Car For Rental In Singapore – Beat the crowds during the festivities with our handy rental car cheat sheet! After all, crowds are inevitable if you’re commuting by public transport – a bit of privacy on your travels would surely be much appreciated!

It is something most of us depend on to achieve. With cars suffering from massively high prices, public transport is very much a reality the masses will have to contend with.

Car For Rental In Singapore

Car For Rental In Singapore

Fortunately, we are blessed with an extensive public transport network that allows for reliable daily commuting without having to use a large chunk of change. However, on special occasions (festivities like Chinese New Year), our transit system can become inundated with crowds as everyone tries to transport themselves from household to household for visits.

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You can enjoy the benefits offered by a car without the high ownership costs of renting a car. Use these affordable car rental services in Singapore for short commutes, or maybe even use cars from some of these rental companies for rental purposes!

CarLite offers car rental services in blocks as short as 15 minutes. This flexibility means that rentals are best optimized for point A-to-A errands.

Expect to pay $0.60 for a 15-minute rental car – enjoy the benefits of having access to a car, while paying just a fraction of what you spend on public transport. It really is the best of both worlds!

When the borders reopen, you can use CarLite’s fleet in Malaysia if you pay the surcharge of $26.75 per day!

Best Car Rental Services Company In Singapore

BlueSG’s business model is dependent on providing users with an environmentally friendly and affordable alternative to transport. It’s the only service on this list that offers point A-to-point B rentals, charging for the block that rivals use.

Instead, they operate on a flexible pay-per-minute basis. There are over 500 BlueSG charging stations across the island and you will be able to monitor the availability of cars and return lots via the BlueSG app.

You can continue to reserve in advance (car reservations are valid for 30 minutes, party reservations for 45 minutes). Cars can be unlocked via your smartphone, and a pre-paired CEPAS card!

Car For Rental In Singapore

Tribecar is one of the pioneers in the on-demand car sharing industry, offering seriously competitive pricing. Cars can be had for as little as $0.50 per hour and you are allowed to use the car in Malaysia at no extra charge.

Budget Car Rental In Singapore

Tribecar locations are almost always within walking distance of an MRT station. Their fleet can be used for private hire purposes as their cars are equipped with Z10 insurance.

Also of note, Tribecar is the only service provider on this list that allows probationary drivers to rent their vehicles!

They have a fleet of more than 300 cars available at 85 locations in Singapore. You will be able to find their vehicles stationed in various residential areas – no long trips to reach an inaccessible car. You can also rent for as long as a day, or as short as 15 minutes.

Please note that Shariot requires a $100 refundable deposit when you first sign up. Drivers are required to be at least 22 years old and have two years’ driving experience. Please note that you must return cars with at least ¼ tank – otherwise Shariot will charge you a $30 penalty fee!

Conti Car Rental 50% Reduction Don’t Miss It

GetGo’s aim was to give users barrier-free access to cars. Their service embodies this ethos, forgoing the hassle of a manual setup for the simple and automatic integrated registration process via MyInfo.

All necessary information is extracted and processed via SingPass. Since no deposit is required to use their services, you can access their 1,000 strong fleet of five to seven seater cars with much less hassle than the competition.

These vehicles are spread over 900 locations across the island. They initially charge you a fixed hourly fee for using their vehicles, with a mileage fee then added. You don’t have to pay for fuel, as it is covered by the mileage tax!

Car For Rental In Singapore

CarClub offers pet-friendly car rental services. But don’t worry, as hygiene, especially in a pandemic, is not compromised.

Bluesg To Add New Opel Electric Cars To Fleet From End Oct, Bigger Vehicles For Comfy Rides

The company equips each car with a free bottle of disinfectant spray and antibacterial air fresheners. These help users keep the car clean, and rid the inside of pathogens and viruses that can make users sick. Free hand sanitizer is also available at the stations.

They also have a loyalty program, which rewards you with personalized discounts based on your rental times. Essentially, the more you rent, the more you save!

WhizzCar lets you have a side hustle with Grab. It is perhaps the only car rental service in Singapore that does not allow you to spend significant hours of the day driving on the roads, but still allows you to earn a little extra.

