Car Rental Benefits American Express Platinum – There are many credit cards that give you elite status with car rental companies. While some of these statuses offer a few perks, like class upgrades and improved (but still meager) points earning, there’s one that I’ve found very useful over the past few years: the Amex Platinum Hertz discount code.

Okay, what could be more boring than talking about the benefits of renting a car. Car rental companies are notoriously poor at making money, so price is a much bigger issue than earning rewards from a certain program. Elite status increases earnings a bit, but more importantly allows the renter to skip rental lines, and in the case of Hertz, also allows you to add a spouse or domestic partner to the rental for free.

Car Rental Benefits American Express Platinum

Car Rental Benefits American Express Platinum

I rent many cars throughout the year and always comparison shop. I’d say about 75-80% of the time we rent through Hertz because of the combination of the better price and the platinum code and the 4 hour return period which I found to be VERY valuable.

American Express Platinum Card Now Includes Hertz President’s Circle Elite Status In Car Rental Benefit

The platinum code seems to give you 15-20% off the lowest public price, unlike other car rental discount codes (like the Amazon Budget / Avis discount) which can be more than the best public in practice. – a reasonable price. I have noticed that the Platinum Hertz Code can offer as much as 30-40% off public rates.

The four hour grace period is incredible as you can get a free four hours at the end of any rental. On the last day of the rental, you can inspect the car at 12 noon. and return at 4pm paying only for the 12pm to 12pm rental…

My wife and I are going to Ventana Big Sur in early May and needed a car from San Jose. We will fly in late Thursday night and leave Friday around noon. We will be staying in downtown San Jose, so I want to do a search that includes places both inside and outside the airport. For whatever reason, I often find the best combination of availability and accurate pricing through Unfortunately, Hertz does not allow you to search multiple locations at once.

There are three Hertz neighborhood locations that are listed as the cheapest in town (not for the cargo van). Note that these are Pay Now rates, which I try to use as little as possible. Also note that airport rates are slightly higher.

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The 1040 Alameda location is right next to where we’re staying, so I went to Hertz and searched for rentals at that location…both incognito and logged into my Hertz account:

On the left, in addition to the discount code, we can see that the Pay Now rate is almost the same as Priceline. On the right we see the rates with the Amex code.

The pay later rate with the platinum code is 6% cheaper than the best publicly available pay now offer

Car Rental Benefits American Express Platinum

The difference is even more pronounced when adding the 4 hour grace period we need as we fly out on the 9th at 6pm and on the 6th. we take 12 o’clock

Hidden Benefits Of The American Express Platinum Card

I changed both options to a 12pm car inspection but came back on the 9th. 4 p.m. Here are the results now:

Amex pricing doesn’t change much (sometimes there is a very small change if there are fees based on rental period rather than dollar amount)…the pay later price is still cheaper than the public price that comes back at 12pm. . But look at the difference with the 4pm return. Pay now and pay later – 40% discount. That’s a huge difference. When I go back to Priceline and enter a return time of 4pm, I see that the discounted Hertz rate is cheaper than the other publicly available rate… from any company… by about 35%.

Note that you don’t need to pay with a Platinum card to use the rate, and you wouldn’t want to if you have a card with a Primary CDW like the Chase Sapphire Preferred, Sapphire Reserve, and most United cards; or Capital One Venture X. It’s also worth noting that portal discounts on Hertz are usually bundled with this rate, and some have found that the Venture X Hertz discount is also stackable.

Hertz has become our go-to car rental company over the past few years due to the benefits of the Amex Platinum discount. Being able to skip the line, upgrade the car, get a free wife rental, get four hours of free rental AND it’s often the cheapest option, makes it an extremely valuable perk for us. I’m not exaggerating when I say this has saved us (and my company) thousands of dollars over 4-5 years.

Amex Platinum Cardholders Can Now Get Hertz President’s Circle Status

It’s worth at least adding it to your Hertz account and checking the rates next time you rent, even if you plan to cancel your Platinum card.

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Car Rental Benefits American Express Platinum

We’ve got a list of the best current credit card bonuses and you’ll find more instructions on how it all works on this page.

American Express Platinum: Unboxing

Our resources page has a collection of the most helpful step-by-step guides and posts. Here are some step-by-step guides to get you started…

Unauthorized use and/or copying of this material without the express written permission of the author and/or owner of this website is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided Frequent Miler is given full and clear credit with appropriate and specific references to the original content. Choosing the right credit card for your car rental is an important decision. Of course, not all credit cards are created equal. A premium credit card with built-in benefits can offer an extra level of protection and some nice perks. The American Express Platinum card offers a number of perks for travelers, but they’re mostly for airlines and hotels. You get several benefits for renting a car, including secondary rental car insurance. It’s not bad, but it’s not as generous as what you’d get with the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card.

American Express issues nearly five dozen different credit cards, including 10 different Platinum cards. None of them offer primary car rental coverage, although most do offer secondary. American Express has a page where you can check coverage for a specific card.

American Express Platinum cards provide secondary coverage for damages up to $75,000. The policy also covers “reasonable and necessary charges” related to damage or theft. This includes loss of use, assessment fees and towing fees not covered by other roadside assistance programs.

Amex Platinum Card Car Rental Insurance: A Guide

Regardless of which American Express credit card you have, sign up for Premium Car Rental Protection, which can be added to car rentals ($12.95 to $24.95, depending on where you rent). This coverage is usually less expensive than what you would pay over-the-counter. This is because it is charged once for the entire rental, not per day. The policy is also the main coverage. This is a good option if you don’t have your own car and don’t have personal car insurance. If you want this protection, register for the program online before renting a car.

Premium Car Rental Protection cannot be applied to car rentals in Australia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica and New Zealand. It also excludes some types of vehicles.

American Express Platinum cards have many travel benefits, but are mainly for airlines and hotels. The $550 annual fee is easily recouped with perks like Uber credits, a $200 airline tax credit, Global Entry, and 5x reward points on hotels and flights. When you rent a car, you get free memberships to premium car rental programs Avis, Hertz and National Car Rental.

Car Rental Benefits American Express Platinum

To apply for the American Express Platinum Card, visit the Amex website and complete the application for the card of your choice.

Amex Gold Card: Your Car Rental Insurance & Benefits [2023]

To file an American Express Platinum Card rental car insurance claim, call (800) 338-1670 in the U.S. only or (440) 914-2950 from other locations worldwide. American Express will then send you instructions on what to do next.

As always, it’s important to document everything. Before you leave the car rental office, when you pick up your car, be sure to take a few photos of the rental car – note every ding and scratch. and saw my new Hertz President’s Circle status – about 48 hours after applying online.

Updated at 12:00 p.m. PT, 11/8/22: AMEX Corporate Platinum cardholders are also eligible to participate in the Hertz President’s Circle. The status link is now live on the Hertz website, so I’ve added the following steps below.

Hello everyone. I looked at my latest American Express Business Platinum card statement and noticed this message about

The Platinum Card From American Express Benefits Guide

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