Carbon Fiber Kits For Cars – Protect the Model X Plaid’s Carbon Fiber interior and upgrade it to a solid 3D carbon fiber interior, or simply protect and maintain the matte finish with Xpel Stealth PPF. Your choice of Clear Glossy or Matte Stealth clear bra.

Our kit is the best you can buy because we have actually improved the stock Xpel products. With our version, we extended 2 types of dashboard design behind the display for full coverage, and secondly, we also made an additional cup holder design for the rear hand cup holder. This is not part of the Xpel stock system.

Carbon Fiber Kits For Cars

Carbon Fiber Kits For Cars

Option 1 is to gloss, enhance your carbon fiber to match the exterior window trim. This installation kit will transform your matte carbon fiber into a glossy 3D fiber while protecting it from cracking and chipping. The upgrade comes by installing the Xpel Clear Bra PPF film directly on top of your carbon fiber top. The Paint Protection Film is the same Xpel urethane plastic that we wrap all TESLA’s around to protect them from chipping.

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Option 2 is to order the kit in Xpel’s popular Stealth or Matte protective finish. This will give you the same protection but will maintain the Matte look found in the current stock Model X Plaid.

We use the best Xpel Ultimate Plus material to protect your fiber. If you scratch the surface it will heal itself as we show in our 2nd video below.

We have included 11 pieces for the entire carbon fiber interior, and in the demo video below we will teach you step by step, and piece by piece how to install this kit. We include a bar of soap that you simply add to water, with a urethane foam.

Our installation videos provide the necessary information to install our products correctly. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you watch the installation video/s before ordering and before installing our products.

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We ship worldwide, and International Customers are responsible for all import fees, duties, VAT, GST, TAX, handling fees, and all other import costs into their country. Shipping Fees RPM collects shipping and handling only. Lamborghini Urus Super Wide Body. The models have been certified by TUV, the German government’s recognized authority for car safety standards.

The Urus is a big looking Lamborghini SUV, yet from a distance with more subtle curves than its ​coupe cousins, it can look quite tasteful. We aim to change this with the new Urus Carbon range. A genuine Carbon Fiber Body Kit is the finishing touch for any Urus. The standard URUS from the factory has very good looking qualities, which really don’t do the Lamborghini justice. The Carbon Fiber design retains the same lines but thanks to being wider, it has an elegant look. At the same time it still maintains the original OEM style, not looking aftermarket at all.

The Carbon Fiber Body Kit is made from lightweight and durable carbon fiber, which is produced by injection molding providing strength and durability. Once the part is produced and removed from the mold, it is inspected and thoroughly tested before going to lacquer. Each part is continuously inspected and checked for durability before being hand and machine polished, then polished and coated with a generous amount of Carnauba products.

Carbon Fiber Kits For Cars

This is an add-on package. The lower OEM fender sections need to be removed for installation, then the fenders add on. Although proper fitting is the front, we always recommend using a professional to carry out the installation. We estimate around 300 minutes for convenience.

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