Car Insurance That Covers Any Car I Drive – You let your friend borrow your truck to move some furniture to his new apartment. He had an accident on the way. Your car sustained extensive damage and the driver in the other car was injured. Will your insurance cover the costs of the accident? Your auto insurance may cover someone else driving your car, but this may depend on several factors, such as your specific policy, the state you live in, and more.

Liability insurance covers medical expenses for injuries, as well as damage to the other driver’s vehicle or property. Generally, liability coverage covers you if the car you’re driving belongs to someone else, and your liability coverage can also cover others who drive your car with your permission.

Car Insurance That Covers Any Car I Drive

Car Insurance That Covers Any Car I Drive

Comprehensive and collision coverage covers damage to your car. Usually, comprehensive and collision insurance covers your car even when someone else is driving. However, this is not true in all cases and your policy may include exclusions or limitations of coverage.

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If the person driving your car is involved in an accident they did not cause, the other driver’s insurance is usually called to cover the cost of damages and injuries. However, if the person driving your car is found to be at fault, your insurance company is usually the one to cover the costs. If the accident costs exceed your insurance limits, your insurer may ask the other driver’s insurance to cover the remaining costs. However, if the other driver does not have enough coverage to make up the difference, you could be responsible for any additional costs.

Car repairs and medical bills aren’t the only potential costs you face when someone driving your car gets into an accident. Even if your insurance covers these costs, filing a claim means that the accident will go on your driving record and your insurance premiums may go up.

As stated above, whether the person driving your vehicle is allowed to do so makes a difference in the event of an accident. Your car insurance policy states who is allowed to drive your car and who is not, and some policies may even explicitly state that no one but you is covered while you are driving your car. Whether your insurance will cover the person driving your car often comes down to whether they are a

You will usually be asked about other people in your household when you apply for car insurance. Some insurance companies consider all members of your household as permitted users with tacit permission to drive your car at any time. Other insurers require drivers to be listed by name on your policy in order to count as authorized users.

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The definition of “household members” is usually limited to family members who are related to you by blood or marriage. If a roommate, housekeeper, or other person in your household who is not related to you regularly uses your car, you can usually list them on your insurance policy by name to make sure they are considered permitted users.

Generally, authorized users are covered by your insurance. However, even when your policy covers permitted users, the coverage limits may be lower than they would have been if you had been driving, or you may have to pay a higher-than-usual deductible in the event of a claim.

An unauthorized user is anyone who drives your car without tacit or explicit permission. Your auto insurance will generally not cover an unlicensed user in the event of a collision; instead, the unlicensed driver’s insurance will be called upon to cover any damage or injury they cause.

Car Insurance That Covers Any Car I Drive

In some states, you can exclude a member of your household from your insurance policy. If someone in your household has a history of reckless driving, multiple DUIs, or a suspended license, but is considered a licensed driver by insurers, their poor driving record could cause your premiums to increase. If you exclude them from your policy, they cannot be considered a permitted driver.

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You can exclude the driver to lower your insurance premiums. For example, if your young adult son lives with you and keeps racking up speeding tickets, you can exclude him from your policy and ask him to get his own to keep your premiums low. Some insurers may require you to exclude high-risk drivers before they will insure you.

Excluded drivers should purchase their own insurance to avoid driving uninsured. (Some states require you to show proof that the other driver is insured before you can exclude them.) Don’t change your mind and give the excluded driver permission to drive your car, or you could be responsible for any damage they cause.

What should you do if someone wants to borrow your car? Before you hand over the car keys, here are a few questions to answer.

Allowing a friend or family member to borrow your car may seem like an easy decision, but in reality there is a lot to think about. Take some time to review what your insurance policy covers and what it doesn’t, and don’t be shy to ask the other driver a few key questions. If letting someone borrow your car puts you in a difficult or uncomfortable position, don’t hesitate to say no. At the time, it may seem like you’re doing someone a favor, but a crash could easily end a friendship and set you both back financially. On the other hand, knowing that your car is covered even when you borrow it will save you unnecessary worry — and save you money if an accident happens.

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If you’re looking for ways to lower your monthly expenses, it might be a good idea to see if you can save on car insurance.

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Car Insurance That Covers Any Car I Drive

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The short answer is yes, if your friend has insurance. Usually the coverage covers the car, not the driver. Therefore, the person insured for that vehicle would be covered by that policy, even if they are not driving.

However, that layer cannot be cut and dried. Policies vary from person to person and company to company. Along with checking your friend’s policy for specifics, here’s what

Car Insurance That Covers Any Car I Drive

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