Changing Pet Insurance With Pre Existing Conditions – Let’s say you have an aging dog and the vet bills are starting to pile up. Can you buy pet insurance to reduce your out-of-pocket costs?

So what are pre-existing conditions? How does pet insurance affect your policy? Is it still worth signing up for coverage?

Changing Pet Insurance With Pre Existing Conditions

Changing Pet Insurance With Pre Existing Conditions

We will answer you in this article. We’ll also look at some of the more common conditions on the exclusion list. If your pet has any of these, it probably won’t be covered.

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Pet insurance companies cover a number of conditions. Customers choose a policy and pay a monthly premium. The plan will come with deductibles, waiting periods and maximum claim limits.

Once your coverage begins, you may be able to get a portion of your pet’s medical expenses reimbursed. However, your coverage is only valid for future injuries and illnesses.

If you’re thinking about getting pet insurance, you’ve probably seen a list of pre-existing conditions in the exclusions list.

What is the previous situation? This applies to anything that continues with symptoms or conditions that predate your policy. So if your pet already has an injury or chronic illness, it probably won’t be covered.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Pre Existing Conditions?

The older your pet is, the more likely it is to develop health problems. If you’re planning to buy pet insurance, consider signing up sooner.

Pet insurance and pet liability insurance have the added bonus of making you more attractive to property managers as a tenant because they prove you are a responsible pet owner. Find out what you can do to make the rental process easier.

Any medical problems your pet has before your policy starts will not be covered. You can contact your preferred insurance provider to learn more about the terms and conditions.

Changing Pet Insurance With Pre Existing Conditions

However, there are a few common pre-existing conditions to rule out. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Pet Insurance And Pre Existing Conditions: What You Need To Know

If your pet has allergies, treatment can help. However, if they develop this health condition before signing up for pet insurance, it may not be covered.

When we talk about allergies, we don’t mean the occasional sneeze or tummy upset. For this to be classified as a pre-existing condition, your pet’s allergy must have been present and ongoing for more than three months.

Symptoms can vary, but may include itching, diarrhea, vomiting, sneezing, irritated skin, swelling, ear infections, or watery eyes.

If your pet has any of these symptoms, it could be a sign of an allergic reaction. If you are unsure, contact your veterinary service.

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If your pet has cancer before your policy starts, it is classified as a permanent pre-existing condition. This means that you will not be able to claim any expenses related to the condition during the term of your policy.

Your pet’s age can increase their chances of developing cancer. Regular vet checkups can spot any changes early, but there are a few signs you can look out for.

Loss of appetite, weight loss, difficulty breathing, unusual bleeding, limping, or fatigue can also be symptoms of cancer.

Changing Pet Insurance With Pre Existing Conditions

Diabetes is another lifelong disease. However, if diagnosed early and properly treated, your pet can live a long and happy life.

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If your pet develops diabetes before your policy starts, it will be classified as a pre-existing medical condition. You will have to pay for any diabetes-related costs, such as insulin and vet check-ups.

What are the symptoms of diabetes in pets? Animals with diabetes usually drink more and urinate more often. Urinary tract infections are another common symptom.

Appetite may increase while experiencing unexplained weight loss. Your pet may suffer from unexplained vomiting, weakness and vision problems.

Pre-existing thyroid conditions will not be covered by your pet’s insurance. Dogs and cats with thyroid conditions must take medication for the rest of their lives.

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There are two types of thyroid problems. The first is hyperthyroidism, in which thyroid hormone is overproduced. Symptoms include increased heart rate, diarrhea, weight loss, enlarged thyroid gland, and increased thirst.

Then there is hypothyroidism, where thyroid hormone is underproduced. Symptoms of this disease include fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, and intolerance to cold weather.

Your pet’s thyroid problems may be a hereditary condition. Most animals begin to show symptoms between the ages of four and ten.

Changing Pet Insurance With Pre Existing Conditions

Heart disease is a terminal condition and if it occurs before you take out your policy – your pet’s treatment will not be covered.

