Can You Change Your Homeowners Insurance Anytime – Many homeowners set up an escrow account through their mortgage company so they can use part of their monthly payment to cover insurance premiums and property taxes. While those with less than 20 percent in a home usually have an escrow account, any homeowner can apply for one through their mortgage company.

Unfortunately, many people think that switching home insurance is a hassle if the policy is paid for through a security deposit. This misconception can prevent them from saving hundreds or thousands of dollars a year.

Can You Change Your Homeowners Insurance Anytime

Can You Change Your Homeowners Insurance Anytime

Changing your coverage when you have an escrow account is really easy to do and can lower your monthly expenses. It’s also worth noting that you have the right to change insurance companies at any time for any reason.

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In this article, we take a look at how to switch your homeowner’s insurance to an escrow account so you can see how easy it is, even when you’re halfway through your policy.

When shopping for new home insurance, don’t just go for the price change (although that’s a priority!). Ask your current company for a copy of the statement page, or if you don’t know who your insurer is, you can find out through your mortgage company.

Your statements page lists your coverages and limits so you can directly compare your new quote to your current quote. Pay close attention to your Coverage A (home insurance) and your Coverage C (personal property insurance) – you don’t want to change them. While you may decide that some coverage options aren’t as important as they seemed when you first bought insurance, match each coverage to make sure you’re comparing prices accurately.

If you go by price alone, you may get less coverage and that can leave you vulnerable when a storm hits.

Can I Change My Home Insurance Policy In The Middle Of The Year?

Your new policy will have a mortgagee clause that states the insurance company will pay the mortgagee (ie your lender) if you experience a loss with your home. The mortgagee clause includes your lender’s official name and address, and if not filled out correctly, your lender may not get the information they need.

Your lender may think you are no longer insured, which may cause them to buy mandatory insurance. This is usually much more expensive than the coverage you buy for yourself.

Buy your new policy before canceling the old policy; you don’t want a coverage lapse that could leave you uninsured for damages that occur in that window. You will have the option to pay for your new policy (usually in full) with your escrow account. For , just send the name of your mortgage company so we can bill them for the new policy.

Can You Change Your Homeowners Insurance Anytime

Call your old insurance company and let them know you’ve changed insurance and want to cancel your policy. Tell them the date you got new coverage, even if it was a couple of days ago. If you have any unused premium, you will receive a prorated refund based on the start date of your new policy.

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Mortgage companies usually pay premiums annually. Therefore, if you switch in the middle of your policy term, your old insurance company may owe you a refund for the unused premium. It’s usually sent directly to you, not your mortgage company.

Lenders can cover any shortfall if you don’t have enough funds in your escrow account to pay the new premium. When this happens, you can usually pay them off in a lump sum or over a period of months.

Another option, however, is to send the return to your mortgage company. That way, your lender can use the repayment to cover the shortfall, and you can avoid higher monthly mortgage payments while you rebuild your escrow account.

Your mortgage company may send you a notice asking for approval to pay the new insurance company. Once approved, they’ll send you the payment and your new policy will be squared away.

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Changing your home insurance to warranty doesn’t necessarily cost money. However, your new insurance company may require a down payment to start the new policy. In this case, you may be required to make a payment if there is not enough in the escrow account to cover the cost.

If you have an escrow account, your monthly mortgage payment can go up or down. Your portion of the mortgage has not changed; this remains the same unless you refinance the mortgage. Your total monthly mortgage payment typically only changes if your property taxes or homeowner’s insurance costs have increased or decreased.

If you see a change and aren’t sure what caused it, you can request an audit of your escrow account. Your mortgage company will review the account and let you know the results.

Can You Change Your Homeowners Insurance Anytime

If you want to change your insurance company for any reason, you can do so. Think you’re paying too much for insurance and want to cut costs? No problem. Have a claim that wasn’t handled well? You can change your insurance company. Just because the insurance is handled through the warranty doesn’t mean you’re stuck with that insurance company.

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Regardless of where you are in the term of your policy when you switch – close to your renewal date, mid-term or just a couple of months away – the same steps outlined above apply if you pay through the guarantee. You can change your policy at any time.

So what are you waiting for? Get a quote to see if you can get better coverage at a better price.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in July 2020. It has been updated for accuracy and completeness. With our exceptionally busy lives, it’s tempting to think of your homeowners insurance as “set it and forget it.” It automatically renews, so why think about it, right? Unfortunately, this way of thinking will almost certainly come back to haunt you if you end up going five or ten years without re-evaluating your homeowners insurance policy.

Automatic renewal of your homeowner’s insurance does not occur without notice. Your insurance company will usually send you a policy renewal notice 30-40 days before your policy expires. This letter or email will tell you your renewal date and your policy details, and ask if you want to renew or reevaluate your coverage. Failure to respond to this notification is an indication that you have read the letter and accepted the terms: they will automatically renew your policy on the stated renewal date.

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This means you have a window of at least a month to delve into what is insured in your home. If you don’t tell your insurer about any changes to your home or possessions, you could be underinsured in the event of fire, theft, natural disaster, etc.

If your old policy no longer makes sense for your needs, it’s time to find a new one. Fortunately, you have at least thirty days to choose a new policy, which is a long time.

Have you had your policy for years and are wondering how to switch home owners insurance? Don’t worry, it’s a breeze. Be sure to shop around and get multiple quotes to make sure you’re getting the best possible deal. Ask for the discounts you’re entitled to (insurance providers won’t always offer them), then take your time to decide if the policy is right for you.

Can You Change Your Homeowners Insurance Anytime

When you are ready to make the switch, notify your insurance provider of your non-renewal as soon as possible and contact your new insurance provider to set it up.

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Your policy will usually include a detailed list of insurable goods. Keep receipts for any new jewelry or electronics somewhere and include them in your list of insurable items. Most standard insurance policies have limited coverage when it comes to valuables, such as $2,000 maximum in case of theft, fire, etc. (You are not insured in case of loss). If this is ridiculously low, I want to see how to increase this limit to something more reasonable.

Think back over the past five years: Have you made any improvements to your home? Have you remodeled a kitchen or bathroom, or added a gazebo, patio or shed to your garden? If the answer is yes and you haven’t told your insurance company, call them as soon as possible. You need to find out if you have blanket coverage for all the buildings on your property or scheduled coverage that allows you to pick and choose coverage amounts for each structure. You also want to check how much your home’s value has appreciated with these changes and updates so your coverage can be adjusted accordingly.

Indeed, yes! Most insurance companies will reward you for improving your home security with features like video doorbells, smart home devices, fire or other alarm systems, etc. If a decade passes and little by little you have been improving this aspect of your home. at home, notify your insurance company! Not all upgrades will increase your premiums.

Believe it or not, many people receive their annual notification letter or email and just put it in a drawer or

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