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If you’re reading this, chances are the unthinkable has happened and you have a scratch on your car. Regardless of the age of your vehicle, a scratch is frustrating, unsightly, and holds the potential for long-term damage. So your car has a scratch (or two). now what?

Buffing Scratches Out Of Car Paint

Buffing Scratches Out Of Car Paint

Depending on the depth and severity of the scratch, you can take a few different routes to remove it. In this guide, we’ll detail, pun intended, how you can remove scratches from your car and restore it to its original shine.

Buffing Your Car

To understand how to remove scratches from your car, you need to understand the anatomy of your vehicle’s paint job and why scratch care is so important.

Your car’s paint consists of three layers: primer, base coat, and top coat. Every time your car gets scratched, the paint is compromised. As scratches penetrate each layer of paint, dirt, water and other elements enter the crack and can cause serious long-term damage.

If a scratch is deep enough to crack the primer and hit the car’s metal body, it’s only a matter of time before rust develops. Then you have a whole new and rather expensive problem on your hands. Once rust forms, it is difficult to stop the progress and remove it. You will almost certainly need professional help, and what used to be just a scratch with an easy fix has turned into a serious problem.

Even the slightest scratch that only disrupts the clear top layer will severely devalue your car. And of course, the deeper the scratch, the more it reduces the value of your vehicle, especially if you ever decide to sell it. Removing these paint scratches will help your car retain not only its aesthetic value, but its dollar value as well.

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Not all scratches are created equal, but you should tackle them all and remove them until they are gone. Determining the severity of a scratch on your car is simple. And you already have the tool you need to get the job done.

When assessing the scratch on your car, simply run your fingernail across the paint. As you drag the nail over the scratch, note how deep it is. If it’s thinner than a sheet of paper or if the nail doesn’t grab at all, it’s likely that your clear coat is the only coat of paint that’s been damaged.

However, if the scratch is thicker than a sheet of paper or your fingernail grabs it, the scratch is deeper than the clear coat and you will need to approach the scratch accordingly.

Buffing Scratches Out Of Car Paint

Taking care of light swirls or scratches on the surface of the car is easy and affordable. Sometimes a car wash can leave light marks on your vehicle. Even fingernails can scratch the surface around door handles. You can easily remove these surface-level stains with a little time, a little elbow grease, and a scratch remover. The process is simple:

How To Remove, Touch Up And Buff Out Scratched Car Paint

A scratch remover product allows for a single application to remove swirls and light scratches. It works by both cleaning and polishing, taking care of light marks on the car’s paintwork. These products will easily take care of scratches on your vehicle.

In some cases, you will have a scratch so deep that it has gone through the clear coat on the base paint. Addressing these deeper scratches takes a little effort, but if you’re willing to put in the time and energy, you can save yourself a trip to the body shop and have your scratches removed at home. When you nail your car hood and get your nails stuck, you can use the method we’ll describe here to take care of them.

This scratch removal method is perfect for new scratches that have yet to rust. If a scratch has dug into your car’s metal body or if rust has set in, you’ll want to take your vehicle into the shop. At this point, if the repair isn’t done perfectly, you run the risk of rust spreading and damaging your car.

In most cases of light to moderately deep scratches, you can clean them right at home. However, if a scratch has reached the level of the primer or even the bare metal of your car, it should be addressed by a professional as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can fix the problem with a little time and effort. With this guide, you have all the information you need to remove those scratches from your car and make it look like new.

How To Buff Our Scratches On A Car?

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Buffing Scratches Out Of Car Paint

Aidan Pounder is a product tester who has written reviews ranging from box covers to roof racks. If he’s not burning up the clutch in his 2003 Ford Focus Zx3, you’ll find him up to date on the latest happenings in the world of European football.

Scratch Removal: First Aid For Your Paint Damaged Car

All cars likely have a scratch or two from getting stuck in a parking lot or being scraped by the garage door when entering it. These scratches can both add to and detract from the visual appeal of your favorite ride. They can also allow water damage or rust to take hold and lead to an expensive repair bill. With a car scratch remover, you can treat these spots and make your car look like new again.

The car scratch removers in this article went through two rounds of reviews. We started by searching retailers like Amazon, RealTruck and Advance Auto Parts for the best products, looking at factors like application methods, disposal types, customer ratings and prices.

Our product testing team then asked for the car scratch removers that best met these standards. A team member tested each product on one of our test vehicles, looking at how easy the car scratch remover was to use, how effective it was, and whether it left any residue behind.

One of our team members had scraped his car against a cement pillar in a garage before the test. This gave us a perfect test vehicle that simulated the type of damage often seen in daily driver vehicles. The scrape was large enough to test all five products, as there were scratches on the door and the corner of the front bumper.

Scratches On The Paintwork Of Your Car? Get Rid Of Them Easily

Each car scratch remover received a 5.0 star rating based on ease of use, effectiveness and residue left behind

Our review team thoroughly researched the most popular car scratch removers on auto enthusiast message boards as well as places like Amazon. We looked for products with positive customer reviews that are known to easily and effectively remove small scratches from the vehicle.

Next, we ordered several car scratch removers from different brands and at different prices for testing.

Buffing Scratches Out Of Car Paint

Before testing, we thoroughly washed the scratches on the car to remove any dust or residue from the cement pillar. We then used a cordless drill and a single type of sanding pad to test each of the products (except the 3M Scratch Removal System, which came with pads).

Fix For Rear Apron Scratches

Many of the scratches on our test car were deep. DIY car scratch removal products are only intended to resurface the top layer of the clearcoat, not to fill deep scratches. You will see that some scratches are still visible after the test. However, the products removed most, if not all, of the smaller scratches on the vehicle.

After using each car scratch remover according to the included instructions, we evaluated each product’s ease of use, overall effectiveness, and how much residue was left after use.

Some car scratch removers are easier to use than others. For a particular product, could we easily understand how to use it and apply the appropriate technique? Did the product require heavy scrubbing or just a few flicks of the wrist to apply? Car scratch removers that are simple and fast-acting scored best in this category.

What kind of car scratches did the product remove and how did the car look afterwards? We measured effectiveness by looking at how well (or poorly) each product masked scratches. We tested each remover on car scratches of varying depths with the expectation that these products would not remove deeper scratches.

How To Repair Deep Scratches And Chips In Car Paint

Car scratch products tend to leave residue after the polishing process. How much did the product leave and make cleaning the car difficult? Products that left the least residue or residue scored best in this category.


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