Can You Cash A Check Through An Atm – PITTSBURGH, August 28, 2013 // –PNC Bank customers now have a more convenient way to make deposits, get cash and complete other transactions with the addition of new features to 3,600 ATMs.

“PNC is always looking for innovative ways to make banking easier and more convenient for our customers,” said Ken Justice, PNC ATM chief. “The improvements to our ATMs are another major investment that will help customers bank when and where they want.”

Can You Cash A Check Through An Atm

Can You Cash A Check Through An Atm

The smart ATMs, which can be found at among the bank’s 7,200 ATMs nationwide, allow customers to cash checks and deposit rolls of cash or checks without an envelope 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Other benefits include:

Ways To Cash A Check Without A Bank Account

Justice noted that customers are increasingly taking advantage of PNC’s investments in services and technology. Before the ATM upgrade was completed, deposits through ATMs and mobile apps increased to 23 percent of PNC’s total deposits in the second quarter, up from 14 percent last year.

At, the bank provides detailed information and educational videos about online banking, mobile banking, mobile deposit, text banking, Popmoney (for sending and receiving money via smartphone) and the PNC Finder app for each ATM and branch.

PNC Bank, a National Association, is a member of The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. (NYSE:PNC). PNC ( is one of the nation’s largest diversified financial institutions, providing retail and business banking services; residential mortgage banking; specialized services for corporations and government agencies, including corporate banking, real estate finance and asset-based lending; wealth management and asset management. Follow PNCNews on Twitter for the latest PNC news, updates and announcements.

PNC Bank is acquiring $16.6 billion of select capital commitment instruments from Signature Bridge Bank, N.A. PNC Bank (“PNC”) today announced that it has acquired a portfolio of capital obligations from Signature Bridge Bank, N.A., through an agreement…

Withdraw Cash Without A Card? There’s An App For That

New PNC Bank Employer and Employee Survey Finds U.S. Business Productivity Is an Unexpected Victim of Inflation PNC Bank today released the results of its inaugural Workplace Financial Wellness 2023: What Employees Want (and Need) report, which summarizes…

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The launch of the face verification ATM represents OCBC’s first foray into the Asia Pacific region. And OCBC’s launch of facial biometrics for ATM services brings Singapore closer to eliminating the need to carry an ATM card. OCBC uses Singapore’s national digital identity infrastructure SingPass Face Verification to securely verify customers when making banking transactions at ATMs.

Can You Cash A Check Through An Atm

Facial verification is built into security features to prevent fraud. This includes activity detection technology that detects and blocks the use of photos, videos or masks during the verification process.

How To Use A Japanese Atm

The first transaction that can be completed using Face Verification at OCBC ATMs is an account balance inquiry. This will be rolled out for the first time at eight ATMs across Singapore. OCBC will gradually roll out facial verification for cash withdrawals to all OCBC ATMs in Singapore.

This innovation appeared after the first and only implementation of cash withdrawal using a QR code in the country in July 2019. In 2020, QR code cash withdrawals increased by 70% year-on-year.

Balance inquiries and cash withdrawals are the most commonly used ATM services. Together they account for about 8 in 10 of all ATM transactions made by OCBC customers.

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Sunny Kwek, head of consumer financial services at OCBC Bank in Singapore, says: “Consumers in Singapore are actively adopting digital technologies, even older people. While cash is still the primary payment method, consumers are very welcoming of the ability to receive cash digitally.

“In 2020, more than 40% more customers signed up for PayNow and the number of PayNow transactions doubled compared to 2019. Cash withdrawals using QR codes at ATMs increased by 88% in 2020 compared to the same period last year. With many customers already using QR code cash withdrawals without the need to use an ATM card, face verification will add a level of convenience to more customers when accessing our banking touchpoints.”

Can You Cash A Check Through An Atm

In particular, more than 200,000 digital OCBC “debutantes” made their first digital banking transactions in 2020. Today, more than seven million logins to the OCBC mobile banking app are made every month using biometric facial or fingerprint authentication. However, ATM usage remains high, with more than two million cash withdrawals per month.

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