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Bmw Dyno Tuning Near Me – BMW has expanded its line of luxury sports cars! The M3 G80 brings a new look to the 3 Series model. But what if we can do it better?

BMW has expanded its line of luxury sports cars! The M3 G80 brings a new look to the 3 Series model. The JFA tuning module can give M3 a huge performance boost! The 3 Series is undoubtedly BMW’s best-selling car model. The twin-turbo S58 inline-six engine installed in the new BMW M3 drives the rear wheels like every day is race day! That being said, the M3 will be able to give the competition like the Audi RS5 a run for their money! If you want to know more about how brilliant the car is, here’s a review from Car Magazine. Thanks to this information, we realized that we need to equip the BMW with a tuning module! This way the car would go from just good to absolutely stunning! So we put this brilliant car on the Dyno for a day. This will give us time to install our customization module and now we have an exciting end result…

Bmw Dyno Tuning Near Me

Bmw Dyno Tuning Near Me

According to BMW, the M3 G80 leaves the factory with 510 horsepower and 650 Nm of torque. However, we know that more often than not, they leave the factory with better performance than claimed. We know this from previous work with other BMWs. To get an idea for ourselves, we strapped the M3 to our handy dyno. We ran the car a few times until we got a clear graph to see exactly how well the car was performing. As it turns out, we were right! Our findings showed that the M3 had 520 horsepower and 706.3 Nm of torque. With 56.3Nm above stock, we knew very quickly that this car was going to pack a ton of power! Skinoeu Compatible With Bmw Emblem 51767288752 Front Hood Rear Trunk Roundel Tuning Badge 82mm 1 2 3 4 5 7 X1 X2 X3 X4 X5 X6 X7 No Fear Black Ex 9

Like we said, the M3 is incredible … When you decide to put your foot down, be prepared to sink into your seat! However, even with this much power, it is still comfortable to drive. After we installed our tuning module on the car, we ran it again on the Dyno to see exactly what benefits the car received. By using the JFA tuning module, we can use its plug and play function to quickly and safely provide the best performance of the car!

After several hours of testing, logging data, and tweaking the tuning module, we got the final numbers… 610 hp. and a torque of 823.8 Nm! That’s a big improvement on 90hp and with that much torque, it’ll knock you off your feet! During the final road test and data recording, we cleared any fault codes that may have been set during the dyno runs. We could feel the power increase which was nothing short of insane! This customer is incredibly happy with the results and said it “feels like a brand new car”.

If you own a BMW and would like to inquire about tuning with us, give us a call today or use the form above!

Search our ECU tuning options to increase your vehicle’s power and torque, as well as our extensive range of performance parts. Dyno setup is the foundation of the final setup that started it all for us. As such, we are proud to have one of the few custom built dyno kits in North America! Our dynamic chamber is designed with proper ventilation, ventilation and air flow, soundproof walls and high speed fans to direct fresh air not only into your vehicle’s intake system, but also through the engine coolant and oil radiators where possible. This is critical to maintaining a proper and consistent temperature for tuning and a feature not found in most dyno tuning shops. Combined with our highly reliable and stable AWD Dynapack chassis dyno and our vast arsenal of tuning systems, tools and expertise, you can be sure your vehicle will be properly tuned for optimal performance in a controlled and safe environment!

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We approach all of our dyno and tuning services with a friendly “down to earth” attitude. We love helping fellow car enthusiasts, race teams and performance shops explore power testing, product development and the art of dynamite tuning! Some of the key systems for which we provide Pro-Tuning support include the following:

Since late 2019+, BMW has introduced a software update to lock the ECU and prevent OBD flash, effectively preventing us from tuning the ECU. Naturally, the performance industry responded and created hardware and software to unlock the ECU to allow us to do our thing again! Although the tools are expensive and the ECU needs to be removed from the car, that’s the price we have to pay to play.

Definitive Tuning continues to be at the forefront of professional dyno tuning for BMW, Porsche, Subaru, Nissan / Infiniti and Honda. So we’ve invested in tools that allow us to do our own “control unit unlock” so we can set up the dyno on the same day as usual without any delays. We are proud to be one of the first in Canada to offer this service. Please contact us for more details.

Bmw Dyno Tuning Near Me

BWW F-Series S55 (M2, M3, M4) | BMW B58 (M240i, 340i, 440i, 540i, 640i, Z4 M40i, A90 Supra)

Bmw 320d 135 Kw Ecu Remap

Tuning the engines of the latest BMW N54, N55, B58, S55 and others over the years has progressed like clockwork. Both the aftermarket performance industry, tuners, and OEM development have produced phenomenal gains in power, torque, and reliability.

XHP Flashtool takes your car to the next level and is the real icing on the cake, putting power to the wheels with lightning fast up/down shifting and torque holding capabilities! We’ve tested xHP extensively on the streets and tracks over the years and recommend running one of the stage maps without our fine tuning! Visit or feel free to contact us for more information!

We use cookies to analyze website traffic and optimize your experience. By accepting the use of cookies, your data will be combined with all other user data. This package covers the cost of remote tuning of your current custom map should you need it after our first free 2 hour session which is included with our custom tuning maps.


Bmw N54 Dyno Tuning In Atlanta.

User privacy is our greatest concern. Shop with us safe in the knowledge that we do not share your personal data with anyone or corporate entities.

I met Harry with Navardi a couple of months ago and everything went up after that. He helped me with various questions about my n20 engine with lower compression pistons. Salem, Belgium

Amazing experience, Harrison’s work is great. He did a great job customizing the BM3 for my F31 N20 wagon. Has great recommendations and resources. Without any doubt, the eyes are closed in the trust of any melody. Billy, Canada

Bmw Dyno Tuning Near Me

Harry from Navardi Tuned is the most experienced tuner for these engines. My n20 now works better and more efficiently; strong, smooth and consistent!Spencer, USA

Bmw Chip Tuning

Harrison did a perfect job on my BMW F33 420i engine. Very seriously, he spared no effort to give me programs at the highest level. Powerful, flexible jet with maximum reliability. I live in France, the time difference has never been a problem. Depending on the data logs created, I received dozens of updates over the course of several weeks. Excellent observation. Definitely recommend Navardi Tuned! Laurent, France

The most seamless experience, Harry (the owner) is the most helpful person I have ever met in the industry! I received endless support in the months leading up to setup, throughout the setup process, and a TON of follow up after. Do not listen to some of the other reviews here on Google, they are spreading serious misinformation. What they all miss is the fact that the owner of the problem vehicle was negligent in maintaining a car that HE chose to tune up well above factory specs…that would seem to be very typical of a normal person. However, if you want your BMW tuned up to make it more fun to drive, or to accompany any modifications you’ve made, you couldn’t find a better guy than Harry. Ryan, Australia Alex’s Autohaus is proud to announce that we are the newest dealer for Noelle Performance. This new relationship provides our customers with the most advanced customization for the latest vehicles and electronic control units from BMW. Alex’s Autohaus, in collaboration with Noelle Performance, is now able to provide performance tunes not available anywhere else. This includes BMW 5-Series and 8-Series vehicles equipped with the N63 engine.

Noelle Performance was founded by one of the best BMW tuners in the world; Karl-Otto Noel. Karl was the Chief Engine Development Engineer at the legendary Alpina before establishing Noelle Performance. He previously offered his tuning services to companies such as AC Schnitzer, Dinan, Hartge and Wiesmann, among others. We can now provide this expertise


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