Car Insurance For Multiple Cars Uk – Cover two or more cars with our multi-car insurance. At Adrian Flux, you can save money with generous discounts on several of our vehicles.

Multi-car insurance is when you have two or more cars insured with the same insurance company. Taking out this type of coverage often works out cheaper than taking out insurance with two different providers. In addition, as all your policies will start on the same day, taking out this type of policy helps you more easily organize your motor insurance.

Car Insurance For Multiple Cars Uk

Car Insurance For Multiple Cars Uk

At Adrian Flux, we offer multi-car insurance for all types of vehicles, whether you own a truck and a car, a classic 4×4 and a modified car, or a whole collection of cars.

New Vs Used Car Insurance

Simply call us, tell us a little about your cars, and we’ll do the rest. You can get multi-car insurance even if you’ve already insured a car with us – or it’s your first time taking out cover and you want to insure multiple cars at once.

Yes, as a specialist insurance broker, we cover all types of vehicles and therefore know how important it is to get coverage that reflects the way you use your various types of vehicles.

For example, you can get fully comprehensive cover for one car and third party only cover for another, or agreed value cover for your classic car and a standard policy for another.

Insuring a second vehicle can save you up to 50% off each additional vehicle compared to insuring them separately, as we may be able to negotiate extra discounts. This includes “mirroring” your no-claims bonus on another car.

What Type Of Car Hire Insurance Should You Get

Multi-car insurance usually works out cheaper than insuring multiple cars with different companies, especially if you’re insuring more cars than there are drivers on the contract. This is because we know that not all cars will be driven at the same time.

The same up-to-date correspondence address should be used, regardless of where you keep your vehicles, but we can cater for people who need to leave their vehicles at different addresses. Whether you leave a car in a UK-based holiday home or your car in a garage on the road, we can provide cover to suit you.

We know that many insurance providers are reluctant or even unable to cover family fleets or collections that include non-standard vehicles, such as classic cars, supercars, camper vans or motorcycles. As the UK’s largest specialist broker, we take particular pride in helping our customers find the cover they need in ways that suit them.

Car Insurance For Multiple Cars Uk

There is no plan for our multi-car policy. We understand that each customer’s needs are different and we can tailor your policy to suit you.

Disrupting The Car Insurance Industry

Over 81% of customers who received a quote online could save money if they called us instead.

Having all your vehicles with one supplier has many advantages. Often, multi-car insurance is more affordable and simpler to insure than if you were to insure them separately.

At Adrian Flux, we offer coverage that can be tailored to your needs and each individual vehicle. Our policies may include:

Yes, we offer this type of cover for all vehicles, whether you own two cars and a van, a modified car and a classic, or you have a whole collection of vintage cars. And as an insurance broker, we specialize in “underinsured” insurance, making us uniquely equipped to insure your unique classic.

Modified Car Insurance Explained

Car insurance for one car in the name of a young driver is expensive, and coverage for multiple cases even more. Taking out a multi-car insurance policy is usually the cheapest way to insure multiple cars.

Yes, just let us know your situation. Whether you use a couple of cars for work or are a car enthusiast and already own some classics, we always try to provide cover, whatever your situation.

Yes, we offer honest and conviction insurance, so if you have a driving or criminal conviction, let us know.

Car Insurance For Multiple Cars Uk

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Uk Drivers Shocked As Car Insurance Costs Soar By Up To 90%

Multi-car insurance usually covers up to five cars at the same address. It usually gives you the same coverage as standard car insurance, but at a discounted rate. It is aimed at multi-car families with more than one driver, people who live in a shared house and have their own car, couples with one car each, and people who own more than one car.

In addition to the possibility of getting 20% ​​or more[1] on the cost of your renewal, multi-car insurance allows you to fill out a single application to insure multiple cars, and you will be given a single renewal date in advance.

You can plan cars to join your policy or add them at a later stage, if the separate car insurance policies are no longer due for renewal. Some policies will allow students studying away from home to remain covered, but you will have to check your policy documents to see if this is the case with your specific policy.

You can choose to have comprehensive coverage for all your vehicles or mix and match between comprehensive, third-party and third-party fire and theft coverage.

Top 10: Best Used Cars With Cheap Insurance In 2023

In the past, comprehensive coverage was the more expensive option because it offered the highest level of protection. These days, it can actually work out cheaper, so you can choose to have full coverage for all the vehicles on your policy.

Before you take out any multi-car insurance policy, you should shop around and compare not only the price but what is and what is not included, as you need to make sure that the coverage you get is adequate for your needs. It can be worth getting quotes for individual car insurance policies too, so you can check if a multi-car insurance policy is the right option for you.

It can be worth spending a couple of minutes reading through your policy documents to check that you are not at risk of losing the discount by your claim if another driver on the car policy is involved in an accident, because it can cost you in there. future

Car Insurance For Multiple Cars Uk

If you like to pay for your insurance in one go, getting multiple car insurance means that you will have one big annual bill, rather than smaller bills every time individual policies are due for renewal.

How To Check If A Car Is Insured For Free In The Uk?

Before deciding what type of policy to go for, you should always consider your personal circumstances and shop around for quotes to make sure you get the right coverage at the right price.

Meet Natalie – one of our specialist consultants. It is his job to inform and educate all of our customers on insurance topics that are important to you.

Monday, June 18, 2018 A guide to accident damage caused by children Read more Monday, July 09, 2018 A guide to short-term car insurance Read more so you can protect all your cars together. This will mean you benefit from a single renewal date and a set of documents, cutting out a lot of hassle.

You can even set different excess and protection levels for each car, as well as ring-fencing no claims discount so that if you make a claim against a car the rest still keep the bonuses.

Car Insurance Write Off

Start easy. You can start your policy with one car and add more as renewals fall. Easy payment options are also available, allowing you to settle your premiums throughout the year.

Additional coverage options – Pick and choose your coverage options to get the exact level of coverage you want, with a wide range to protect you and your vehicle. Options include Breakdown and Accident Assistance, Motor Legal Protection, Excess Protection, Key Care and Road Halo license defence.

* The cost per vehicle may be lower when insuring multiple vehicles than when insuring the vehicles separately. ** Please ask if you would like details on the panel of insurance companies we use to compare insurance quotes for multiple vehicles. *** For certain combinations of vehicle coverage may be subject to referral to the insurance company. **** Where we can arrange an installment facility to pay the insurance premium, we act as a credit broker, not a lender. We only offer installments from one provider, Close Brothers Premium Finance, and we do not offer advice on this.

Car Insurance For Multiple Cars Uk

* The availability of modified and customized car insurance will vary among the panel of insurance companies we use to compare car insurance quotes and subject to meeting the underwriting criteria. ** Availability and value of owner’s club and limited mileage discounts vary between carriers on our panel and are subject to terms and conditions. Please ask for details.

What Is Multi Car Insurance And What Does It Cover?

*** The right to hold salvage, wedding hire, gathering and restricted day insurance is limited to certain specialist policies and subject to meeting underwriting criteria.

* Terms and conditions apply to security, advanced boarding and owners club discounts. Please ask for

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