Cheap Car Insurance For Imported Cars – The UAE is well known as a car lover’s paradise. Rare, imported vehicles are common, but insuring them can be a problem. Many car enthusiasts in the country will be ordering vehicles that can be hard to find.

However, getting auto insurance for imported vehicles can be a complicated process. It is important to be aware of the various legal and material barriers that one may face, before making the decision to import.

Cheap Car Insurance For Imported Cars

Cheap Car Insurance For Imported Cars

It is worth noting that all right-hand drive vehicles cannot be registered for use on UAE roads. Additionally, all imported vehicles over ten years old must be tested and approved by the Roads and Transport Authority before entering the country.

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In fact, nearly 90% of imported cars that meet the Gulf Cooperation Council’s vehicle standards are rejected by insurance. Remember, without basic third party insurance, the vehicle cannot be legally driven in the UAE. If an insurer offers auto insurance for imported vehicles, they may be reluctant to offer comprehensive coverage.

This is because a reliable service history can be difficult for UAE insurers to find. For all they know, the imported car may have been in a serious accident, and then repaired. When on the road, such vehicles may have a higher risk of breaking down or being involved in a rear-end accident.

Be aware that the pitfalls of imported cars can also affect their products. Potential buyers can be put off by questions about getting auto insurance for imported vehicles. On the other hand, car maintenance can present its limitations.

Another potential drawback for imported cars is the product issue. Vehicles manufactured for the UAE market meet the requirements of the climate. The problem with imported vehicles is that they are usually not modified to handle heat. Breathing and filtration systems are the most common problems. It can be expensive and difficult to find the right parts for repairs.

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This does not mean that ordering a car is impossible. It can be done, and often is. If you are aware of potential problems and would like to proceed, follow these steps:

Before importing, check your insurance policy and find the right insurer for your imported car. Plus, it’s easy to find good auto insurance for imported vehicles. is the best way to compare all types of car insurance in the UAE.

Car insurance is important to make sure you are not left out of pocket in the event of an accident

Cheap Car Insurance For Imported Cars

In 2019, almost half of the road accidents in the UAE were caused by drivers under the age of 30.

Corporate Average Fuel Economy

If you are 50 years of age or older, you may have the benefit of saving money on your auto insurance policy.

A named or additional driver on your car insurance can be a friend, spouse, or family member

The road system in Dubai works on the principles and systems to prevent reckless driving and reduce accidents on the roads.

Car insurance is mandatory for drivers in the UAE and many people sign up for expensive and unaffordable policies.

Car Insurance For Imported Cars

Car insurance gives you the financial security you need to enjoy driving with peace of mind

Always try to be as alert as possible and make sure to keep a close eye on your surroundings

Younger drivers are considered more dangerous this is simply due to your years of driving experience being much less than older drivers.

Cheap Car Insurance For Imported Cars

Never buy the first policy you see and always compare, we always recommend that you don’t just focus on the policy price.

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Compare Insurance offers the fastest car insurance quotes from the largest number of insurance companies all on one page.

You can compare car insurance policies and save hundreds of dirhams every month by finding the right car insurance policy for your needs.

It is very important to try and stay calm, when you are stressed and emotional you may forget to do some of the following steps

If you choose to pay annually you pay for the entire auto insurance policy

International Car Insurance Coverage

To be a responsible driver you will need to be alert and obey traffic laws

Theft, hurricanes, hijackings and fires are just some of the other risks that don’t involve bad driving

If you are thinking of buying or buying a new car, then you can get special insurance to cover your car

Cheap Car Insurance For Imported Cars

Before buying a car in the UAE, it’s a good idea to first check if your car is eligible for GCC car insurance.

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Planning to buy a new car? It is important to know how you will pay for the parts if they are stolen or damaged beyond repair

Thinking of changing your car insurance? There are a few things you should know before you go ahead

Third-party car insurance is mandatory in the UAE. Therefore, there are a large number of insurance groups to choose from

Owning an ambulance is a company’s biggest investment, so it is important to get adequate insurance for this asset

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There are many benefits to owning an electric car in the UAE. Here’s what you need to know when insuring your electric car

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Cheap Car Insurance For Imported Cars

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Imported cars are some of the most functional and sought after by car enthusiasts, which usually means they come with a hefty price tag. As a result, it often means more imported car insurance than domestic car insurance.

Whether you own a Japanese Nissan Skyline or an American Cadillac Escalade, you’ll want to make sure you have the right coverage to protect your investment.

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Here’s how auto insurance for imported cars works, and how to get the best price for the protection you need.

There are many reasons why it costs more to insure an imported car than it does for a similar car bought here in the UK. First, imported cars tend to be more expensive.

The more you pay for your imported car, the more the insurer will have to pay in the event of a claim.

Cheap Car Insurance For Imported Cars

And that can be a claim to replace the whole car if it’s registered, or a claim to repair it. Repairing imported cars tends to cost more because parts may need to be imported at a higher cost than parts available locally.

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Insurance providers generally set premiums based on risk. The higher your risk of filing a claim and the higher the claims can buy, the more they will charge you.

You may also be interested in imported cars because of their performance. Insurers see high-performance vehicles as more dangerous because a high-performance vehicle can, in the wrong hands, be difficult to control.

Expensive and powerful vehicles tend to feature prominently in the top 50 auto insurance groups that insurers use to determine premiums. Cars in groups with higher numbers usually cost more to cover than those with lower numbers.

The 2014 Toyota Aygo 1.0 is as low as group six, for example, while Japan’s Mitsubishi Evo IX sits in group 44.

Vintage 1988 Saab 9000 Turbo Print Ad "are You Ready For A Saab?"

Finally, cars from some countries may not meet EU or UK specifications or standards. These ‘grey imports’ are considered high risk by insurers.

When you apply for insurance, you should

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