Claiming On Car Insurance For Scratches – When you are buying a new car, there is a chance that your dealer may offer you scratch and dent insurance, either as part of the deal or for an additional cost. Or you can buy it yourself after you have your car.

Just like it says on the tin, this type of insurance will allow you to fix minor dents, dings and scratches without making a claim on your primary car insurance policy – often by a mobile repair company that can come into your home and fix it right away. .

Claiming On Car Insurance For Scratches

Claiming On Car Insurance For Scratches

Most people don’t bother claiming for minor dents and scratches on their regular car insurance, partly because overinsurance often requires you to pay the first £300 or more on any claim – thus eliminating the point of claiming for a small dent. Additionally, your car insurance claim can increase your premium next year.

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Scratch and dent insurance usually has a lower excess – which can range from nothing to £50 – which makes it very useful for minor damage repairs.

So, if you want to keep your car looking as good as possible, have to park on a tight street or just seem to attract a trolley in the supermarket parking lot then yes, scratch and dent cover can be useful.

It is also useful to keep your car in adequate condition so that you are not penalized when you take out a PCP finance contract or car lease term. Both the PCP and the car rental contract require that the condition of your car falls within the BVRLA’s ‘fair wear and tear’ guidelines or you will be charged to repair any outstanding damage. Scratch and dent insurance can help avoid ending up with a dented car at the end of your deal.

Scratch and dent insurance is not designed to cover major panel damage (such as caused by an accident), and often insurance companies will not cover breakage damage. Check all policy documents carefully to see what maximum size scratches or dents will be covered – 15-20cm is usually the maximum allowed.

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Also, it’s worth noting that scratch and dent insurance companies will limit the number of claims you can make each year – usually to a maximum of £1,000, or three claims.

Make sure you tell your primary car insurer about any claims you make on scratch and dent insurance – they count as claims and your motor insurance policy may not be valid if you don’t disclose a scratch and dent claim when asked.

If you are interested in scratch and denture insurance then ask your dealer for a quote – and naturally, you can get it from many third parties.

Claiming On Car Insurance For Scratches

Don’t forget to read our guide on other specials the dealer offers, including insurance for alloy wheels and tires, paint protection and interior upholstery protection. Whether it’s scratches from pebbles on the road, tree branches, other cars parked next to you, from other people. or your pet’s claws, it doesn’t matter what the reason is, it’s painful to see and experience. This can be frustrating, especially if you don’t have time to claim on your car insurance to repair those scratches. There are some simple techniques to remove scratches on your car that even a princess can do yourself, and at least it will look better and give that idea.

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However, before you start removing scratches on the car, first; You should assess how deep the scratch is. Is it just a scratch on the surface or it goes through the paint layer because if it’s just a scratch, it can be fixed by yourself. But the marks of each type of car are different?

Hairline Scratches: Small scratches on the surface of the car (similar to cat hair) caused by the scraping of materials that are harder than the car’s paint. Scratches are often easy to see, especially on cars with dark colors such as black, blue, gray. Most of the time, cat hair marks are caused by washing with a car cloth made of hard fibers or using a windshield wiper. Without dusting off dust or dirt on the side of the car. It’s like brushing dust directly on the car’s surface, and using too much dust and a brush that’s too hard can scratch the car’s paint as well.

Scratches of trees: sometimes you have to drive through a narrow lane with branches or trees attached or driving close to trees or branches can leave scratches because the branches are strong and can increase the friction of the car’s paint from passing by. Good. It is best to avoid small branches or park away from the tree line to avoid scratching.

Pet Claw Marks: Even if they are your beloved cat or dog, many pet owners experience this problem, claw marks, bites or scratches on the car paint. It’s not just your pet by the way; The claws of birds or stray cats can also leave marks on your beautiful car paint.

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Deep Scratches: Scratches caused by metal, sharp objects, or from an accident that seriously damage your car’s paint, and you may not be able to fix it yourself, and recommend that you visit a reliable service center or garage.

So, after assessing the condition of the scratches on your car if it is just a scratch or a hairline scratch, you can choose the right simple car scratch removal technique.

The easiest and fastest way is to order a “car paint pen” or a pen to remove scratches that you can find on the Internet from a variety of online stores. Basically, it reacts chemically with the layer of paint and lacquer (varnish) to seal the wound, if your car has new scratches, it will help to remove those scratches very well. However, if it is an old mark that has been left for a long time, use the remedy 2-3 times and leave it for 2-3 days to see better results. After applying the paint, leave it to dry for 5-10 minutes and wipe it off. The skin will be smooth, shiny and will not react with the lacquer. But before using the car paint pen to remove the scratches on the car, we have a simple procedure that is recommended as follows.

Claiming On Car Insurance For Scratches

§   Wash the car first, especially the areas with scratches should be wiped clean and dried because scratches often accumulate dust. If it is not dried, it may cause rust.

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§ Then use a car paint pen on the affected area, washing the car will help the scratch stick and cover the wound better.

Another way to easily remove scratches yourself is to use a car polish that has the ability to remove scratches such as hairline marks, scratches, cracks, etc., which are available in the form of wax, cream or spray. Start by washing the car, then dry it to prevent rust, then apply the car paint to a microfiber cloth and gently wipe over the wound. If you have a car polishing tool at home, it will be more convenient. Continue scrubbing the scratched area until it fades but it will not disappear completely, however; This method is not only easy, but also economical.

A multi-purpose product, the toothpaste can be washed off and makes your headlights shine again. Guess what? Yes! It can be used to remove fine lines too! Why? Because toothpaste is a natural toothpaste, it will help remove minor scratches on your car’s paint (especially toothpaste) but first you need to wash the scratched area and dry it completely.

Then squeeze the toothpaste on a sponge or microfiber cloth, wipe the scratched area, and gently rub in a circular motion until the marks start to fade, rinse with clean water and dry with a damp towel. If the scratches have not faded, it can be repeated, but not more than 3 times because it may damage the paint layer of the car. This method can get rid of scratches or hairline scratches, but for deeper scratches, it will only make the scratches fade.

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With these simple techniques, we hope it will help you get rid of scratches easily, without wasting time on car insurance and still keep your car looking as good as ever. Like you, we inspect and fix every used car’s scratches, including more than 150 body inspections, so you can get a used car that looks like new at a price you’re happy with. Choose second-hand cars of good quality, good condition and reliable at https:///en

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