Black Rims For Jeep Patriot – Do you want to use them in your cars but think they might be out of your budget?

But, Aussie Tires’ acclaimed Jeep Patriot Rims are ready to impress you with their exclusive designs.

Black Rims For Jeep Patriot

Black Rims For Jeep Patriot

Aussie Tires are known throughout Australia for their exceptional tires and rims for a variety of cars.

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Jeep Patriot Rims by Aussie Tires are not only good in looks but also in terms of performance.

With these Jeep Patriot rims, your friends will love the new look of your Land Cruiser and similar cars.

Aussie Tires know how to maintain standards to always maintain the quality of tires and rims for their long distance customers.

Jeep Patriot Rims are fabricated by highly experienced engineers so that they can blend in comfortably with your cars and give their spell binding features.

Before And After On My Jeep Patriot! Dipped The Wheels And Made Them Completely Black And Added A Roof Rack. Hoping To Put Some Bigger Tires On Soon And Extend The Rack. :

You can try these Jeep Patriot rims for a sporty look or a formal approach depending on your choices.

There is no doubt that the quality will give you utmost satisfaction when you display your vehicles with these beautiful Jeep Patriot rims.

Aussie Tires has dedicated all of their experience and effort to your preferences so that you can get the best looking Jeep Patriot rims.

Black Rims For Jeep Patriot

To ensure that the service they provide is excellent, their expert team will tune your car so that they are ready to impress the public.

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Having these Jeep Patriot rims fitted to your cars by the skilled professionals of Aussie Tires will ensure that your cars maintain their durability.

Ease of ordering and round-the-clock support for complaints has given Aussie Tire a new perspective in the automation market.

You can also inquire about rims other than Jeep Patriot rims as they have many models and sizes available to you.

But, that doesn’t mean the quality of these Jeep Patriot rims and other rims will go down.

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Contact Aussie Tires now on 1300 699 699 or visit the online store to view a large selection of top quality Jeep Patriot rims in various sizes and styles. Question for you: I recently bought glossifier and metallizer to give my front- the matte black wheels are a bit refreshing. I understand that I like the Metallic Charcoal on its own on the wheels (they’re bluish in the pictures, but not in real life), but I’m not sure if that’s true considering the grill, door handles, and gas caps. Everything was blacked out. I don’t know if it suits my Patriot’s monochromatic look, but I like the color in general. I did one half of Patriot with metalizer and the other half with plain black over glossifier.

My question is: Which one looks better considering the rest of the Patriots have black plasti-dip? Does charcoal look bad when everything else is black?

Metallic definitely looks better. Grill it too. I would leave the door handles alone because I find the paint wears off pretty quickly unless you do a bunch of coats on them. Or maybe find some white handles for an MK. They should all be interchangeable.

Black Rims For Jeep Patriot

Sorry about that. If your browser size isn’t small, there might be something wrong with it. I took pictures on my phone and either the forum or the browser automatically resizes them to fit the page… not sure which.

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Moparnumber1 said: Metallic definitely looks better. Grill it too. I would leave the door handles alone because I find the paint wears off pretty quickly unless you do a bunch of coats on them. Or maybe find some white handles for an MK. They should all be interchangeable. Click to expand… Thanks for the response. My only concern with the grill is getting an even coat over such a large surface, but I might give it a try anyway! My door handles are also plastic dipped black so I’ll ditch that too. I’ve found that putting electrical tape on the inside of the handle won’t break it off, because that’s where the peeling usually starts. Ha ha

I like the charcoal metallic better. Gives a vibrant pop that glossy black can’t.

2013 Jeep Patriot Limited, 2WD, CVT, 2.4L, uConnect230 — Curt Class III Hitch w/ Spare Bumper, Mopar Oil Cooler, Cooper AT3 225/70/16, Boston Acoustics 6×9″, JBL Tweeters Rockford Fosgate 650w Amp, Viper 2-way Alarm, Fiamm FWY Blaster Horn, Cobra DX19IV CB Radio, 20% Front Tint, 5% Rear Tint, Rugged Ridge Mats, Philips Crystal Vision Lights, DD Lights XMT2 Hooks, :rockon::carryflag:

I like the metallic charcoal, which was my second choice. I say to match everything, coat the handles.

