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With so many home insurance companies offering the same equipment and system coverage, choosing the right plan can involve hours of research, reading customer reviews and with a focus on the company’s name.

Can You Switch Home Warranty Companies

Can You Switch Home Warranty Companies

Our team has analyzed home warranty companies and found them on things like coverage plans and pricing. We’ve compiled our top picks below to help you find the best home design plan for you.

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American Home Shield and Liberty Home Guard are our two recommendations. American Home Shield is our number 1 choice for its low monthly payments and generous policies and equipment coverage. Liberty Home Guard is our No. 1 recommendation.

Before choosing one of our top companies, consider your needs and budget. Also, read their sample contract to understand their disclaimers, exclusions, and limitations.

The table below summarizes how the top home warranty companies compare. Monthly price figures are based on the national average calculated by our team for six of our top picks. Your monthly payment can vary depending on the size and shape of your home, your location, and your plan and accessory options. We recommend that you negotiate directly with the company you are considering for an accurate quote.

Note: We pulled quotes for a 2,000-square-foot single-family home in Raleigh, North Carolina, to determine the unit costs referenced in this article.

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When shopping for a home insurance policy, there are a few things to consider before signing up with a provider:

We spoke with Arthur Chartrand, attorney and former executive director of the National Home Service Contract Association (NHSCA). He recommends asking your company where its service technicians are located. Find out if the service providers he has registered with are in your area. Doing so can eliminate the headache of waiting for your insurance company to find a website technician.

4.4 We rate all home insurance companies on the most important things to home owners such as coverage, value, reliability, transparency, availability, and service. We calculate for 15 key data points such as coverage, systems and equipment covered, cost control, paid service, sample contract availability, response time, process requirements, and workmanship long warranty to calculate The score is made entirely by our team of editors.

Can You Switch Home Warranty Companies

American Home Shield (AHS) offers critical systems and equipment coverage with the convenience of a service call fee. Additionally, AHS covers unique issues that other providers do not, such as debris, storm, or sediment damage.

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We rated AHS 4.4 out of 5 stars in our review. We believe AHS is the best provider for comprehensive coverage because of its three coverage plans, multiple service call rates, and solid business reputation. Business is our top choice because it covers things that other companies don’t, like accidental damage and improper installation.

We carefully read American Home Shield’s sample contract and found that there is a $2,000 limit for each item covered in its ShieldGold plan. It doubles its coverage cap to $4,000 per person covered in the ShieldPlatinum plan.

AHS outreach programs provide broad coverage; its original design, ShieldSilver, covers your HVAC system. Its premium phone service allows you to make your monthly payments fit your budget.

Pros offers a flexible service call payment model that allows customers to adjust monthly payments for their budget. on devices with its ShieldPlatinum plan) Cons Charges lower monthly fees than other providers Doesn’t offer a user-only compensation plan Offers less than most suppliers with integrated options only.

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American Home Shield offers three plans: ShieldSilver, ShieldGold, and ShieldPlatinum. We called an AHS representative to ask about the group’s plans. The agent noted that AHS imposes a $5,000 coverage cap on each system covered in its only system plan, ShieldSilver. ShieldGold adds coverage for appliances, which has a $2,000 coverage limit. ShieldPlatinum also adds system and equipment coverage and increases its equipment limit to $4,000; plus, it adds leak-proof coverage, up to $1,000 in code upgrades, an HVAC tune-up, and air filter fees.

AHS allows you to draw a quote by calling an agent or using its online tool. When we used AHS’s estimate tool, it allowed us to choose a service call fee of $100 or $125. AHS says that the premium service calls result in lower monthly payments and more. All AHS plans come with a 30-day performance guarantee.

While pulling our comment, we note that AHS only offers monthly payment options. It does not include an annual fee like other providers on this list.

Can You Switch Home Warranty Companies

Our team has received quotes from American Home Shield over the phone and online. The AHS online tool requires your home address, ZIP code, and email address. We were able to switch between different plans and service payment options, quickly increasing the price.

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AHS does not allow you to use your contract for repair work. You have to choose the service provider from its options in the website. One of our company has an AHS plan and submitted a request for a swimming pool pipe. When he called, an AHS representative found a local plumber within an hour and scheduled a service appointment the next day. All repairs were completed successfully, and he was charged a service call fee.

After reading AHS customer reviews, he found that homeowners liked the company’s fast claim processes. The customer service department received mixed reviews, with some homeowners complaining that their renewal claims were lower than expected.

4.5 We value all home insurance companies on the things most important to homeowners such as coverage, value, reliability, transparency, availability, and service. We calculate for 15 key data points such as coverage, systems and equipment covered, cost control, paid service, sample contract availability, response time, process requirements, and workmanship long warranty to calculate The score is made entirely by our team of editors.

Liberty Home Guard (LHG) offers three coverage plans, a 60-day warranty, and more than 30 accessories. LHG also offers customer service through its live chat feature on its website.

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Liberty Home Guard received 4.5 out of 5 stars on our rating system. It has the best customer reviews of any home warranty provider on this list, holding an A* rating with the BBB and 4.7 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews. We recommend LHG for homeowners with specific roofing needs, as it offers a comprehensive list of accessories from waterproofing to waterproofing materials.

Our team spoke with many customer representatives to learn how LHG handles customer inquiries. Based on our experience, it holds its stellar ratings, with each agent picking up the phone in less than a minute and answering all of our questions accurately.

Pros Offers a 60-day performance guarantee Offers 38 different add-ons, including pest control and drain cleaning Offers a live chat customer service feature. -on purchase Not sure about service call charges during the quote process

Can You Switch Home Warranty Companies

Liberty Home Guard offers three service plan options: Appliance Guard, Systems Guard, and Total Home Guard. Unlike providers with simple service call rates, LHG assigns a service call rate to your account based on your plan, connection options, and location. According to the agent we spoke with, service fees range from $65 to $125. Everything LHG covers is subject to a $2,000 coverage cap, except for electrical and plumbing systems. LHG offers a $500 minimum deposit for these systems. All covered repairs are backed by a 60-day performance guarantee, which is double the industry standard of 30 days.

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Below are the monthly charges for LHG plans. Expect to pay between $600 and $720 per year. In our research, LHG offers two months of coverage if you sign up for an annual plan. LHG allows you to draw a quote over the phone or online.

Homeowners can pull quotes for Liberty Home Guard through its customer support line or through its online tool. The LHG agent will need your name, phone number, and email address to start the process. Next, you’ll enter your home number, home type, and if it’s less than 5,000 square feet. Then you can switch between monthly and annual payments to find the best fit for your budget.

LHG will send one of its on-site service technicians to repair your equipment. If there is no technician in your area, the company will let you choose one yourself.

After reading online reviews, we learned that homeowners appreciate the company’s professionalism and quick claim process. However, some customers have said that their claims have been paid less than expected.

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4.3 We value all home insurance companies on key factors to home owners such as coverage, value, reliability, transparency, availability, and service. We cover 15 details such as coverages, systems and equipment covered, monthly costs, service

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