Caravan Air Bag Suspension Systems – Available on Fiat cab-based motorhomes running on AL-KO AMC chassis, the X4 must be ordered during the build, so take some notes from our testing.

Heading down the right-of-way, the X4 offers better shock absorption over small bumps and minor potholes, such as rumble strips. Over the bigger hills it does just as well, just like your traditional coil spring suspension, but interestingly, quieter. Rubber airbags reduce much of the noise from the suspension.

Caravan Air Bag Suspension Systems

Caravan Air Bag Suspension Systems

When you reach your park or see a high obstacle, the ride height of the AL-KO Air Premium X4 air suspension can be raised by 75 mm at the front and 40 mm at the rear, which is great for deep ditches.

Guide To Air Suspension For Motorhomes/campervans In 2023

Being able to lower the chassis is also convenient for less mobile users. The front part can be lowered 65 mm and the rear part 50 mm below the normal ride height. Even when driving, the doors to the motorhome body sit much lower and are easier to access.

One of the best features of the AL-KO Air Premium X4 air suspension is the self-leveling option. At the push of a button, the airbags are deployed (or deactivated) to level the chassis fore-aft and side-to-side. Customization takes some time, but once done, the bike sat perfectly on our grassy test camp.

The system is controlled by a wired remote control located next to the driver’s seat. The buttons are clearly marked and backlit, making them easy to read at night.

Ride height can be adjusted up to 5km/h, but we found it best to do this at a standstill. If you are on a lowered or raised ride height and start driving, the AL-KO Air Premium X4 Air Suspension will return to normal ride height after you exceed 25 km/h.

High Quality Off Road Caravan Suspensions

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Caravan Air Bag Suspension Systems

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Selecting And Installing 4wd Airbag Suspension

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The suspension system your caravan uses will determine the quality of your caravan on the road. It works by absorbing the road shocks your caravan drives through. As you can imagine, shock can be very high in an off-road environment where your caravan is regularly exposed to rough terrain.

Along with this, the suspension system provides a more comfortable ride by absorbing the bumps and shocks your caravan is exposed to. Most importantly, an effective and efficient suspension eliminates the transfer of unnecessary forces to the towing vehicle, increasing your safety when towing your caravan.

With all that in mind, what are the suspension options for off-road use and which one is right for your needs? If you want to know more about what suspension systems are available for caravans, continue reading today’s blog article. Maxpeedingrods 2pcs Universal Air Suspension Spring Double Bellow Standard 2500 Lb 1/2

First, we need to talk about leaf springs. Leaf springs are a common type of suspension used in most road caravans. However, they are not suitable for off-road conditions due to a number of limitations.

The loading range of leaf springs is quite limited compared to the loading of an off-road caravan. Furthermore, they don’t necessarily have the best shock absorption capacity and capability. If you drive them on rough dirt roads, you’ll bounce around a bit and increase the risk of damaging the leaf springs, or worse, snapping your axles.

So you are limited in where you can get the leaf springs and caravan. If you’re looking to take your caravan off-road or are in the market for an off-road caravan, you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t have leaf spring suspension.

Caravan Air Bag Suspension Systems

Off-Road Caravans require a special type of suspension built for rugged terrain, and products like Alpha Suspensions Extreme provide just that. By allowing each wheel to move independently of the others, this form of suspension improves the caravan’s stability and handling on rough roads or terrain.

Do Air Bags Help With Towing

Each wheel coil in an independent suspension system is mounted separately from the others and is also used for shock absorption. These suspensions are excellent for off-roading and do a great job of improving the handling and overall stability of the caravan.

Rear arm suspension systems are partially adapted for off-road environments. With this setup, the wheels are attached to the rear mechanical link and mounted on the chassis. The arm swings up from the hook of the hitch, allowing the wheel to move up and down as the wheels and ruts come into contact.

Additionally, this suspension system has a spring between the chassis and the arm to absorb shocks. Although these systems are inherently unstable and roll resistant, adding an anti-sway bar can increase the rolling stability of the caravan.

It is very important to fit your caravan with springs that are rated for the weight of your caravan. Using a set of springs designed for heavy caravans will result in a rough ride. On the other hand, using springs rated for lighter weight caravans will cause them to sag, especially when driving off-road.

Caravan Air Suspension

The airbag suspension system is the newest system used by off-road vehicles. In addition, it is the most sophisticated because it replaces the metal coil spring with cushioning airbags. An outstanding ability of the airbag suspension system is to reach a certain height to adapt the system to the load of the caravan.

For example, you can raise the caravan when you encounter obstacles (to prevent it from going down) and lower the ride height to increase off-road speed. For highway driving, you can lower the ride height for better aerodynamics, which improves fuel economy.

Although airbag suspension has many advantages, it also has disadvantages. For example, it is not as reliable as the other suspension system on this list. It has inherently less roll resistance. However, adding an anti-sway bar can help negate the inherent instability.

Caravan Air Bag Suspension Systems

The suspension system you use on your off-road caravan affects your road speed, safety, fuel economy and much more. Choose a suspension system that is not only fit for purpose, but also meets cost, durability, ease of maintenance, and other considerations.

Airbag Extreme Caravan Suspension

If you’re looking for the best caravans for sale in Australia for your next big adventure, you can’t go past Retreat Caravans. Please see our full range of caravans below, all carefully designed with you in mind: Often copied but never matched; Cruisemaster’s XT suspension has led the way in independent trailer suspension systems for over 10 years.

Choose from the many build options below, design your own kit and click the ‘Ask Inquiry’ button to send us your design. We will contact you to help you with the next step.

Many trailer suspension systems on the market today may take “inspiration” from our original A-Frame design, but it’s the little things we’ve learned over the past 5 generations of XT suspension designs that raise the bar for performance and functionality.

No longer just an “Off-Road” system, the Cruisemaster XT takes design cues from all types of terrain, making it a legitimate all-terrain system so you can get the right ride regardless of the terrain.

Torque Airbag Air Bag Suspension Kit For 2007 2018 Chevrolet Chevy Silverado 1500 And Gmc Sierra 1500 2wd 4wd Rear Helper Bag Spring Towing 5000 Lbs (replaces Firestone Ride Rite 2430) (tr2430), Air Suspension Kits

The Cruisemaster XT is the most versatile caravan/trailer system available on the market today, giving you more options to build the perfect suspension for your needs.

Air springs allow the suspension to maintain load carrying capacity and ride height characteristics with varying loads. This means that the trailer will tow as if it were fully loaded. Plus, when you get to your destination, the caravan or camper trailer can be leveled without jamming the wheels. It’s controlled by one of five Cruisemaster XT Air control systems, giving you the freedom to decide how to manage your ride.

If you are building a chassis to fit this suspension system, please refer to the Installation Guide above for all the dimensions you need.

Caravan Air Bag Suspension Systems


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