Car For Sale In Singapore – If you don’t want something as big as an SUV or something as small as a hot hatch, crossovers are where the two meet in the middle. And they can be affordable if you look hard enough.

Most SUVs now tend to be large looking off-road vehicles, built for traversing rougher terrain while still being comfortable on asphalt. But if you don’t need as much space while still wanting to run errands efficiently, a crossover would be the car for you.

Car For Sale In Singapore

Car For Sale In Singapore

Crossovers have been in high demand over the past few years for these reasons, but finding one for less than S$100,000 is a difficult task. Today, we’ll break down the five most affordable crossovers you can buy in Singapore.

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Perodua’s crossover fixes most things the Myvi lacks, bringing a more powerful engine and a more comfortable interior.

The 1.5L inline-4 engine that the Aruz comes with has a maximum output of 103hp with 133Nm of torque, a good departure from the 80hp that the Myvi came with. Just like any other crossover of this era, it also delivers a fuel consumption rate of 15.6km/L.

The interior is nothing fancy. Hard plastics line the interior making it seem quite dull but at least a touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto lightens the mood a bit. Five comfortable seats with charging ports on each of the rows as well as memory air conditioning settings are just some of the car’s neat additions.

One thing that doesn’t improve from the Myvi however is the boot space. The Aruz is the least practical with just 213L of boot space stretching to an incredible 540L.

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For the same price as the Aruz, Hyundai brings their competitor with the Venue and it boasts one of the most bang-for-your-buck prices in the crossover category.

With a 1.6L inline engine delivering 121hp and 154 Nm of torque with a CVT under the hood, it delivers slightly higher specs than its rivals, making overtaking and keeping up on the expressways a much easier task. And with a competitive fuel efficiency rating of 17.5km/L, you can see why the car is becoming popular.

The Hyundai Venue manages to make a homely, attractive interior in an economy car thanks to a more varied interior color palette. The car is also packed with features including a wireless central phone charger, an 8-inch infotainment system with Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and even an air purifier.

Car For Sale In Singapore

Need to haul huge bags after a shopping spree? The Venue’s 355L boot space is covered. Fold the rear seats down and you get a staggering 903L of space. If that’s not enough, there’s even a space saver located under the boot floor.

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If the original Yaris hatchback is too small or the more rally-bred GR Yaris is too sporty for you, the Yaris Cross would be the perfect car.

A 1.5L hybrid can be found in a line-three that makes a modest 118hp and 145Nm with a CVT under the hood, similar to its hatchback counterparts. But its fuel efficiency rating of 13km/L seems average to most people.

Although most of the interior is black, it’s not the boring black we’d find in other cars with Toyota opting for a sly tone. Its interior is extensive, a testament to its size. The faux leather seats are also comfortable with ample legroom from the larger wheelbase and its four-inch LCD touchscreen offers the aforementioned connectivity privileges.

Just like its hatchback counterparts, the slightly portly stature of the Yaris Cross can hold a respectable 397L, stretching to a whopping 1,097L. All this for just S$90, 088.

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We’ve reviewed the Kia Sonic before and it’s safe to say it’s a car to consider if you’re looking at cheaper crossovers.

The engine isn’t big at all, but the Stonic’s 1L inline-three turbocharged engine makes 118hp and a hefty 171Nm of torque mated to a CVT transmission. Its hybrid variant can easily reach 20km/L but with the cheapest variant, you will have to settle with a rating of around 15km/L.

A simple and practical interior is in store for potential owners of this car. Everything is where it needs to be which makes it easy to navigate. Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come standard with the Stonic’s 8-inch screen with some cool features, including screen-sharing functionality from any navigation app from your phone to the screen.

Car For Sale In Singapore

Despite its small stature, 352L is what the Stonic offers in terms of boot space, which stretches to a ridiculous 1,155L – more than most SUVs on the road today.

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Toyota’s Raize is the newest addition to Toyota’s growing SUV and crossover lineup, and it’s no slouch compared to its rivals.

This is with the exception of the engine. The Raize sports a turbocharged 1L inline-three engine with a CVT making just 98hp. But the fuel economy of 18km/L makes up for the lack of power.

Like the Yaris Cross, the interior is spacious for a car of that size. The half bucket seats are sporty yet comfortable. Features include a small LCD screen with Bluetooth connectivity as well as a USB charging port in the center console.

Its boot space is also quite competitive. At 362L, the Raize can already fit more than a few rather large luggage bags. In addition, the rear seats can be collapsed for more space and a floor compartment can be used to store more valuable objects.

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This phrase would perfectly describe what a crossover really is, considering that they do not provide as much space as SUVs and are also not as cramped as some hotlines.

These five cars may not be the ultimate people carrier, but at least they can get most errands done quickly and efficiently with a low boot entry barrier.

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Car For Sale In Singapore

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Car News 4 October 2023 October 2023 COE Results 1st Offer: Premiums Continue to Rise Except for Cat A

Auto News October 18, 2023 October 2023 COE 2nd Offer Results: Premiums Raised For All Categories Except Cat C, with COE Open Cat Reaching Record $158,004

Car News 23 Oct 2023 Controversial touchscreen display for the ERP 2.0 OBU (on-board unit) will be optional for s[1/4]Cars for sale are parked at used car dealers in Singapore Oct 17 , 2022. /License Edgar Suquire Rights

SINGAPORE, Oct 21 () – Almost everywhere in the world a new car begins to lose value as soon as it leaves the showroom, except sometimes in the small wealthy island state of Singapore and this is one of those times.

Used Cars Sale Singapore Carquote Mart Singapore

For Shi Zheng, a 27-year-old student, the chance was too good to pass up. In August, he sold the Porsche Panamera sports car he had bought brand new less than a year earlier and made a 10% profit.

“I thought this was a good opportunity to sell my car for extra money,” said Shi, who also plays the financial markets.

The market phenomenon is the result of Singapore’s unique quota system for controlling the number of cars on an island that is home to 5.6 million people and can be driven across in less than an hour.

Car For Sale In Singapore

Cars are sold with a 10-year “certificate of entitlement” (COE), the cost of which is included in the price. The limited number of COEs will be sold through a bidding process. As a result, Singapore is the most expensive place on the planet to buy a car.

A Nissan 200sx In Singapore, 2003. Source: Jdm Classics Sg Facebook Page.

A new standard Toyota Corolla Altis, for example, currently costs about S$141,000 ($98,884.91) in Singapore, including registration fees and taxes, compared to just $22,000 in the United States.

The price of COEs, introduced in 1990, has risen dramatically in recent months due to pent-up demand following the reopening of COVID-19 and an influx of wealthy foreigners relocating most notably from Hong Kong.

In Wednesday’s latest offer – it happens twice a month – COEs cost 40% to 50% more than the same time last year across the main private car categories, and a staggering 120% to 170% more than in 2020.

People in Singapore currently have to pay around S$81,000 for a COE on a small car. For bigger engine cars, like Porsche, they pay S$110,000.

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The steep increase has pushed buyers towards the second-hand market, where the older cars come with a certificate bought in cheaper times.

SgCarMart, one of the leading platforms for used cars in Singapore, saw a 20-25% increase in listings in the first half of this year compared to the same period last year.

Used car dealers were “trying to seize the growing COE environment,” said Vinod Cherumadathil, managing director and CEO of SGCarMart.

Car For Sale In Singapore

Meanwhile, the government also wants more people to switch to electric vehicles. It offers rebates of up to S$45,000 for

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