Can I Apply For F1 Visa While In Us – The F1 visa, popularly known as a US student visa, is a very attractive option for many who want to attend school in the US, with the F1 visa, one can live and study in the US, in this guide, we will explore some of the important rules. Regarding the F1 visa. If you have any questions, feel free to request a free consultation with our office.

The process of obtaining an F1 visa can be relatively simple: once admitted to a college, after proving that you can support yourself and meet the various requirements, the school will issue the prospective student a Form I-20, a Certificate of Eligibility. For nonimmigrant student status. Once in possession of the I-20 form, the foreign student can apply for the F1 visa on the DS-160 form available on the US Department of State website and an F1 visa will be issued to begin studies.

Can I Apply For F1 Visa While In Us

Can I Apply For F1 Visa While In Us

Assuming you already have an F1 visa and are in the US, you may be wondering what the rules are for your situation. Student status does not allow you to live in the United States as a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident. There are limitations to F1 student status that all F1 visa holders should be aware of when studying in the United States.

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The most important rule of F1 status is, naturally, maintaining one’s F1 status. This means that you must attend your classes, get passing grades in all your classes, and obey your school’s rules and regulations.

As an F1 student’s status depends on their staying in school, students must follow campus rules. An F1 student who violates campus rules, such as underage drinking, drug use, or any other type of activity, may be found to have violated their F1 status and face having their status revoked. F1 students should be cautious about any activity that may cause immigration complications.

Another important do not for F1 status holders is not to work without permission. This does not mean that F1 students cannot obtain work authorization while in F1 status, which will be discussed shortly. However, working without proper permission from your school is a violation of your student status and is taken very seriously by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Whether the job you’re considering is something as trivial as babysitting, dog walking, or some other job, carefully consider the ramifications for your student status.

Although the above restrictions may seem strict, the “to do” list for F1 status is comparatively pleasant! You should make the most of your student status. Apart from the restrictions related to activities and work, in many ways F1 visa holders can live independently in the US, use your time as a student to get a good education, make friends and enjoy school!

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In terms of work authorization, certain students can apply to their school’s Designated School Officer (DSO) to provide them with curricular practical training while at school. Co-curricular practical training is usually offered due to extreme financial hardship or for summer internship programs related to your program of study. However not all students are eligible for co-curricular practicum, and its award is entirely at the discretion of your school’s DSO.

Also, most F1 students (with limited exceptions) are eligible after their graduation for Optional Practical Training (OPT), a simple one-year process in which you apply to US Citizenship and Immigration Services for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) card. . The application is made on Form I-765 and, as noted, the graduate is granted one year of work authorization. During this period, the foreign student can work for any employer, provided that proper notification has been given to the school’s DSO. However, you should note that the employment period is usually limited to one year, unless your field of study is a STEM field. After their one-year OPT expires, STEM field students can apply for an additional two-year work permit if they have an employer.

During an initial year of OPT, F1 students can present the subject of long-term sponsorship with their employers. This often takes the form of entry into the H1B visa lottery, which runs in March of a given fiscal year. Note that there is no guarantee of selection in the lottery, and if you are not selected, you may run the risk of not having work authorization in the United States.

Can I Apply For F1 Visa While In Us

Other long-term options are available on a limited basis to foreign students after their OPT expires. Citizens of Canada, Mexico, Australia, Chile and Singapore are eligible for special visa status based on their nationality. Qualified journalists and reporters can apply for a specialized media-related visa called the I visa, provided certain qualifications are met. Also, entrepreneurs who wish to start their own business may qualify for the grant of E-2 treaty investor status. The regulations associated with these alternative visa categories are complex and should not be navigated without the assistance of an attorney.

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On a final note, F1 visa holders are admitted to the US as duration of status. Unlike most employment-based visas, the duration of status is non-expiring, meaning that the foreign national is not provided with an extension or departure date from the U.S. Even if you change programs or go to higher education, as long as they remain under the terms of their F1 visa, they are legally eligible. is presented.

If you are a US person in F1 status with questions about your status and future potential work authorization, feel free to contact my office. You can request a free consultation by clicking this link.

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Can I Apply For F1 Visa While In Us

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