Cash Tax Refund Check Near Me – It’s a great feeling to receive a large tax refund check from the U.S. Treasury in the mail. But not everyone knows how to actually redeem it.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the locations where you can cash your tax refund checks.

Cash Tax Refund Check Near Me

Cash Tax Refund Check Near Me

First we have banks. If you already have a bank account, your bank will cash your tax refund checks free of charge.

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If you don’t have a bank account, you can still cash the check at any bank. Some banks charge a small fee for this service because you are not a customer.

In second place are companies that cash checks. These companies charge a fee for their service, which depends on the value of the check.

The fee could be a percentage of the check or a flat fee for certain amounts that gradually increases for larger amounts.

Some waive the fees entirely if you shop in-store and then pay with a check.

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With prepaid cards, you can receive them instead of cash when you cash your tax refund check.

However, these cards (unlike bank debit cards) are not tied to an account, so there is no protection in the event of theft and you can only spend the amount of money you have loaded.

These cards are available in a number of locations, such as retail stores and convenience stores. Emily Boesen with the Indiana Auditor’s Office said the state expects to begin printing checks Monday morning, meaning the first checks could arrive as early as Thursday.

Cash Tax Refund Check Near Me

INDIANAPOLIS — If you’re still waiting for your state tax refund check, you’re not alone.

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On Aug. 12, comptroller’s office officials said the state expected to print 1.7 million checks for Hoosier taxpayers.

Emily Boesen is the communications director and public information officer for the Indiana State Auditor’s Office. She said the printing process was recently delayed by a paper shortage. Boesen said the delay proved to be a blessing.

That’s because the original $125 check can now be combined with the latest relief money approved by the General Assembly during the last special session.

“People will receive either $325 or $650 if they deposit a check together,” Boesen said. “If we just mail one check, we can actually save over $1 million because of the cost of printing, mailing and handling.”

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Boesen said the state expects to begin printing checks Monday morning, meaning the first checks could arrive as early as Thursday.

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“We need to print 1.7 million checks and are capable of printing about 50,000 per day. That roughly equates to an estimate of 35 printing days, which again means early October,” said Boesen.

Cash Tax Refund Check Near Me

Boesen said if Hoosiers haven’t received the check by Nov. 1, they can contact the Indiana Department of Revenue to make sure their mail and banking information is up to date.

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“People who were not eligible for the $125 are eligible for the $200 if they were able to receive Social Security benefits last year,” Boesen said. “How they get that $200 depends on how it’s set up with the Treasury Department.”

In the meantime, Boesen suggests Hoosiers keep an eye on their mailboxes and bank statements. Direct deposits for the newly approved relief will be processed by the Treasury Department, just like the initial $125 payments. Everyone has to pay taxes on their income, but some people pay more than necessary during the year. The IRS sends tax refund checks to people who overpaid during the previous tax season. Some people interpret the check as free money, while others don’t like receiving these checks because it would have allowed them to pay less on tax day. Once you have the check in hand, you have several options to pay it out and use the funds in any way you choose.

Opening a bank account has many advantages. You can store money and create multiple accounts to categorize your money. However, you don’t need a bank account to cash your tax refund check. Because the U.S. Treasury Department supports your IRS refund check, it may be easier to cash your IRS check at a bank, credit union, retail store, or ATM than if you were to try to cash a check in person.

Consumers have several options for cashing out their checks, but you will need ID to receive your money. If this requirement didn’t exist, anyone could walk around with your tax refund check and impersonate you. Several documents are considered valid identification, such as a state-issued driver’s license or photo ID card, an unexpired passport, or a permanent resident card. In some cases, you may be able to provide a birth certificate and proof of your Social Security number if you do not have a valid photo ID.

Tax Refund Check Stock Photos

When you receive your tax refund check in the mail, you want to receive your money as quickly as possible. IRS checks from the U.S. Treasury expire in one year, and if you delay depositing it, you may forget about the check. Life can quickly become hectic. It’s best to leave the deposit behind so you can focus on other things. Below are five places to cash your federal tax refund check.

You should start with your bank or credit union if you already have an account. Many banks and credit unions will cash a check for free if you have an account with them.

Banks and credit unions set their own check cashing policies for non-customers, including fees. While a bank or credit union may not be willing to cash a personal check if you are not an account holder, they may accept your federal tax refund check because it is backed by the government. Banks and credit unions may limit the amount that people without an account can withdraw. Banks use these guidelines to encourage you to set up a bank account with them.

Cash Tax Refund Check Near Me

Many people use ATMs to withdraw cash from their accounts. These convenient options can also be helpful when checking federal tax refunds, but you’ll need a bank account. The ATM route requires a deposit before you can make a withdrawal. You would need to transfer the amount from the tax refund check to your bank account and then withdraw it.

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Check cashing services help people who want instant access to cash and don’t have a bank account. Some stores require account creation and all require a valid ID. Creating an account with the check cashing service will make it easier to cash an IRS check in the future.

Most check cashing stores do not display their fee structure online. Therefore, you will need to call or visit the location to find out how much it will cost to cash out the IRS check. However, check cashing stores typically charge fees based on a percentage of the check. This structure can be expensive, especially if you receive a large refund from the IRS. You can keep more of your money if you cash the check with another party.

Some large retailers and grocery stores will cash tax refund checks, but you may have to pay a fee to do so. To cash a check at these stores, you may be required to open a free account and provide valid ID.

Walmart cashes most preprinted checks, including your federal tax refund. You don’t need an account and can cash up to $7,500 in checks between January and April and up to $5,000 during the remaining months of the year.

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The Walmart fee depends on the denomination of your check. You can expect a $4 fee for checks up to $1,000 and an $8 fee for checks up to $5,000. Check cashing services are not available in every state, so it’s a good idea to check with your local Walmart to see if they offer this service.

KMart will cash your federal tax refund check for up to $2,000 for a fee of up to $1. In some states, like Georgia or New Jersey, you won’t pay any fees to cash your refund check.

You can also cash checks at your local grocery store. As long as you know your Social Security number and bring a valid ID, you can cash your tax refund check at over 2,000 Kroger stores. Depending on the check amount, fees with your Shopper’s Card start between $3 and $5.50. Publix offers check cashing services in its customer service department. However, you will need to check with your local store about required identification, check limits and fees.

Cash Tax Refund Check Near Me

Not everyone wants to have their tax refund paid out. Some people prefer to store the money on a prepaid debit card. 7-Eleven’s Transact Prepaid Mastercard lets you deposit your tax refund check using your smartphone’s app and camera.

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Likewise if you are an account holder at a bank or credit institution

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