When used in this regard, although fuel, road tax, insurance and maintenance charges are covered, you must meet a minimum of two pickups per order to qualify for WhizzGrab’s discounted rates.

Mitsuoka Himiko Car Rental Service Singapore

Offers affordable rental cars, with a diverse fleet ranging from electric cars, budget/economy cars, sports utility vehicles (SUVs), multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs), luxury cars and commercial vehicles.

Rates start from a competitive $60 per day, with a minimum rental period of two days for weekends. Special holiday rental packages are available.

Cars can be delivered and/or picked up at your convenience, although an administration fee of $30 per trip will be required for the service. its car rental service caters to a wide range of users, and you can find out how to take advantage of it here.

Car For Rental In Singapore

Download the app now. Designed by drivers for drivers, this all-in-one app lets you receive the latest traffic updates, gives you access to live traffic cameras and helps you manage LTA and vehicle matters.

Tesla To Mercedes: S’pore’s Car Rental And Sharing Market, And Their Fees

? Created exclusively for drivers and car owners in Singapore, you can get instant information about our latest promotions, articles, tips and hacks, or just chat with the team and other drivers.

Automotive News October 4, 2023 October 2023 COE Results 1st Bidding: Premiums Continue to Rise Except for Cat A

Automotive News October 18, 2023 October 2023 COE Results Bidding 2: Premiums increased for all categories except Cat C, with Open Cat COE reaching a record $158,004

Car News October 23, 2023 Controversial Touch Screen ERP 2.0 OBU (On-Board Unit) will be optional for sAs a renowned and multi-award-winning premium luxury car rental company, we offer a best-in-class range of luxury cars that embody class, style, comfort and power.

Best Car Rental In Singapore

You can trust us for a trip and experience you won’t soon forget. Drive the car of your dreams, empower yourself with an exciting supercar, enjoy your holiday in a stylish convertible, or celebrate the best moments of your life with a luxurious car.

As a company born from the love of exotic and luxury cars, and with a passion and desire to make very exciting makes and models available to everyone in Singapore, Ace Drive has grown beyond expectations and is now considered the leading luxury car rental company in Singapore.

Get behind the wheel of a Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Audi, MINI, Volvo or Volkswagen. Indulge yourself, embrace the dream, turn heads, enjoy the moment and drive in a way you will never forget.

Car For Rental In Singapore

From sports cars, convertibles, luxury sedans and premium SUVs, we offer an exciting selection of luxury rental cars that will leave you wanting more when the rental car is over. Whatever your needs, be it power, space or comfort and style, you’re sure to find the ideal luxury rental car with us.

Why Choose Exclusive Limo Monthly Car Rental In Singapore?

Travel comfortably and for longer periods of time. Take advantage of this offer to get a special rental price on our popular Japanese cars!

Book on or before 16 November 2023 to enjoy this offer. Valid for rental dates starting 16 October – 15 December 2023.

If you are traveling with friends or family, a luxury rental car is the ideal way to make your trip as comfortable and luxurious as possible!

To make your journey even more comfortable, we offer a special rental price on our frequently rented Continental car models!

Renting A Car In Singapore For The First Time? Read This Quick Guide Before You Get Started

Several new cars are now available for weekly rental! Save up to 25% when you take advantage of some of our special weekly and monthly rental rates!

Book on or before 16 November 2023 to enjoy this offer. Valid for rental dates between 16 October – 15 December 2023.

Pamper our valued customers with special monthly rental car prices! Make the most of this promotion to save big on your monthly rent!

Car For Rental In Singapore

Book on or before 16 November 2023 to enjoy this offer. Valid for rental dates starting 16 October – 15 November 2023.

Car Sharing Services In Singapore With Affordable Rates [2022]

Why buy a new car when you can just lease one for as low as $1,599 per month and not worry about depreciation and all the other car ownership costs and fees? Enjoy a fixed low monthly rate plus all the benefits that come with it!

Learn more or contact us today to lease one of the best-selling new Japanese and Continental cars in Singapore!

Enjoy special rental car rates as low as $80/day on select Japanese cars when you book online. It only takes a few minutes to order a car

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