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It can get buried under the lure of big points bonuses and travel benefits, but the rental car insurance you get on the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card and Chase Sapphire Reserve® is one of the best benefits of all.

Car Insurance That Covers Rental Cars

Car Insurance That Covers Rental Cars

The coverage you get from charging your rental to a Sapphire card is the best rental car insurance you can get from a credit card. It covers any damage to your rental and provides primary auto rental insurance to cardholders. And that usually means you can waive your rental car company’s excess policies — and even use your own policy to make a claim if the worst happens.

Auto Rental Reimbursement Coverage

Still, rental car insurance can be complicated. That’s why we’ve broken it down to help you know exactly what you’re getting from Chase’s auto insurance benefits.

Chase Sapphire cards aren’t the only ones that offer some insurance when renting a car. But this coverage is better.

Almost every other card on the market offers only secondary rental car coverage. If you get into an accident or your car is damaged with secondary coverage, you’ll need to file a claim with your personal insurance policy before going to your credit card company for help. That means you’ll have to pay your deductible — and your auto insurance premiums will likely go up, too.

But it is different on Chase Sapphire priority or reserve. You get primary rental car coverage. And that means you can skip your own policy and go straight to Chase for help.

Rental Car Insurance: Do You Need It?

This primary coverage from the Chase Sapphire cards replaces the usual “collision damage waiver” — or loss damage waivers — that car rental companies are required to offer.

These policies will provide compensation for damage caused by collision or theft of the rental car. So if you get into an accident, it will cover the cost of any damage up to the cash value of the vehicle. But from car rental companies, it costs $10 to $30 per day. This can add up quickly if you’re traveling for more than a day or two.

That’s why Chase’s rental car coverage is so valuable. This means you can decline the car rental’s add-on policy and still be covered. And you get that with any car rental, not just in the US, but internationally.

Car Insurance That Covers Rental Cars

Just note that this is not liability insurance. It will not cover medical bills, damage to another vehicle, or property damage.

Does My Auto Insurance Cover Rental Cars? A Travel Guide

First things first: You must charge your rental car to your Chase Sapphire Preferred Card or Chase Sapphire Reserve.

And you should also reject the rental company’s collision damage waiver or damage loss waiver. If you do not reject the car rental company’s collision damage waiver, your Chase coverage will be canceled.

Just because you have a Chase Sapphire card and used it to rent your car doesn’t mean you’re all set. It’s important to know who – and what – is covered.

The primary cardholder – whose name is printed on the card – is covered as long as they are listed as the primary lessee on the car rental agreement. In addition, any additional drivers listed in the rental agreement will also be covered.

Rental Car Insurance Fees

This benefit covers any authorized user of your card as long as they use their card to rent a car.

Primary rental car insurance covers much more than other rental policies that you’ll get from credit cards. Still, it’s important to know what your rental will cover.

If you have any concerns about coverage for a particular type of vehicle, or other questions about what is covered, simply contact a Chase benefits administrator.

Car Insurance That Covers Rental Cars

If you are involved in an accident or your rental car is stolen, you should immediately contact a Chase benefits administrator to report the loss or theft. You must notify the benefits administrator within 60 days – but it’s best to do so immediately after any incident.

All About The Chase Sapphire Rental Car Insurance Benefit

Chase will send you a claim form when you report your loss. You must submit a completed claim form within 100 days of the loss or theft. You then have 365 days from the event to submit all required supporting documents.

There are things you can do ahead of time to make sure filing a claim is as easy as possible.

Aside from filing a claim with Chase, there are a few things you may want to clarify before renting a car. Here’s when you should contact a Chase benefits administrator.

Yes, you need to use your Chase Sapphire Card to rent a car to get coverage.

Does Car Insurance Cover Repairs?

Yes, you still need to have a credit card on file when using points to pay for a rental car. You must use your Chase Sapphire Card to obtain coverage.

Yes, you should use Chase Sapphire rental car insurance. That way, if there is any damage to the car, you can make a claim with Chase and not with your personal car insurance. If there is a situation where the Chase coverage does not cover something, you can then file a claim with your car insurance.

Yes, this coverage should be accepted in all countries around the world. If you are concerned or just want to confirm that this will happen, contact Chase before your trip.

Car Insurance That Covers Rental Cars

Chase Sapphire Benefit will cover up to the cash value of the rental car. However, it is important to note that certain types of vehicles are not covered, including recreational, classic cars, expensive makes and models, and motorcycles.

Chase Freedom® Rental Car Insurance

Yes, this benefit is available to an authorized card user as long as they use their card to rent a car.

Chase Sapphire rental car insurance is one of the most underrated benefits on these cards. It’s there when you need it, and it goes much further than the coverage you get from many other credit cards.

Just make sure you use your Chase Sapphire card, decline your rental company’s coverage, and figure out how to use this benefit in advance — just in case.

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Do I Need Rental Car Insurance?

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In Michigan, all drivers are required to carry no-fault auto insurance, which includes personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. This PIP coverage ensures that individuals receive benefits for medical expenses, wage loss, and related expenses after an auto accident, regardless of fault.

Car Insurance That Covers Rental Cars

The MCCA intervenes when a person sustains fatal injuries in a car accident. These injuries, which can be life-changing, include conditions such as brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, or severe burns, often incur significant medical costs and require long-term care.

Does My Car Insurance Cover A Rental If My Car Is Out Of Service?

“So the money that was put into the MCCA fund to come back to us through checks of $400 per vehicle and motorcycles was a by-product of them seeing a multi-billion dollar surplus in that fund. Now, a little over a year later, I believe we are close to a $3 billion deficit in that fund. That’s why we get all this money. Now is the time to pay it forward. So what is happening MCCA fees are going up for everyone. What was $86 per vehicle per year is now going to be $122 per vehicle per year. Now, however, what is different is that you only have to pay the MCC fee if you have unlimited personal injury protection coverage. Now, and this again by a byproduct of that deficit, is that everyone over 500,000 would be responsible for paying $48 per vehicle per year, to opt-out. So it was a fee that wasn’t included because you chose less than unlimited PIP coverage. Now you have to add $48 per car per year to that.”

Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered. We will work hard to save you money. Click the button below for a free quote today! Your auto insurance covers rental cars. However, the extent will depend on the coverage option you choose. Standard auto insurance policies come with liability coverage. This allows motorists to add protections such as comprehensive and collision coverage. However, every policy and insurance carrier is different.

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