple and really taste it, enjoy the sound of leaves rustling underfoot, the sun warming your soul, touch the moist earth or just lie on the ground to watch the clouds.

With ‘Look at the Clouds’ we go with a group of friends on a cold winter’s day and discover that life is made up of the joys of the little things.

Clothes Not Made In China

This fall and winter collection aims to highlight the extraordinary, brilliant and unique experiences that the earth has given us.

Claus Couture Collection® Snow Day Shovel ‘n’ Play

Checks, stripes, and dots also make a striking appearance, reminding us that most of the time the simple things in life are the best.

In this fall and winter collection, you’ll find subtle cuddly velor sweatshirts, cozy knit pants, comfortable yet elevated basics, fluffy jackets, warm knit cardigans, quilted corduroy dresses, and knit pompom hats, organic cotton tights, and wraps. Materials will appear -up scarf

We are proud to say that almost all of our pieces are designed with organic cotton, recycled fabrics and raw materials.

We only choose organic cotton because it’s not only more durable, but also safer on your little skin The organic cotton we use in our Little Cosmos is made without pesticides, toxic dyes or harmful chemicals. Also, this cleaning process makes it a soft cotton

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The collection is made with GOTS-certified or OEKO-TEX-certified cotton. It ensures the organic status of raw materials from raw material harvesting through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing to the label.

For its part, recycled polyester reduces dependence on petroleum, prevents used plastics from ending up in our oceans, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and can be continuously recycled.

‘We only choose GRS-certified recycled polyester, the strictest standard for recycled materials on the market. This certification ensures that the polyester is made from PET soda bottles, discarded fishnets and used clothing, to name a few.

Clothes Not Made In China

Ecovero™ is a more sustainable viscose made using sustainable wood from controlled sources: FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Programme for Forest Certification Scheme) certified in Europe instead of bamboo or eucalyptus used in viscose production. .

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This new fall and winter collection comes with a revised logo and brand identity A new image that better represents our core values ​​and the new chapter we can’t wait to begin

We hope you enjoy our new collection and join us in watching the clouds and experiencing all the magic around us. Influencers faced backlash after affecting working conditions at Shane’s factory. Now the influencers are facing a dilemma

Fast fashion giant Shen has been accused of human rights violations and unsustainable environmental practices. The company has come under fire once again after sending a team of social media influencers to some of its facilities in Guangzhou, China. Richard A. via Getty Images Brooks/AFP Hide caption

Fast fashion giant Shen has been accused of human rights violations and unsustainable environmental practices. The company has come under fire once again after sending a team of social media influencers to some of its facilities in Guangzhou, China.

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The Chinese fast-fashion behemoth knows its customer base – Gen Zers who buy their clothes through TikTok ads and other social media platforms. So it makes sense that in an effort to rehabilitate its public image ahead of a possible initial public offering in the United States, the now Singapore-based company is turning to a group of social media influencers.

This month, Shen (pronounced SHE-in) flew a young and diverse group of tastemakers on an all-expenses-paid trip to Guangzhou in southeast China to visit some of its production facilities. Goal: Show those influencers’ followers that, contrary to ongoing reporting, the company’s work is above all else Recent reports have suggested that Shane’s ultra-cheap prices are made possible by forced labor, human rights abuses, theft of other designers’ work and the padding of clothes made from potentially hazardous materials.

The plan worked Effective people don’t break a sweat with clean factories and smiling, happy workers

Clothes Not Made In China

“After interviewing the workers, many of them were really confused by the child labor and lead-in-garment questions,” said creator Destin Sudduth, who has more than 4 million followers. Video “They weren’t even sweating. We were sweating!”

Chinese Gen Z Fashion Trends You Need To Know

Now, the Sachin ambassadors have come under fire from critics for engaging in a publicity stunt designed to mislead consumers.

Other reviewers noted that the group’s visit was limited to the company’s “innovation center” and that influencers were not given a glimpse inside its warehouses or other factories.

“Shane is committed to transparency and this tour reflects one of the ways in which we listen to feedback, providing an opportunity to show influential groups how Shane works through our innovation center visits and enabling them to share their knowledge with their followers,” Shane said in a statement. said.

In a new congressional report titled “Fast Fashion and the Uyghur Genocide” released last week, Shen describes how strict import regulations established in the 2021 Uyghur Forced Labor Act, using a network of Chinese suppliers and direct-to-consumer models, are used.

Importing From China To The Usa: Costs, Restrictions & More

Most of the abuses are linked not to the modernized factories the influential group visited in Guangxi, but to the Shen supply chain in China’s Xinjiang region, where human rights abuses against the Uyghur minority have been widely documented. In 2021, the US imposed a ban on imports from the region.

“These preliminary and interim findings … raise serious concerns about the continued presence of products with forced labor contaminating US imports,” the congressional study said.

, the filmmakers found exhausting crews working up to 18 hours a day, seven days a week Workers had to meet strict quotas, were paid as little as $20 a day, and were sometimes fined up to two-thirds of the daily wage for mistakes.

Clothes Not Made In China

Another investigation by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation found that some of Shane’s cheap clothes had elevated levels of chemicals — lead, PFAS and phthalates — that experts found.

The Label Series: Clothing Labels

Shane has been around in various forms since 2008, but it caught customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, the fast fashion giant has become one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in the world.

Sheng Lu, a professor at the University of Delaware who studies the global textile and clothing industry, analyzed the annual production of some of the largest global companies. Lu told Wired that in just over 12 months, Gap listed about 12,000 different items on its website, compared to H&M’s about 25,000 and Zara’s about 35,000. During that time, Shane had 1.3 million

The company’s jaw-dropping success is largely attributed to its unique marketing strategy It has poured millions of dollars into online advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook and paid a handful of celebrities to serve as the face of the brand.

But the core of its strategy is the use of social media influencers and fashion bloggers with medium-sized followings, such as those contracted to attend sponsored events this month. The

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