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Although there is no cure, medication and constant vet visits will change your pet’s life.

There are several causes of heart disease. For example, it can be due to heredity or age, obesity or diet. Possible symptoms include a persistent dry cough, difficulty breathing, and problems with blood pressure.

Animals with heart disease may be more tired and weak than usual. If it’s a dog, they may lose interest in their daily walks.

Some animals grow out of epilepsy, while for others it is a lifelong disease. If your pet has symptoms of epilepsy before the policy starts, it will be on the exclusions list.

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The most common symptom is a seizure. Your pet may have a variety of involuntary movements, such as shaking, stiffening, or jumping. They may collapse, pass out, or foam at the mouth. Animals may urinate or defecate during severe seizures.

Seizures can happen at any time, but fatigue or stress can increase the frequency. If your pet is on medication, make sure it is taken regularly as prescribed.

If your pet has a urinary obstruction, they will need immediate emergency care. This is a serious condition that cannot be treated. For example, it can cause organ failure or death.

Changing Pet Insurance With Pre Existing Conditions

What causes urinary obstruction? Some possible causes are bladder stones, kidney stones, blood clots, cancer, injuries, or mineral deposits. The vet should treat both the blockage and the underlying condition.

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One of the most obvious signs that your pet has a urinary tract obstruction is difficulty urinating. They may also have blood in their urine, lethargy, or vomiting.

If your furry friend has hip dysplasia, it can be a worrying health condition. They require special care, often requiring surgery and hip replacement.

This is another pre-existing condition and you won’t get coverage even if your pet gets better in the future.

Hip dysplasia occurs when the hip joints do not grow properly. It can also be a result of the joints becoming unstable over time. It is usually genetic and is most common in larger dogs such as Great Danes and German Shepherds.

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Without proper veterinary care, it can lead to osteoarthritis and mobility problems. Several things can increase the risk, such as excessive exercise during the puppy stage, obesity, or a poor diet.

If you notice that your pet is restless when sitting, their legs are shaking or they start limping, these can be warning signs. Symptoms usually begin in the first two years of life.

We understand that any condition your pet may have had before you took out coverage will not be covered by your policy.

Changing Pet Insurance With Pre Existing Conditions

But what if your pet’s health changes and they make a full recovery? Some pre-existing conditions are temporary – meaning they may be covered in the future.

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Here is an example. You take out sickness coverage and your pet vomits, has a urinary tract infection or an ear infection.

Such symptoms are not always caused by a serious disease. Your cat or dog can get the treatment it needs and you can forget about it. But even if it’s a temporary condition, it may show up in your pet’s veterinary records.

Pet insurance companies have rules regarding pre-existing conditions that can be treated. Not all insurers are the same, but you can expect coverage to kick in after your pet has been symptom-free for a while.

For example, your pet may be covered for 12 or 18 months without any symptoms or treatment.

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When you sign up for a pet insurance plan, the company will ask you a series of questions. The information you provide will determine the monthly cost, deductibles, and coverage for your pet.

It’s not unusual for pet insurance companies to want the full picture. For example, your pet may need a veterinary exam to see if there are any underlying health problems or chronic conditions. Or you may need to provide medical records from your last visit.

If something is checked, it will be excluded from the scope. Even if your pet has symptoms but has not yet been diagnosed with a disease, it will still be considered a pre-existing condition.

Changing Pet Insurance With Pre Existing Conditions

For example, if your fur baby had a limp before your coverage began, but it turns out to be hip dysplasia, this will be excluded.

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Be sure to keep your pet’s vaccinations up to date, as preventative care can also affect your insurance policy.

If your pet has a pre-existing condition, you may be wondering if you can still get insurance. The answer is yes, but there are a few things to think about.

First, you may not get the coverage you want. The insurer will look at your pet’s veterinary records and exclude pre-existing conditions from your policy.

Some illnesses will have associated conditions and usually these will not be covered. For example,

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