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At first I thought no one would care about this build, but the traffic here has been overwhelmingly positive and local people have loved it. 😊

Claiming Sports Car Insurance For Intercooler Installations In Singapore

Claiming Sports Car Insurance For Intercooler Installations In Singapore

This will be my first post on the forum. This is also just the beginning of the modifications that this car will undergo, so it may be updated after the next updates are made.

Project Mr2 Turbo: A Trick Mishimoto Radiator For Our Sw20 Mr2

I left it in the hands of King Motorsports to do all the work. After the changes made, it feels and sounds like a completely different car. I could rave about it all day about the quality of King’s workmanship and the detail they put into the car.

Transform the CR-Z into its final form with as many parts as possible from Japan without skimping. Park the car, park it and drive it on the track and stay usable every day of the year in all climates and temperatures. And it can use high octane fuel and E85.

Many companies have discontinued certain parts of these cars, such as Mugen and FEEL’S, so some parts must be replaced or replaced. Ordering from Japan can also be a big hassle due to long sea shipping times or expensive shipping by air. This was compounded by the coronavirus pandemic where the oil pan was stuck in transit for over a month and a half when EMS temporarily suspended operations.

It produces 182 horsepower at the wheels on 93 octane and 192 horsepower on E85. Now that’s comically loud for a little four cylinder. Thanks to the straight-piped exhaust, it screams, sputters and thumps everywhere it goes. I once saw a kid drop his scooter to cover his ears when I blew up. An unexpected advantage was that the hybrid battery charges very quickly and almost always maintains a high level of charge. The diff is a huge help as even in 1st and 2nd gear the car struggles for traction at full throttle. If it was an open diff, it would be an uncontrollable mess in low speed corners.

Intercooler Size Limits

Exhaust burbles intolerably at low RPM, below VTEC. It’s so loud that on long trips at 65 mph+ I’ve resorted to using the headphones I use at the shooting range to protect my hearing. The KTuner also doesn’t allow for flex fueling, so I have to jump the junction box so the fuel pump can pump all the remaining fuel into the bucket before I flip the fuel map. Also if you rev ​​up to 4k it has a one second rev hang which is very annoying so it’s hard to shift smoothly. Because of the nasty salty northern roads, I had to use the Mugen cat rear exhaust to avoid

The most surprising find on the way to ordering parts from Japan was the Mugen cat-back exhaust. Although I technically got it from King Motorsports, it is still manufactured in Japan. However, the build quality is off the charts. Ever wonder why Mugen parts are so expensive? They make every other welder look like CHUMP. Every weld, with the exception of the shed weld, is almost jewelry-grade craftsmanship. My father, a 40-year-old engineer and in charge of welding for several companies, has no idea how they managed to do what they did. Mugen is laser engraved with the date of manufacture, engine designation, part number, lot number and their logo…twice on four pieces; Two on the resonator and two on the silencer. Absolutely stunning to say the least. I really wish I didn’t have to put a jacket on it.

The second accident in the CR-Z happened a few days ago. The first time I sent it back at 40 mph in a snow bank. This time she was hitting the brakes because the woman in front of me hit the brakes. I almost made it, but unfortunately I connected with his car. We both moved in, saw the damage and exchanged insurance.

Claiming Sports Car Insurance For Intercooler Installations In Singapore

His car was a big Lexus RX350. Luckily it was much higher off the ground. All I did was leave a small mark on his bumper. My car took a bigger hit and broke the grille and chrome trim. However, the bumper itself remained intact and the crash beam was not bent! I told him it was fine and I wasn’t going to complain because I was going to replace the grill anyway! LOL

Techart Rear Diffuser Porsche 992 Turbo/turbo S

At first I thought the bumper was lost. But I went up to a local store that I know very well and they carried that chip. I also ran into my exporter in Japan who was able to attach a Mugen Sports Grille to replace the cracked OEM grille. It won’t be here for a while, but I’m going to hit it up when the shop also gets the fog lights and interior liners installed. It’s like three birds with one stone! But it’s also getting expensive. >_<

In almost all conditions, thanks to a cat-delete header from J’s Racing and a Mugen sports exhaust, the supercharger is almost inaudible. I only hear it when I’m close to a wall or a high curb, so you can hear the satisfying whistle from the blaster. And the recirculation valve is not a sharp valve, so it is not heard either. :/

However, people on the track during autocrossing almost always appreciate it for how it sounds! A friend I made at the track told me he could hear the booster building as he took off from the starting line. So while most of what I hear is a huge drone, everyone outside can hear the explosion making some amazing noises. Took it to a small meeting in a block of specialist car shops where the exhaust was louder than their garage queen S14 which was 500 wheelbhp. I was surprised by the sound and crackle of my own exhaust! Probably because his back was against the wall. LOL

The biggest problem with having a cool sounding car is that it has to be driven by someone else to be heard from the outside.

Blue Radiator Installed

Fedeye said: The biggest problem with having a cool-sounding car is that you almost have to have someone else drive it to hear it from the outside. Click to expand… Haha that’s accurate.

Also, for those interested in more frequent updates, please follow my Instagram page @SkittyDoogle as it is much more convenient. I try my best to post here, but I stay away from the forums due to more frequent encounters with other enthusiasts. >_<

Finally arrived the steering wheel from Japan. It has a small scratch but it shouldn’t be a big deal. I was just lucky to get out at all, especially for the price. But I will give you forum members a spoiler of what I’m up to. Since the rest of the interior will be packed with more Mugen stuff like the seats and floor mats, I plan to redo the wheel. The leather can be reupholstered and the stitching will be changed to red to match the colors of the seats and floor mats. No detail will be overlooked. 😎

Claiming Sports Car Insurance For Intercooler Installations In Singapore

Just got a Mugen front sports grill in the mail! It’s actually pretty neat. There are some awesome instructions included, although they are in Japanese. Mugen is always impressive when it comes to their parts. It turns out that the mesh is actually metal, probably aluminum. And the red stripes all along the edges are masking tape that covers the double sided tape already in place. Leave it in the hands of the local corner shop who knows me and the car well and will knock on the grille and fog lights at the same time! I also got a license plate adapter on the way. So wait for that.

Got Some Upgrades

Since I can’t find any info on how to install the Mugen front sports grill on the CR-Z, I’ll post it for others.

Mugen lists recommended installation steps. They tell you to paint the metal crash bar behind the grille as a matte black. If you don’t, it will look really crappy, like this insta user’s CR-Z:

Kamispeed claims that the grille can be fitted when touching the front crash pad. What they don’t say is that it pushes the Mugen grille almost a full inch, which is clearly not ideal. So if you want to get it right, keep reading.

After putting the front grille into the bumper, they found the problem mentioned above. The solution is to simply remove the extra crash support. This involves some drilling of the weld.

Skittydoogle Build Thread: Hpd Supercharger Installed Plus Many More Mods.

Another issue is the air scoop. The US crash structure has an attached plastic crash structure. So the next solution is to weld the small supports to the right

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