Carbon Fiber Works Motorcycle Parts – Watch this guy build a carbon fiber saddle for a Ducati Panigale It turns out creating your own custom parts takes a lot of work.

Treating your motorcycle’s bodywork can be an exciting and challenging task. There are many reasons why you might want to do this. Maybe you’ve had a minor accident or rolled over and your cover is cracked or scratched. Depending on the extent of damage, repairing them will be much more affordable than buying new. However, doing so requires some skills that can be acquired through practice and a lot of patience.

Carbon Fiber Works Motorcycle Parts

Carbon Fiber Works Motorcycle Parts

I’ve always been interested in creating my own custom pieces using fiberglass, and it turns out, it’s super easy to do and the sky is the limit for what you can come up with. Now, laying out the fiberglass is actually the easy part. The difficulty is creating the mold. Interestingly, a video posted on YouTube by ZRCarbon does an excellent job of highlighting the step-by-step process of creating your own mold to replicate parts. In this case, it’s the Ducati Panigale’s seat cover, handcrafted from carbon fiber.

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Right off the bat, if you want to mold certain parts, you need to have the courage to cover them with resin and risk damaging them a bit. In the video you will see the extensive use of release agents, which as the name suggests, helps release the part from the mold. However, at the beginning of the video, the Ducati emblem on the seat cover had to be sanded flat to create a smooth mold.

Next comes the most interesting part. A series of carbon fiber mats are spread over a mold and go through a process called bulk removal before being cured. Now, the purpose of bulk removal is to push out all the air trapped between the carbon fiber layers, thus increasing the overall strength of the part. It does this by vacuum painting the layers, as shown in the video. The process can be repeated as many times as necessary.

In this particular video, the seat cover is made of dry carbon, which actually refers to the manufacturing process. The sheets that are laid out are called preg carbon fiber or pre-impregnated carbon fiber, in which the resin and stiffener have been incorporated into the carbon fiber sheet. This is why the whole process looks as simple as placing a bunch of stickers, but in reality, there’s much more going on behind the scenes.

It seems that making your own parts from dry carbon fiber is a time-consuming but extremely satisfying project. The finished product certainly looks amazing and it will certainly be interesting to see what else ZRCarbon cooks up. Based on the title of the video, it seems like they have big plans for their Ducati Panigale 1199. The Harley performance scene has become popular with a lot of riders, and for good reason. Riders want to go fast and have a bike that can handle every corner they take. So to go fast, you have to add power or lose weight – or as we recommend, do both!

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Since this blog is about Carbon Fiber, we will emphasize reducing the weight of your ride! But seriously, who doesn’t love the look of Carbon Fiber. It is the most recognized symbol of lightweight power while also being built for speed and performance. So what’s in store for Harley these days? Really a lot. Check out the BEST brands currently offering high quality Carbon Fiber products. Each brand now offers something a little different but they are all high quality Carbon Fiber products.

One of the first big names to start manufacturing Carbon Fiber products was Hofmann Designs. We have installed several Hofmann Carbon Fiber pieces on customers’ bikes and have not received any good feedback from customers who have installed their parts. The biggest drop right now is the lead time on most of Hofmann’s productions. We do our best to keep stock but still have a delivery time of around 8-10 weeks for most items. This may change in the future, but their products are in high demand. Check out their current selection below.

Their front fenders are available for 2014-2022 Harley Touring models (including new ST models) in Short or Medium Length styles. Both include hardware for 19″ or 21″ wheels.

Carbon Fiber Works Motorcycle Parts

Currently Hofmann only offers one Rear Fender option, designed to fit 2009-2022 Touring models. This fender weighs a whopping 2.3 lbs compared to the mudguard which is almost 10 lbs. When installing you will need to drill the rear seat mounting hole, this hole is specific to all Carbon rear fenders available today.

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Hofmann offers 2 types of Side Panels – OEM and FXR. Both will fit 2009-2022 Harley Touring models. The FXR style definitely has a stronger look with sharp lines and multi-dimensional detailing.

If you’re looking to take your Carbon Fiber game to the next level, Hofmann’s Carbon Fiber Saddle Bags and Covers might be for you. These products are pricey but well worth it if you are building a Performance Bagger. They are sold separately if you want to just add the lid to your stock bag or just run the bag and keep your stock lid. You will need to reuse your existing hardware or purchase a new kit, which does not come with the Carbon pieces.

The Hofmann instrument panel has clean lines and is available for 2008-2022 Touring models. Depending on how your tank is set up, you will need a Perforated or No Perforated model. Both are attached with 2 screws on the underside of the panel and include rubber gaskets.

The Triple Tree case is a great addition if you want to swap out the stock case. That’s a nice touch for any Performance Bagger. Dwl 1pcs Carbon Fiber Keychain Key Ring Motorcycle Keys Chain Biker Accessories Works, Medium

DTF Performance is another highly regarded name in the world of racing and performance. They offer bespoke Carbon Fiber products of extremely high quality and attention to detail in all of their components. These items can also have a delivery time of 3-4 weeks, but we typically have them in stock for immediate or next day delivery.

DTF offers 3 front fender styles, Medium Length, Short Length and Sport. On our website, each fender includes the Hardware you need to run the fender on your 2009-2022 Harley Bagger model. All three fender options require drilling for installation.

DTF also has the option of a Rear Mudguard that features clean lines with a high-gloss finish. We also include the hardware you need to mount the fenders. Drilling will be required for mounting.

Carbon Fiber Works Motorcycle Parts

DTF offers 2 Style Panels, Perforated or No Perforated, depending on how your Tank is set up on 2008-2022 Harley Baggers. These have a slightly more aggressive look and do not include the rubber gasket on the underside of the dashboard. You will need to reuse your original or choose a new one. This type also uses 2 screw holes on the underside of the dashboard to attach to the fuel tank.

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Based in California, Slyfox have been making waves in the Performance Bagger scene with their debut in the King of the Baggers Races, where Strength, Power and Speed ​​are pushed to the limit. Slyfox’s carbon fiber fenders feature a unique Chevron style that gives their details a distinct look. They also offer Gloss or Matte finishes on most of their items. Slyfox Carbon Fiber products are generally in stock and available for immediate or next day delivery.

Slyfox currently only offers one long front fender option and one rear fender option. Both are available in a gloss or matte finish with a unique Chevron style for 2014-2022 Harley Touring models.

Clean lines with all the right details. Slyfox offers their Dash Panel with a tab style mount that adds strength to the mount and includes a rubber gasket. Again available in gloss or matte finish (matte finish ETA late November 2022). The Hole style is available now and a No Hole option will also be available in late November 2022.

We recently released the Slyfox Carbon Horn Cover and M8 Points Cover, which have been popular with many riders. These are also offered in gloss or matte finishes. Horn Covers work on Harley models with Cowbell style horns and Point Covers will fit Harley M8 Models.

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Over time, these brands will most likely be added to the selection list. If you have any questions about any of these items, please contact cs@ or DM us on instagram. We’re happy to help!

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