Car Accident Compensation Claim Calculator – Use our FREE 30 second compensation claim calculator to see which Personal Injury claim you are entitled to. Your information is handled confidentially and will be analyzed by our Personal Injury experts to provide you with the best possible claim value.

Many people deserve compensation, but only a percentage claim what they are owed. If you’ve been injured, fill out our no-obligation calculator to find out what compensation you might be entitled to. The value of your claim depends on a number of factors but generally there are two categories; compensation for your Personal Injury and compensation for your financial loss.

Car Accident Compensation Claim Calculator

Car Accident Compensation Claim Calculator

We have an excellent record of success with claims made on behalf of their clients and you can be sure that if you have a compensation claim, we will give you the maximum amount possible for your type of Personal Injury. Try the 30-second compensation claim calculator to see how much you can claim.

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Our aim is to help you get financial support as quickly as possible, especially if you are unable to work due to your injury and ongoing condition. Making a Personal Injury claim can seem daunting, our expert Personal Injury lawyers are trained to help you understand the process of making a claim and will explain the entire process along the way.

We will help you understand the level of compensation you can receive by providing: a full assessment of the extent of your injury, the type of injury sustained, your symptoms and their duration, advice on what to claim.

Every year we successfully help thousands of people to win/get compensation after an accident or illness, so we know exactly what kind of positive action is needed to help you get the same result.

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This website uses Google Analytics and Microsoft Clarity to collect anonymous information such as the number of visitors to the site and the most popular pages. About 6 million car accidents occur each year. Injured victims wonder, how much is my case worth?

Car Accident Compensation Claim Calculator

Through the fog of search results, you’re bound to find a website with a “solution calculator.” You will find out that this accident settlement calculator is a trap.

Washington State Car Accident Laws

Let’s dive right in, and debunk the myths of the accident settlement calculator so you can really figure out how to answer the value of your case.

With a car accident settlement calculator, so to speak, by adding 1 + 1 + 1 + 1, you will have a good idea of ​​what your case is worth. Easy, right?

Happen here. It’s not that simple. Worse, car accident settlement calculators are dangerous, and pose a danger to your case.

The good news is, after reading this article you will do more than just know the dangers. You will know how to spot them, avoid them and understand the real way to evaluate a case.

How Much Is My Car Accident Settlement Worth?

As you will learn, there are 4 variables that control the value of your case. The “value” or “worth” is not a specific number. It is the possibility of various solutions and decisions.

The injury claim calculator only accounts for 2 of the 4 variables. This means that if you rely on accident settlement calculators, you will be ignoring 50% of the variables that control the value of your case.

It gets worse. For the 2 variables considered by the solution calculator, they ignore the flexibility and variance involved in calculating the values ​​of those 2 variables.

Car Accident Compensation Claim Calculator

Here is a very simple example to illustrate this point. Let’s say we can narrow down the exact dollar value that each variable brings to the table for your case, as follows:

What Is A Diminished Value Claim?

In this example, your case is worth $200,000.  The car accident settlement calculator will tell you it’s only worth $100,000.  Do you want to leave $100,000 of settlement money on the table? Of course not. So don’t use or rely on a settlement calculator, or a lawyer who relies on one, and you reduce the chances of that happening.

♦   Even though they ignore 80% of the relevant information, they help give me some insight into the value of the case, don’t they?

NO! That’s what we’re trying to explain, and why we’re writing this article. Personal injury settlement calculators are not helpful. Ignore them completely. They are absolutely worthless. This money is worth more to you than the solution calculator:

Even better, the calculator on your smartphone is even better – because it does the same calculations as this alleged personal injury calculator without tricking you into thinking it’s doing something it’s not.

Personal Injury Settlement Value Calculator

WARNING – beware of lawyers or law firms that have personal injury calculators on their website. It’s a red flag that:

A lawyer who relies in any way on a personal injury settlement calculator is to some extent avoiding doing a deep dive into some, or all, of his or her cases. This prevents the attorney from knowing how YOUR injury uniquely hurt you, which determines damages in your case.

Why would a lawyer do that? economy. By avoiding that deep dive, attorneys are able to spend less time on your case and, therefore, take on more cases.

Car Accident Compensation Claim Calculator

♦   If a lawyer spends 1 hour on each case a week, that’s 40 cases solved every week

Will My Insurance Rate Increase After A Not At Fault Accident?

♦   If a lawyer dives into every case and spends 2 hours on each case a week, that’s 20 cases solved every week

You can see how the economics of running a law firm work hand in hand and using shortcuts, such as the use of settlement calculators, tempts some lawyers. Some law firms focus more on people. Some law firms focus more on profits. The use of a personal injury calculator is some indication of this.

What is the “multiple” approach to evaluating motor vehicle accident cases? It’s easier to explain with real numbers, so let’s look at an example:

That’s still a solution calculator! It is not so clear. That’s why we consider the multiple approach to evaluating car accident claims to be wolves in sheep’s clothing.

How Is Pain And Suffering Calculated In Illinois?

Lawyer:  We look at your damages and based on their strengths or weaknesses, we know the value of the case

You know why lawyers will sweat, and struggle to give you answers? Because the “multiple” approach is a solution calculator in disguise. The only difference between the “multiple” approach and the solution calculator approach is this:

That’s right, it’s just a more interesting solution calculator. It still ignores key variables, it ignores the variance in those variables, and it avoids the necessary deep dive into the facts of your case.

Car Accident Compensation Claim Calculator

Consistent with the multiples approach, it provides a range (eg, typical multiples of 2x to 5x) based on the generally perceived strength of the case. In consideration of that, here is the accuracy table for the multiple approach:

Free Online Accident Claim Calculator

If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident and are looking for a quick answer to the question of what my case is worth, or a new personal injury attorney trying to learn how to evaluate a case, we appreciate this – dispelling the myth of settlement calculators and the multiplier approach – is bad news. why? Because the multiples approach and the solution calculator approach are ONLY easy answers, and you just found out that both are worthless.

If the most commonly marketed techniques are worthless, how is the settlement figure calculated? We mentioned there are 4 variables that make up your case value. Read on to Chapter 2 to find out what that is, and you’ll get more answers.

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There are 4 variables that control your case value. There is no point in knowing who they are without understanding them first. However, we won’t keep you waiting to find out what it is. For that reason, we will identify them now, and discuss them in turn below. They are:

Personal Injury Attorney Fee Calculator

In non-lawyer parlance, economic damages are the losses you suffer in a motor vehicle accident that a judge or jury can award

Sure number on This is also referred to as your special damages. Special damages are losses that you can, more or less, give a fairly objective number to. You’ll understand why we say “arguably,” in a moment. But first let’s explain what economic damage is with some examples:

It sounds like simple math (something a calculator can do), so you can do it

Car Accident Compensation Claim Calculator


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