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We love DIY solutions to fix things. This is the main reason why we created a DIY ceramic coating. Our philosophy is simple. Our mission is to provide high-quality solutions to common automotive problems so people can do it themselves. But sometimes things can get too shady for our liking.

Can Toothpaste Remove Scratches From Car

Can Toothpaste Remove Scratches From Car

So is the mythical concept of whether toothpaste will remove car scratches. With all due respect, this is just your typical backwoods solution to solving shit.

Car Scratch Repairs

But you know, I’m not going to make a point without providing facts to support my opinion. So let me explain some of the reasons why toothpaste (even powerful tartar inhibitors that can help you overcome cavities) creeps up on you. It’s not the best option for filling scratches that occur on daily drivers. We’ll also discuss the best tools to remove surface scratches and give you some DIY tips.

Toothpaste is effective against creeping cavities, but it’s not very effective at removing scratches from car paint. Toothpaste is formulated with abrasives, which act as cleaning and abrasive agents, making up about 40 percent of the total ingredient list.

Most of these abrasives are made from silica or chalk, such as dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, sodium metaphosphate, zirconium silicate, and calcium pyrophosphate. It basically acts as lightweight sandpaper, and when applied to a microfiber cloth with a little water, it helps remove scratches in a similar way.

Toothpaste helps polish the uneven surface of the top coating of the applied material. By cutting the surface, you can fill in small gaps and scratches. The problem is that filling scratches with toothpaste primarily works on soft surfaces like DVDs and CDs. It is less effective on hard surfaces, such as clear coats on automotive paint.

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Before attempting to remove a scratch, you must first identify the type of scratch. This brings us to the first challenge associated with removing scratches from a car, all things being equal. In reality, there are multiple grades of scratches, each requiring its own removal process.

Scratches occur when a hard material cuts into a soft material. How deeply the scratch is embedded in the surface determines the level or type of scratch. Light scratches can be easily removed with abrasive powder or cutting compound, but deeper scratches will require sandpaper or more aggressive removal methods.

The first “level” of car body scratches are simple clear coat scratches. This happens every day in most cars, trucks, and SUVs around the world. This type of scratch can be caused by multiple things, including dirty towels, microscopic dust on the surface, and even simple car washing techniques. They are usually microscopically deep and therefore very difficult to see. However, if you look at the surface at an angle, the light will show the imperfections.

Can Toothpaste Remove Scratches From Car

This type of scar is also called a swirl mark. Most of the time, these troubles are caused by improper car wash techniques, such as using dirty car wash mitts or towels to wash and dry your car. However, it can also occur from using automatic car washes because they use industrial-strength materials that are very abrasive.

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The most common method to remove clear coat scratches is to use a polishing or cutting compound with an electric buffer. This method essentially involves making cuts in the clear coat and smoothing it out until the scratches are removed or filled by polish or clear coat residue.

If the scratches are deep into the clear coating, a more aggressive paint remediation method will be required. In most cases, this starts with using a light grit sandpaper and then using an abrasive to fill in any light scratches.

The next type of paint scratch is when it penetrates the clear coat. This can be identified by first checking to see if there is a different pigment or “color” at the bottom of the wound. If you can’t see the “primer” or background, it’s digging into the base paint.

The problem is that this type of scratch cannot be easily removed. This is more of a “concealing” process, sanding down until it’s almost invisible.

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If the scratches dig into the paint, it will be in pretty bad shape. The only solution is to try to hide the scratches, unless it’s okay to remove the entire clear coating on the area. This is done by polishing with a strong cutting compound and an electric orbital polisher.

Another option is to sand the area down to the paint. However, this is very tricky. Once you get to the paint level, it’s easy to move on to the primer. Usually the only fix in this case is to use touch-up paint and then apply a clear coat.

If you can see the primer at the bottom of the scratch, like the scratch above, no simple DIY fix is ​​needed. It’s true that toothpaste won’t cure it. The solution for this type of scratch is to tape off the section, sand down to the primer on that section, and apply several coats of matching paint and clear coat.

Can Toothpaste Remove Scratches From Car

This is the type of wound that requires immediate attention. Some DIYers purchase clear coats and apply them to scratches to “protect” them from exposure to the elements. The main problem here is that moisture from other contaminants is usually trapped under the scratches, which leads to oxidation and subsequently to the formation of rust.

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Once you discover a scratch, it’s important to repair or protect it as soon as possible. There are several reasons for this. First, if the scratch penetrates the clear coating, the soft and easily scratched material will be exposed to oxidation, which will cause rust as mentioned above.

The first method used by car enthusiasts is to save scratches or protect the vehicle from future damage. This concept provides the best and fastest way to reduce the possibility of oxidation and rust formation.

In most cases, car owners use a clear coat spray can to quickly paint over the area. The main problem with this method is that overspraying can introduce dirt, debris, and other contaminants to other areas of the painted surface.

The second way to save the scratch is to apply a wax or paint sealant. This allows the scratch to be “filled” with a hard protective layer that is easier to remove than a ceramic coating or another semi-permanent protective layer.

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Paint touch-up is another idea for resolving blemishes. This process will take you through a step-by-step process to remove scratches from your vehicle. Basically, paint correction involves high-speed buffing using an orbital polisher to cut into the affected areas.

This process can be completed for scratches that do not penetrate the clear coating. Applying cutting compounds and abrasives in multiple stages will help level the surface, fill in imperfections, and remove cosmetic scratches.

If you decide that filling scratches with toothpaste isn’t worth the investment of time and effort, it’s probably best to move on to a tried-and-true method: paint touch-up. Some auto mechanics are adamant that paint touch-ups can only be done by professionally trained personnel. And most of the time they are correct.

Can Toothpaste Remove Scratches From Car

The best results from paint retouching are produced by people who are trained and use the best materials and techniques. However, it is possible to complete some of her DIY paint fixes without excessive training.

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I wrote a pretty detailed article focusing on DIY paint fixes. For clarity, we will provide an overview of this article and the steps you can take if you want to repair small scratches.

Below are general steps to remove small scratches and swirls on paint. Other types of paint damage should be repaired by a professional mechanic or auto body specialist.

Before removing scratches, you must first prepare the surface of the vehicle. This includes removing any existing polish or wax on the surface. To do this, follow these general steps:

Paint correction consists of three steps: leveling, surface polishing, and protection. The leveling stage involves using an orbital polisher, some microfiber pads, and a good cutting compound. This video shows how this process is completed.

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Sanding is the third part of the paint correction process. This step should be completed using a buffing or polishing wheel and plenty of new microfiber pads.

If you’ve spent money, time, and resources to repair surface scratches, it’s a good idea to protect your car from future scratches. In general, there are several different options to consider.

A good quality car wax is very effective in protecting your car’s surface from future scratches. The only problem is that it only lasts about 2 months.

Can Toothpaste Remove Scratches From Car

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