Can I Stop My Health Insurance Anytime – The Affordable Care Act introduced more health care consumers to the idea of ​​purchasing plans on their own outside of an employer-offered group plan. This is a change in strategy, so a licensed insurance broker has some common questions, such as “When are individual and family insurance plans available for purchase?” and “Is this a year-long process or is there a time window to buy?”.

To answer the question “Can I buy health insurance anytime?” You should understand how open and exclusive enrollment works.

Can I Stop My Health Insurance Anytime

Can I Stop My Health Insurance Anytime

Private health insurance is purchased by an individual rather than a group. The best private health insurance policies are available for individuals to purchase outside the insurance market. These policies can be written for individuals or families. A private health insurance policy is able to fill in the gaps left by group policies and Medicare/Medicaid. A private policy may also offer a more comprehensive list of benefits.

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There are certain occasions when you may need private health insurance coverage. Loss of your COBRA coverage, either through exhaustion of benefits or if your employer stops paying premiums, is one reason you may need individual health insurance. Getting married or having dependents will also trigger the need for a private policy. If you are above 26 years of age and hence you may also need private health insurance coverage to stick to your parent’s group policy. Being self-employed or unemployed will also require you to purchase your own coverage. If you are between jobs, you may only need a short-term health insurance policy.

Private health insurance coverage must be purchased during open enrollment, just like other types of health insurance. If you experience a qualifying event, you have 60 days to apply for a qualifying health insurance policy. You may find a policy you like outside of the open enrollment period, but if you don’t have a qualifying event, you can’t actually buy it. Some agencies may allow you to choose a policy and pay a portion of the private health insurance cost to lock in the premium amount. However, coverage will not take effect until after the open enrollment period.

There are opportunities for consumers looking to purchase Obamacare-compliant health insurance for themselves or their families. Everyone has the opportunity to buy health insurance or switch health insurance plans purchased on the exchange during the Open Enrollment Period, or OEP. OEP is an annual event, and in most cases, it runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from November 1st through December 15th. This date may vary slightly by state, so be sure to check the OEP dates for your state.

Annual OEP is the time to purchase qualified health plans (QHPs), in accordance with the ACA without complications. You will need to review your choices and apply for coverage before OEP ends. But there are situations in which you can get these plans outside of the open enrollment period, such as if you’re eligible for special enrollment because of a qualifying life event.

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Once that open enrollment window closes, things change for consumers needing individual or family health insurance. To buy an ACA-compliant insurance plan on the exchange, you must meet special enrollment criteria. (the federal marketplace or exchange) defines a special enrollment period as the time outside of the open enrollment period for private health insurance in which individuals with special conditions can purchase individual and family policies.

You may be eligible for special enrollment if you have a qualifying life event. Some qualifying events include:

Loss of your current insurance plan will also open the door to special enrollment. This change can be caused by:

Can I Stop My Health Insurance Anytime

You generally have 60 days after a qualifying life event to apply for a new qualified health insurance plan.

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If you’re not sure if you meet a special enrollment criteria, an eHealth licensed insurance broker can help you figure it out and find an ACA-compliant plan if you’re eligible to sign up. can do.

If you fail to qualify for special enrollment, you still have some options but still need some coverage until the next open enrollment period. eHealth has other options that ease the burden while you wait, such as short-term health insurance and discount drug plans. These are not Obamacare compliant, but can be an effective alternative for someone looking for some type of medical coverage.

Keep in mind that these alternatives may include products that are not health insurance products, but supplemental products. Non-Obamacare products won’t protect you from potential uninsured fees. In addition, non-Obamacare insurance plans have other limitations: they are not required to provide Obamacare’s minimum essential benefits, they may exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions, and they are not eligible for government subsidies or tax credits. are not eligible for

Private health insurance coverage can be purchased during the open enrollment period or after a life-changing event occurs that allows for a 60-day special enrollment period. You cannot buy private health insurance outside of these specific circumstances.

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Yes! You can buy individual health insurance through the health insurance marketplace or private carriers. If you’re not sure which private health insurance plan is right for you, you can contact eHealth agents who will guide you through the process of finding the best health insurance plan for your situation.

If you are concerned about the cost of private health insurance, there are many places that offer affordable policies, including eHealth.and you can visit to learn more. With eHealth, you can find many of the best private health insurance plans in one place. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get quality health insurance.

Check out the various individual and family health insurance options that eHealth offers. eHealth agents are here to help you find the coverage option that best meets your needs — now and in the future. Whether you need individual health insurance, dental insurance, or a combination, you can find what you need at eHealth. You can view the insurance options available to you at your convenience, or contact an eHealth representative via chat or phone.

Can I Stop My Health Insurance Anytime

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