Used 2014 Jeep Patriot

’12 4×4 2” Lift 17” Rubicon Rims 245/65 Second Wrapped Grabbers Blacked Out Tail Lights Flasher Grille and Hood Baja Lights 2” Hitch and Curt Roof Basket

This is an old thread, you may not get a response, and may be reviving an old thread. Please consider creating a new thread.Riiot67 said: That’s bad man…..what was the estimated cost for the pinch weld and stu coil… Click to expand… Pinch weld do it yourself search the forum for how to. .

Danger.Riot said: 2011 North Edition 4×4 235/70/16 BF Goodrich KO2S with Pro COmp 7032 wheels, 4.5″ backspacing. **Stock height VVVV** Click to expand… Did you use hubcentric rings for those wheels?

Black Rims For Jeep Patriot

4″ LED Spotlights / Front Tow Hooks / Rolla Roof Basket / Dashcam / Hitch+Beaver Step / Cobra75 WX ST CB Radio/BFG KO2S 235/70/16/Pro Comp 7032 16×8 Wheels

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Gloss black OEM 17″ wheels wrapped in Yokohama Geolander G015 in 225/65/17. No lift on 2017 Sport 4×2.

2017 Jeep Patriot 2.0 Sport w/ CVT. 17″ Yoko G015 wrapped in 225/65/17 OEM gloss black, Mopar front/rear mudflaps, LED interior/exterior bulb swap, full custom headlights with projector retrofit, 35% tint front windows + 5% windshield strip, X0 + Power D3 D925 , WeatherTech Air Deflectors & Floor Liners Front + Rear + Cargo, K&N Air Filter Swap, Gloss Black Emblems, Mopar Hood Wind Deflector, Auto-Climate Upgrade, Stubby Antenna, Tinted Quad Taillights

“Even if I drive through the valley of the diesel shadow, I won’t fear the turbo, for your horsepower is with me. Your bore and stroke comfort me.”

Darth Octane said: Here are my new shoes. Quadratech Moab Rims with 225/70 R16 General Altimax RT-43 tires. Drove them in dry rain and snow (love Colorado) only had them on for a couple of weeks, need to dip the wheel weight plasti when it gets a bit hot, I have a stoos lift so zero abrasion issues. Expand… What running boards do you use?

Sticker Decal Vinyl Side Stripe Kit For Jeep Patriot Phone Cup Holder Seat Cover

Hi, I have been reading some of the posts in this thread for the past couple of days. Trying to figure out what will work on the 2016 Jeep Patriot with no mods or lift. I was told a 16×7 0 offset wheel wrapped in a 225-75-16 tire would work. But everywhere I go to order something they tell me it won’t work. Any suggestions?

The tire should be about 29 inches tall, which is already kind of pushing it for the Patriot. Without lift or mods, I think the offset tire height would cause the top of the tire to hit the spring supported strut, so hitting a bump at any speed might cause some problems. Next, I would assume that when the steering is fully locked, your sub will start rubbing the front and rear of the frame, a spacer will fix that problem, but it will push the tire into the pinch weld which will shorten the life of the tire. If you don’t want to invest money right away to fit your new tires, at least the pinch weld mod requires very little effort at first and only requires about $15 in a cutting disc and rust-preventive paint from your local auto/hardware. STORE, NEXT If your budget allows for some quality bolt on wheel spacers and you want to ride comfortably, GOOD LUCK!!

Booly said: OEM 17″ wheels in 225/65/17 Yokohama Geolander G015’s wrapped in gloss black. A stock no lift 2017 Sport 4×2. Click to expand… Hey Booly, how do you like those tires? I was going To go with the exact size and type of tire when I need it.

Black Rims For Jeep Patriot

It’s hard to say honestly, there are really a few variables to consider. I’m sure it can and has been done. I did some calculations for your setup and I’ll try if I can. So your current OEM is 8 inches wide and about 9 inches wide on paper. With a 0 offset that puts the wheel/tire smack in the middle of the WMS, that’s about 4.5 inches left.

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