Cars With Best Suspension Systems – Looking for ultimate comfort in your next car, no matter how bad the road is? View the best cars with air suspension

If your only experience with air suspension is a sagging inflatable bed, you may not realize the amazing comfort air suspension can provide.

Cars With Best Suspension Systems

Cars With Best Suspension Systems

By replacing the springs above a car’s wheels with airbags, vehicles can absorb the shock and impact of potholes, uneven road surfaces and speed bumps. This means they can float smoothly over the road, making it more comfortable for the occupants.

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Although air suspension is generally considered one of the best developments in automotive technology in recent years, air suspension is typically only available on more expensive cars – and especially large SUVs.

This is because they are more expensive to produce than traditional suspension components such as springs, and because air suspension systems are also more expensive to replace. In other words, don’t expect to find air suspension in your regular family car like the Ford Fiesta or Vauxhall Astra anytime soon.

Suspension systems add some flexibility between the wheels and the rest of a car, so that the impact of dips and bumps in the road surface can be absorbed, rather than causing the car to bounce up and down uncomfortably.

Most cars use steel springs to absorb this movement, but cars with air suspension replace this with airbags. The air pressure can be adjusted using a compressor, allowing the height of the car to change with the driving feeling: a softer airbag can add more comfort, while a firmer one can make a car drive sportier. This adjustment can be done automatically or by pressing a button in the car.

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Some high-end air suspension cars even combine GPS and map data to automatically adjust the car’s suspension settings in anticipation of the next bend on your route.

The Mercedes C-Class is one of the most comfortable cars of its kind, regardless of the suspension it is equipped with, making it ideal for families or business drivers traveling long distances.

It can be equipped with Mercedes’ Airmatic air suspension system, which operates particularly smoothly at highway speeds where the car seems to slide. This can make long journeys more relaxing, but the effects are not particularly noticeable in town and at low speeds.

Cars With Best Suspension Systems

This Audi A6 Allroad may look a bit like a regular station wagon, but it’s designed to be a bit more robust and better on low-grip surfaces. And while it’s not as good off-road as a Range Rover, it’s much more agile than a typical SUV, and more fuel-efficient, too.

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The key to its off-road capabilities is the air suspension. Although it sits lower to the ground during normal driving (which improves driving pleasure and fuel economy), it can be raised an additional 45mm on rough surfaces. This reduces the chance of scraping along tracks, ditches or curbs.

The Volvo XC60 is Volvo’s biggest seller, bridging the gap between its smaller XC40 SUV and the massive XC90. The car’s minimalist interior, quiet engines and smooth gearbox make it extremely comfortable, especially when equipped with air suspension, which improves driving comfort.

The car’s focus on comfort means it’s best to take it easy in corners where the car feels heavier and bulkier than the similarly sized BMW X3. The air suspension’s ‘Dynamic’ mode improves this slightly by firming up the suspension and lowering the car by 20mm, but it’s no sports car.

Sold for its luxury, the Range Rover is available with quilted leather, hot stone massage seats, heated armrests and wood finish tables. And its status as the largest Land Rover among the landed gentry is assured by its tenacity in the terrain.

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This ability to indulge and travel into the unknown is made possible by the air suspension. On road it provides a cushiony softness while driving, and off road it gives the car the ability to raise and lower the ride height independently. It can also level itself, so if you fill the trunk with shotguns and caviar, it won’t sag unsightly on its wheels.

Air suspension has a transformative effect on the Audi Q7. Without it you’ll feel the vibrations as the large seven-seat SUV crashes into potholes and over speed bumps, but if the expensive option is fitted (which costs around £2,000 new) the two-tonne Q7 will absorb the vibrations. impacts for a worry-free ride.

In addition to the current Q7 (above), air suspension is also available for the previous generation Q7, priced from £21,000, making the smooth-riding seven-seater Audi a more affordable proposition.

Cars With Best Suspension Systems

There aren’t many more opulent than a Rolls-Royce Phantom. It’s big and flashy, but most people who own one don’t spend much time looking at it or even driving it. It’s a car to drive, and in the back it’s pretty much the most luxurious car there’s ever been.

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The Phantom offers ultimate comfort, matching its luxury. This comfort is thanks to one of the most complex air suspension systems available. There is even an ‘active roll management system’ built in, which should ensure that the car drives flatter and rolls less, for a more comfortable ride in the back. This is especially useful for people in the back who don’t want to spill their tea while going around a roundabout. Whether you’re looking for a smooth ride or sporty body control, a vehicle’s suspension determines how it feels. on the road

A car’s suspension may not be the first thing you think of when considering your next car, but it is crucial to how a car feels on the road. Cars with firm suspension will have a sportier feel, as they benefit from quicker steering response and better control over the car’s body movements when cornering.

Softer suspension cars, on the other hand, will usually be more comfortable on rough roads or bumpy surfaces, but they may not be as fun to drive on a winding road. Cars can also be set up to have greater than normal suspension travel (the amount the wheel is allowed to move up and down), making them ideal for off-road work.

The technical details of vehicle suspension can be very complicated, but essentially cars can be equipped with mechanical springs or air suspension. They can also have an adaptive suspension, where electronics determine how firm the adjustment is and even how high the car rides over the ground.

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Below we’ve collected eight examples of cars with great suspension tuning, for different budgets and to suit different types of driving preferences – from comfortable city cars to luxury highway cruisers and high-riding SUVs.

Refinement is an important aspect of luxury cars and Mercedes is better than most at creating a refined car. In the case of the more expensive C-Class sedan, this offers a smooth ride and very little tire noise at high speed.

This makes the C-Class a great sedan for a relaxing long drive on high-speed roads. In this respect it’s better than a BMW 3 Series or Audi A4, so a sensible choice if you spend much of your life on motorways or fast A-roads.

Cars With Best Suspension Systems

While the latest Land Rover Defender can be fitted with regular suspension on the short wheelbase 90 models, all longer 110 models get air suspension as standard. And it is a revelation. It makes this huge and heavy off-roader feel agile and composed on the road, while maintaining a ride comfort better than what its direct rivals such as the Jeep Wrangler or Toyota Land Cruiser have to offer.

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For models with air suspension, there is an extra party trick when you go off-road, because the air suspension is height adjustable. In emergency situations, it can even lift itself an additional 70 mm. This gives it enormous ground clearance, which helps it handle extreme terrain.

Entry-level versions of the latest VW Golf, the eighth-generation version, have a fairly simple suspension, but more expensive models have a much more advanced setup.

Part of this is the option of ‘Dynamic Chassis Control’ (DCC). This allows the driver to choose between the driving modes Eco, Comfort, Sport and Individual, including adaptive suspension: a suspension that can be tuned to different driving styles.

This means that Golf drivers of cars equipped with the DCC package can use the car’s adaptive dampers to firm up the suspension for a sportier feel or soften it for a smoother, more comfortable ride.

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Citroën has a long history of advanced and ultra-comfortable hydropneumatic suspension systems dating back to the 1950s. So it’s clear that providing a comfortable ride is a big part of the brand’s DNA.

The little C3 has normal mechanical springs (like all modern Citroëns), but this supermini is still an extremely comfortable car. At a time when many of its rivals are offering a deliberately sporty feel, including firm suspension, in the hope of attracting young drivers, it

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