Cash My Stimulus Check Near Me – Wondering where your second stimulus check is? You can now track the status of your $600 payment online.

WASHINGTON – The Internal Revenue Service has restarted its online tool that allows people to track their coronavirus stimulus payments.

Cash My Stimulus Check Near Me

Cash My Stimulus Check Near Me

The IRS Get My Payment tool went live early Monday afternoon, but may have experienced some initial delays due to high demand. The program was shut down for several days before it could release information about the second coronavirus stimulus check.

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Last week, the Trump administration announced that the second round of Economic Impact Payments had begun, so some people may have already seen $600 in their accounts thanks to direct deposit.

The IRS clarified on Monday that the official release date for the funds is Monday, Jan. 4, so some Americans may have already seen the $600 payments in their accounts as pending or provisional.

The IRS said paper checks have started being sent out and will continue to be sent through January, and debit cards will also be sent to some people, so be sure to check your mail carefully.

The data in the IRS online tracker is updated once a day overnight, so there is no need to check your payment status more than once a day.

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Once you log in, the online tool will ask for your Social Security number and address. It will then display the status of the first stimulus payment from spring 2020 and the second stimulus payment that Congress and President Trump approved in late 2020.

The tool will also show whether your stimulus check was supposed to be sent directly or by mail. The tool is available in English and Spanish on

The IRS also urges Americans to visit instead of calling agencies, financial institutions or tax software providers.

Cash My Stimulus Check Near Me

Here are some of the key questions people are asking about stimulus checks, and details about who will and won’t get a second stimulus check.

Third Stimulus Check: Track Your Money With ‘get My Payment’ Tool

Because the second stimulus check approved by Congress is half the size of the first check, not everyone who received a payment in the spring will receive the money this time.

If your reported income in 2019 was $75,000 or less, you’ll be eligible to receive the full one-time payment of $600 under the current plan. Couples who reported adjusted gross income up to $150,000 will receive $1,200.

If you report earning more than $75,000, you’ll receive partial payments reduced by $5 for every $100 above the income limits.

So a person who earned $86,900, for example, would receive $5 under the plan approved by Congress. During the first round of direct money, the amount was $99,000 per applicant.

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If you are a couple earning $174,000 or more or a head of household earning more than $124,500, you also won’t receive a second stimulus check.

The second round of stimulus checks proposed in the COVID-19 relief bill Congress passed in December uses similar criteria to the CARES Act to determine which dependents are eligible.

Eligible people who have dependent children under the age of 17 will receive an additional $600 per child. That’s $100 more per child than the first round of benefits.

Cash My Stimulus Check Near Me

If you are a “nonresident alien” in the U.S., you are not eligible for a second stimulus check. People who do not have a Social Security number valid for employment also will not be eligible.

Waiting For Your Stimulus Check?

The IRS has previously noted that deceased persons and estates or trusts do not qualify. Despite the rule, a June report from a government watchdog found that at least 1.1 million stimulus payments were sent to deceased Americans.

One key change from the CARES Act is that households where one spouse does not have a Social Security number but the others do would be eligible for a second stimulus check. Under the CARES Act, households could not receive funds if the member did not have a Social Security number.

The plan approved by Congress and signed by President Trump on Sunday night would provide most adults with a one-time payment of $600 plus $600 per dependent child. The Covid-19 legislation was bundled into the year-end spending bill and sent to President Trump, who then unexpectedly requested that Congress increase it to $2,000 stimulus checks.

Democrats plan to call House lawmakers back to Washington for a Monday vote on Trump’s $2,000 proposal, though it will likely die in the Republican-controlled Senate. Republican lawmakers have already blocked one attempt to issue $2,000 checks during the House’s Christmas Eve session.

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According to the IRS website, you cannot change your payment information. If you don’t receive a payment and you qualify for one, you can include it on your 2020 tax return as a recovery rebate credit.

If your benefits are currently deposited on a Direct Express card, your Economic Impact Payments will also be deposited on that card. The banking information you see under Get My Payment will be the number associated with your Direct Express card and may be a number you don’t recognize.

In this April 23, 2020 photo, President Donald Trump’s name appears on a stimulus check issued by the IRS to help combat the adverse economic effects of the Covid-19 outbreak in San Antonio. BATON ROUGE, La. () – As more Americans continue to receive stimulus payments, some of you may be wondering when your payments will arrive, especially those waiting for checks to arrive in the mail.

Cash My Stimulus Check Near Me

Follow the instructions until you reach a screen where you’ll be asked to enter your Social Security number, date of birth, address and zip code, then click Continue.

What Is The Best Way To Spend My Stimulus Check?

If you filed your tax return and did not choose to link your checking or savings account for direct deposit, you will receive a paper check.

These take longer to process and receive, so please be patient while waiting for them to arrive.

Here’s a frequently asked question: “How do I receive a stimulus check that got lost in the mail?”

According to USA Today Money, if this is your situation, you may receive a 1444 or 1444-B notice in the IRS Get My Payment tool.

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If it shows that your stimulus payment has been issued, you should request a so-called payment trail if:

To begin the payment tracking process, you can call the IRS at 800-919-9835 or mail or fax your completed Form 3911.

If you’re still waiting for the first two, you’ll need to view or create an account online through the IRS.

Cash My Stimulus Check Near Me

If you didn’t receive the full amount for the first two payments you were eligible for, you may be eligible to claim a recovery rebate in 2020.

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