Cheap Full Coverage Insurance For Young Adults – Car insurance is notoriously expensive for young drivers, who tend to have less experience behind the wheel, exhibit risky driving behavior and have a higher rate of fatal crashes than any other age group.

To compensate for the increased risk, insurance companies charge higher rates for drivers aged 16 to 25.

Cheap Full Coverage Insurance For Young Adults

Cheap Full Coverage Insurance For Young Adults

But each company has a different way of pricing policy – some insurers offer discounts and more affordable prices to people in this age group.

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The best car insurance companies for young drivers are State Farm, USAA, and American Family Insurance. All of these insurers offer low rates, discounts aimed at young drivers, top ratings for customer service and the financial strength to pay claims. If you’re looking for car insurance for a young driver, here’s where to start.

Researched some of the most popular insurers and checked details such as prices, discounts and customer service ratings to find out which one is best for young drivers. Erie and Travelers are a few of the cheapest car insurance companies for drivers in this age group, with average full coverage rates of $199 and $180 per month. By comparison, many of the other companies under consideration have average comprehensive coverage premiums of more than $200 per month.

Disclaimer: Tabular data is derived from real-time quotes from 50-plus insurance company partners and quote estimates from Quadrant Information Services. Actual offers may vary depending on the policy buyer’s unique driver profile.

IQ Score The Quality Score (IQ) uses more than 15 criteria to objectively rate insurance companies on a scale of one to five. The editorial team researches the insurer’s data to determine the final results.

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Liability Only Insurance Liability only insurance, sometimes called minimum coverage insurance, pays for bodily injury and property damage to others in an accident caused by the insured. It does not pay damages to the insured.

Full coverage Full coverage car insurance generally includes liability, collision and comprehensive coverage, and may include other optional coverages such as uninsured motorist coverage. Collision covers the cost of repairing or replacing the insured in the event of an accident. It comprehensively covers damages caused by accidental events. The average price shown here reflects policies with the following coverage limits: $50,000 bodily injury liability per person; $100,000 personal injury liability per accident; $50.00 property damage liability per accident; $1,000 collision deductible; and a comprehensive deductible of $1,000.

Young drivers can earn discounts from State Farm by earning good grades, completing State Farm’s Steer Clear program, staying accident-free and driving a newer car with safety features.

Cheap Full Coverage Insurance For Young Adults

State Farm earned an above average score of 882 out of 1000 points in the J.D. Power 2022 study on meeting demand for cars in the US.[3] It also received a superior financial strength rating of A++ from A.M. Best, a leading insurance industry analysis group.

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I feel like I’m fed up with overpriced insurance because I haven’t had any accidents or tickets in the last 10 years.

The United Services Automobile Association, known as USAA, is a group of financial services companies that provide financial services to members of the military and their families. The company started in 1922 and is the fifth largest auto insurance provider in the US by market share.[2]

Young drivers can qualify for a 10% family discount and can save even more when they complete basic driver training, enroll in a usage-based telematics program or achieve good grades.

The company received a J.D. score of 890. Power’s claims satisfaction study and a superior rating of A++ from A.M. The best.[3]

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This insurer began as Farmers Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. in 1927 and eventually evolved into the American Family Mutual Insurance Co. in 1963. Now a privately held joint venture and one of the largest insurers in the US by market share, American Family offers policies in 19 states.[2]

Young drivers pay an average of $365 a month for a full coverage policy, but American Family offers ways to save. Parents can enroll their teenage drivers in a usage-based telematics program and monitor their driving. When teenagers complete at least 3,000 miles or a year in the program, they receive a 10% discount.

American Family received a score of 874 in the J.D. Power’s 2022 Claims Satisfaction Study and A Financial Strength Rating of A (Excellent) by A.M. The best.[3]

Cheap Full Coverage Insurance For Young Adults

Young drivers pay an average of $199 per month for a full coverage policy. They may also qualify for the young driver discount, which is available to unmarried drivers under the age of 21 who live with their parents. Other ways to save include a loyalty discount and a discount for completing an accredited driver training course.

Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers

Erie earned the third most of any company — 893 — in J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction study.[3] It also received an A+ rating from A.M. The best.

Over the years, they have always gone above and beyond what I expected. They are honest and prompt with customer service related issues. They have always tailored my policy to meet my needs at a very fair price.

Thanks in part to its quirky gecko mascot, GEICO is one of the most recognizable insurance companies in the US. It is also one of the largest, having a 13.7% share of the auto insurance market and offering policies in all 50 states.[2]

Young drivers pay an average of $247 for a full coverage policy and can get discounts for good ratings; accident-free driving; and joining an affiliated fraternity, sorority, honor society, or alumni association.

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GEICO received a score of 874 in J.D. Power’s 2022 Claims Satisfaction Study and received a superior rating of A++ from A.M. The best.[3]

Good treatment in answering questions and resolving my accident, especially as it was not my fault. No hesitation in paying the repair bill and then collecting from the client’s insurance company policy.

Data scientists analyzed more than 40 million real-time auto insurance quotes from our partners across the United States to compile the auto insurance quotes, statistics, and data visualizations displayed on this page.

Cheap Full Coverage Insurance For Young Adults

Car insurance data includes coverage analysis and driver vehicle details, driving records and demographic data. Quotes for Allstate, Farmers, GEICO, State Farm and USAA are estimates based on the Quadrant Information Services database of auto insurance rates.

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Along with these insights, it can offer drivers insight into how companies price their car insurance premiums. The data included on this page represent average ages, genders, credit scores and driver profiles for teenage and young drivers.

Various factors – such as age, driving record and location – affect the cost of insurance for young adults.

Teen drivers pay an average of $578 a month for car insurance, according to the data. But as drivers gain experience and maturity with age, the risk of accidents gradually declines with the cost of coverage. By the time a driver turns 25, they pay an average monthly rate of $309 for car insurance.

Disclaimer: Tabulated data is obtained from real-time quotes from 50-plus insurance partners. Actual offers may vary depending on the policy buyer’s unique driver profile.

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Car insurance rates vary widely by location as each state sets its own minimum coverage requirements and policy limits. Other factors — such as the cost of auto repairs, the cost of medical care and the frequency of car accidents — also cause rates to vary from state to state.

For example, National General is the cheapest company for young drivers in Arizona, at an average of $108 per month. However, young drivers in New York can only find the cheapest rates with Liberty Mutual, at an average of $684 per month.

The following chart shows the cheapest car insurance in most states for young adults, along with the average cost of liability-only coverage.

Cheap Full Coverage Insurance For Young Adults

“Your driving record is one of the key factors that affects how much you pay for auto insurance,” says Loretta Worters, vice president of media relations for the Insurance Information Institute. “Accidents and traffic violations are some of the main signs your insurance company will be looking for.”

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Drivers with a clean driving record typically pay the least for car insurance, while drivers with a history of speeding, hit-and-run accidents, and driving under the influence (DUI) charges can pay hundreds of dollars more each month for coverage. According to the data, a DUI conviction will likely increase your rates by 100%.

Because car insurance is generally more expensive for young adults than older drivers, younger drivers and their parents should shop around diligently for the best policy.

While young drivers tend to pay the highest rates for car insurance, it’s still possible to save by using the following methods:

While shopping for car insurance policy, here is some additional information to help you in your search. You can also use ‘s guide to the best cars for teens and information about the TeenSMART driving program.

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Data scientists analyzed more than 90 million quotes served to auto insurance applicants in a proprietary database to calculate the average premiums shown on this page. These premiums are real quotes that come directly from 50+ partner insurance companies in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Quota averages represent the mean price for a quote at a given coverage level, driver subset, and geographic area.

Unless otherwise stated, prices quoted reflect average costs for drivers between 20


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